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Story Orgy Monday: Even Steven part 8

Whoo hoo! It's another beautiful Story Orgy Monday! I hope all is well for you out there in your individual worlds. This week I have a full-size treat for you *grinning* . But before peek into Steven's world, let's rehash a little bit of opportunity for you, the Story Orgy enthusiast.
Remember that contest that's still going? Send your ideas for Story Orgy's ROAD TRIP. Here's what you do:

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(something to throw this road trip in a tizzy…be creative!)

Send your prompt idea (one per person, please) to storyorgy(at)ymail(dot)com…and March 1st we’ll be picking the prompts that scream our names! Pssst...March 1st is right around the corner. Don't let it sneak up on you.

Oh! And my muse... Em Woods has another release! Make time to click on over to Total E-Bound to get your copy of Em's latest, "Convincing Symon". You'll be glad you did.

Alright then! Now with that all said and done, are you ready to catch a glimpse at Steven and Braden? If you missed last week's prompt, you will want to go back and catch up. This week's prompt is – Write about a secret revealed.

Even Steven part 8


JR Boyd

"Braden, you're my best friend and I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that, right?" Steven's heart lurched into his throat at the thought of what he was going to say. 

Damn it! I should've told him sooner.        
Braden’s stare grew dark. His brows drew close together and his eyes turned stormy. Tension filled the air, constricting Steven's lungs. Steven would've done anything to keep from shattering the safe harbor they’d found with each other in the last few hours. He knew now how deep Braden's love for him ran. Even though the feeling was mutual, Steven simply carried too much shame to accept that it would sustain them through what was to come. 

Braden released a heavy sigh and closed his eyes. "Steven, we're here." His eyes popped open. "Spit it out if it’s that important."

Braden's mild outburst was nothing compared to what was about to happen and Steven couldn't postpone it any longer. The radio playing in the background suddenly changed, startling Steven. And Braden too, judging from the way his head jerked when the music turned into that confusing sound of the rolling dial when trying to find something on the radio.

"Whoever's out there is either bored or they want us to know they're there." Braden glanced around before slapping his hand against the car door, then gave the handle a tug. Quick as a whip, Braden flicked the door open and swooped his hand to the ground, snatching up a stick that had fallen from the nearby elm tree. Braden slammed the door, fished his new knife from his pocket and pulled the longest blade from its two-tone casing. 

Well, I guess my secret will either make or break any chances of me having a future with him. Steven watched Braden slide the knife blade down the stick as wood shavings fell to his floorboard. Smooth strokes left clean wood. Maybe this could be like that, leaving a clean place for them to start.

"He raped me. Antonio fucking raped me, Bray." Steven clamped his trembling bottom lip between his teeth as his eyes welled up with tears. Braden's face looked distorted and blurred until the tears spilled over, restoring his vision. The cold fury on Braden's face made the knots in Steven's stomach tighten more. Steven had only seen that look on Braden's face one time before – when Braden found out that Antonio had roughed him up in the first place. Steven's seventeenth birthday party.  

A clenched jaw and fiery eyes was all Steven could see. Braden's muscles worked overtime as he sat in the passenger seat, silent as a stone. Steven didn't know what was going through his friend's mind, but he did know whatever it was couldn't be good. Especially considering Braden's anger when he'd only thought Steven was not only beaten by Antonio, but raped too. Braden's gaze darted across the dry stretch of land to their right and remained that way until Steven found own gaze drawn to the hill in the not-so-far distance. Nothing there except blue sky. That’s when Steven realized Braden was avoiding looking at him.

"I wanted to tell you. I really did. But, it just hurt too damn much, you know?" The ache in Steven's stomach gave way to nausea. “It’s fucking embarrassing. It shouldn’t have happened to me. I should have been smarter. Faster.” 

"Let's see what that mother fucker does to me." Braden's nostrils flared as he flipped the whittled stick onto the floorboard and closed his knife. 

"No, Braden. There's still more you need to know."Despite Steven's yell, there was no stopping him. Steven called again and again through the car door that Braden left wide open. "We don't have time for this, Braden. Come back!"

But Braden was gone. He’d disappeared into the glare of the sun.

"Damn it to hell!" Braden pounded on the console before flinging the car door open and making a mad dash into the field. I've got to catch him. Can’t let Antonio have him.   

Steven ran, measuring his stride. He had made that mistake last time, and had run out of breath and couldn't go any further. That's how Antonio had caught up with him at the tree beside the road. Even thinking about it pushed Steven's anxiety through roof. He kept running."Braden." Steven called, drawing out the name for as long as he air in his lungs. He crested a small rise, startled that Braden was nowhere in sight. He stopped, bracing his hands on his knees, his breath loud in his ears. 

He took a step toward the farmhouse he could now see in the distance, then pulled up short at a harsh shushing sound to his left. "Who's there? Show your face you oversized muscle head–"

"Over here. Hush up." The breathy undertones scared the hell out of Steven. He jerked his head in the direction of the sound and saw Braden hunkered down in the neglected dry grass from the previous year. 

"Get down. Now." Braden insisted. 

Steven dropped to his knees, heart pounding in his chest. Flashbacks of his abduction flooded his mind. The same smell of parched dirt, the blinding sun, suffocating heat clogging his lungs. Steven bent over, one arm instinctively covering his head.

"Steven. C'mon, snap out of it." The touch of Braden's hand on his shoulder startled Steven. The urgency in his voice worked like smelling salts, snapping Steven back to reality. He opened his eyes to see Braden inches away. 

"I must've blacked–"

"Shh. Listen to me." Braden's finger lay softly on Steven's lips. "I saw Antonio walk across the field. There's a shed right over there. He went in there."

"Braden, that's what I was trying to tell you back at the car. His family practices some sort of dark magic. That's not a shed." Steven turned to point, his eyes fixed on the hill. Blinking back the terrifying memories of his time here, Steven looked back toward the car. "If you've trusted me, ever, you've got to trust me now. We're dealing with more than Antonio here. This land harbors pure evil." 

"What?" Braden's face scrunched in confusion. 

I’m not getting this out right, Steven thought. 

"Steven. Hey, babe. You've got to stay with me. Better yet, stay ahead of me. You seem to be the only one who knows what the hell is going on." 

Braden's patience was obviously running out. But there was only one other thing Steven could think of that would be more detrimental. Steven rose to his feet, guiding Braden to stand with him. With renewed confidence, he replaced his whisper with his normal tone."Braden, there are tunnels all through that hill. That shed is one of the entrances to the underground."

"Like a secret society?" Braden's interest was written all over his face. He wanted to know more.

"You can say that I guess. Don't remember all the details, but I do know I was wanted really bad by Antonio. He found ways to control my body, but I never gave him my heart." 

"But you loved him." Braden said, looking at the hill with Steven, confused.

"No. Not like that. Never like you. And once I learned of his evil family and their rituals, ceremonies or whatever you wanna call them, I wanted away. They're fucked up. That's all I can say." 

"Fucked up, huh?" The brusque voice came from behind him, setting Steven's heartbeat racing. 

"Where did you come from? You sorry piece of shit," Braden growled as he maneuvered his way between Steven and Antonio.

"I have a feeling we're about to find out." Steven muttered under his breath. He scanned the area, looking for any place Antonio could have crawled out of."C'mon. Enough chitchat. This ain't social hour." Antonio chuckled. “Well, I guess it could be.”

"What a fuckin' derelict." Braden shifted slightly closer to Antonio and Steven recognized his fighting posture.

"You won't be sayin' that for long. " Antonio raised the barrel of a shotgun he had hidden at his side. "You too, piss ant." The end of the gun jerked off to the side as Antonio pointed with it. 

"Oh fuck. Don't tell me." Steven took the first steps, sure of what he was about to see. A dark hole in the ground with a large sheet of plywood slid alongside. Steven looked at Antonio. "How in the hell did you tunnel all the way out here? The hill is way over there." 

"Keep movin', pretty boy." Antonio nudged Steven's ass with the gun barrel. 

"Don't touch him, dickhead," Braden said. 

"Ahh, a little bit more that friends are ya?" Antonio was calm. So Steven thought. ”Don’t worry, honey. I’ll make sure you see the whole show this time when I fuck him.” 

Steven decided to focus on what was ahead of him, instead of what was behind him. After 20 paces- he kept count this time - he reached what appeared to be the flooring of a small chamber with a single small entrance in the dirt wall. 

"Don't stop until I say so." Antonio ordered.

"It's dark. I can't see where to go." Steven said. 

"Nice try. Don't act like you've never been here before. Keep going." The commands Antonio kept spouting suffocated Steven even more than the confines of the small cave. 

"Steven?" Braden's uncertainty echoed through Steven’s head. 

"What?" Steven whispered.

"Have you been here before?" Braden's curiosity struck a nerve, sending balls of fire pinging from one synapse to another.

"Shut the fuck up. You'll have a chance to talk soon enough." Antonio's words lingered in the forefront of Steven's mind. 

Soon enough? What the fuck does that mean? Have I been here before? Steven was glad Antonio didn't want any one talking; finally, a minute for Steven to take in his surroundings. There was something burning in his mind, but he couldn't quite figure it out. 

The dark, motionless air smelled of pure earth. The only thing Steven could see was the palest of lights penetrating the blackness, guiding him. But Steven didn't remember this particular tunnel. Though, they probably all looked the same in the dark.

Steven stepped faster and faster as he closed in on the light source, whatever that was. He heard Braden's footsteps hasten behind him. And then a scuffle. Steven didn't have time to say anything. He didn’t even have time to turn around to see what the commotion was. All he could do was watch as the dim glow in the close distance grew dark.  


Hmmm...I sure hope Steven can see the light soon. Sheesh. Now, let's go take a gander at the other Orgy posts...just follow me...

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Story Orgy Monday: Even Steven part 7

Happy happy Monday morning, Story Orgy enthusiasts! This is my week for the Hook Up, so it's a shorty for you. But be ready for next week. My boy, Steven, is aching to get something off his chest. But anyhoo, you have a whole week to get ready for that.

Speaking of getting ready, have you sent The Story Orgy your prompt ideas yet? The contest is still going. Send your ideas for Story Orgy's ROAD TRIP. Here's what you do:

(no proper names please—give us a fighting chance *giggles*)
(can be proper or not…hehe)
(something to throw this road trip in a tizzy…be creative!)
Send your prompt idea (one per person, please) to storyorgy(at)ymail(dot)com…and March 1st we’ll be picking the prompts that scream our names!

Oh! And did you hear about my muse? You guessed it. Em Woods has another release! Make time to hop on over to Total E-Bound to get your copy of Em's latest, "Convincing Symon". You'll be glad you did.

Now, are you ready for a lil ol' sump'n sump'n about my boys Steven and Braden? If you missed last week's prompt, you will want to go back and catch up. This week's prompt is a quote; so, be on the lookout for how I use it. That way you can compare to the other Story Orgiast's blogposts hehehe...okay, the prompt quote is:

"Someone's playing the radio."

And now for this week's installment of Even Steven...and don't forget to take time to smell the...erm...I mean get an eyeful of the yummy inspiration Jade Basier found for the prompt. Mmmm...

Okay, okay! Here's the story *ahem*

Even Steven part 7


JR Boyd

Steven drove a path he knew well, darting an occasional glance Braden's direction. Although he was curious about what Braden could've been talking about in his sleep, Steven dared not ask. He was still figuring out a way to fill Braden in on some of the details he hadn't yet divulged.

Steven saw a huge elm tree in the distance. The landmark for the only secret he had ever kept from Braden. Steven jerked the wheel, hastily pulling the car off the road before turning to Braden.

Curling his leg into the seat, Steven searched Braden's eyes for something, anything - hope, more understanding...something that would make him feel more at ease.

"Braden, there's a few things I need to tell you."

The puzzled look on Braden's face caused a lump to form in Steven's throat, further delaying the inevitable.

"Well, spit it out." Braden's eyebrows knitted together.

"See that hill?" Steven pointed slowly, sweeping the view up ahead. "And that stretch of land?"


"It's all Antonio's. Braden, it's about to get real nasty."

"What do you mean?" Braden asked.

"If my hunches are correct, Antonio is bluffing about having a hostage. So far, anyway. The bloody hands in that picture are nothing but a crazy ass photoshop job." Steven's finger pressed the photo. "But the portable stereo in the background? Huge clue. He's had it for years."

"Do you hear that?" Braden slowly rolled the window down.
"Someone's playing the radio." Shit, he was running out of time.  


Hnmmm...Steven better be for telling the scoop. Braden's too damn nice LOL. Okay...ready for the other blogposts? I can't wait to see what the other's wrote about. C'mon, you know the drill. I'll go with ya *grin* ...CLICK...

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Story Orgy's Valentine Monday_Even Steven part 6

W00t! Happy Story Orgy Valentine Monday! My boy dreams of a happy place on a sofa cushion. But first, I want to remind you of The Story Orgy Road Trip prompt contest! All you have to do is e-mail us 3 prompts: a) a person (no proper names please) b) a destination (proper or otherwise is good with us) c) a disaster (gimme something good! *wink*) to The Story Orgy's e-mail addy - storyorgy<@>ymail<dot>com

Now, crack that whip and let us know what you want. Why? Because we want to write this story for you!
And a little tidbit about my muse, Em Woods...she has a new release! Be one of the first to check out her yummilicious story about a chef and a...oh hell, just go check it out. It has a fireman in it... *waggles eyebrows*. Em's hot new story is Only Sam. You can find it here.  

And now I will send you along your way to enjoy the hot passions of Valentine love headed your way this week, right after my sixth installment of Even Steven. Have a wonderful and sexy Valentine's Day and enjoy my story. This week's Story Orgy prompt is: Before your character knows it, he's drank a whole bottle of champagne on Valentine's Day Eve. Why? What happens?

Even Steven part 6


JR Boyd

Braden still had no idea where Steven was headed. After two decades of friendship, Braden trusted Steven with his soul. In a way, Braden felt responsible for Steven’s situation. After all, if he would’ve followed his own heart, another man would never have touched Steven in the first place. Steven would be his.

“What ‘cha thinking about over there?” Steven’s voice was uneven. In fact, he sounded dog-tired. Pulling an all-nighter wasn’t as easy as it used to be.

“You.” Braden yawned around the word.

“Stop that. You’re gonna make me sleepy.” Steven stifled his own yawn as best he could. But it wasn’t good enough. Braden was paying attention.

“Why don’t you pull over for a second? We can get out and stretch our legs a little. The cold air will wake us up.” Braden tried for persuading, but his words came out sounding more like pleading.

"That's not a bad idea. I think I will." Steven pulled over. Turning to Braden, Steven stifled yet another yawn. "I don't know about you, but I may need to take a nap too.

"Now you have the bright idea." Braden smiled, knowing it would be virtually impossible to deal with the Antonio drama without at least a little shuteye. Braden pointed. "Pull up there where there's shade."

Steven did as Braden asked and found a spot a little over a hundred yards further up the shoulder of the road. A cluster of trees gave enough shading to shield them from the sun for a while.

"Hey! This is where we used to help your Uncle Carlton and his lover Justin sale their produce, isn't it?" Braden rolled down the window and stretched out his neck, checking the ground for any broken glass or debris that may be lying around. The last thing he wanted was a flat tire or a hurt foot.

"You remember that?" Steven sighed before yawning again. "We couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 years old. My parents were out of town and I stayed with them." Steven chuckled. "And I begged until they said you could stay with me."

“Yep.” Braden flashed a knowing smile. And I knew then we’d always be together. One way or another.

“You gonna get out and stretch your legs?” Steven sounded anxious and tired rolled into one.

“Nah. I’m just gonna rest. I have a feeling we’re gonna need all the energy we can get."

Steven nodded. “Good point. We can always get out and stretch after a little shuteye.”

Braden reached for the lever to recline his seat but Steven got out of the car, squeezing between the partially opened door and the tree cluster. He stepped to the back door and squeezed inside, stretching out in the back seat.

"Well? C'mon." Steven's eyes were droopy. His voice breathy.

Braden was as tired as Steven. There was no denying that. Without hesitation, Braden got out and then back in again. Placing one knee between Steven's thighs, he straddled one leg and gently lowered to meet Steven's firm torso. Braden flashed a tilted smile as he looked into Braden's eyes. Braden wiggled and wedged himself between the back of the seat and Steven's body.

"Mmm." Vibrations tickled Braden's chest as the calm, low sound resonated in Steven's throat.

"This is nice," Braden whispered, letting his eyes finally close for the first time since before the party. He dozed off to sleep to the feel of Steven's body close to his - warm, soothing.

Braden sat on his sofa, scanning the room for any possible ideas for improvements that might have come to mind. He marked of a whole list of things from his checklist, his eyes darting from the writing tablet to the last place in the room he had scanned.

Shaking his head slowly, Braden tapped the pencil eraser above his brow then took a long slow sip of champagne. Savoring the flavor and enjoying the feel of the bubbles as they tickled his tongue before rolling to the back of this throat. One smooth swallow and Braden's thoughts were no longer in his head.

"There's got to be a little more I can do. Element of surprise, that's what I need! But, how...?" Braden's anxiety rose.

No matter what Braden did it just wasn't quite enough. Braden wanted more. Not for himself. Uh uh. Everything was for Steven. Braden would die for him if things ever came down to it.

Braden scratched of a few more items from his list. Discouraged with the lack of fresh ideas mixed with his limited experience drinking bubbly, he tried to quench his thirst and his nerves by downing the last of the champagne in his glass. He filled it back up, then drained it again.

It wasn't long before Braden heard keys jangling against the door. He raised his head from the overstuffed cushion on the back of the sofa, just in time for his eyes to focus. As the vague and distorted image transformed into a more tasty image, Braden found himself staring into the bright eyes of his dear friend. His date. His Valentine! 

"What are you doing, honey?" Steven leaned over, closing the gap between his face and Braden's. Picking up the empty bottle of bubbly, Braden couldn't help but chuckle a little. His eyes twinkled when he said, "Since when did you start drinking sparkling wine?"

"That was the real deal. The bubbly wubbly...and that ain't no mumbly." Braden closed the rest of the gap as he stretched out his neck, pressing his nose to Steven's.

"That depends on which end of the communication you're on. Sure was a lot of mumble to me." Steven's hand cupped the crown of Braden's head. A light push to Braden's chest and Steven snugged up tight, his crotch meshing with Braden's.

"You couldn't wait for me?" Steven's voice a low growl, rousing the heated flesh in Braden's groin.

"Yeah, baby. What's that? Huh?" Steven's hips gyrated, grinding his cock with Braden's with each round.

"Steven, all this is for you." Braden strained to speak without a slur, knowing his voice was a low grate and that the champagne had gotten the best of him. Why had he started without Steven? Oh yeah. He was practicing romance.

Steven's eyes swept the room. Braden read his lips as they seemed to move in slow motion, enjoying the grin that spread across Steven's face as he scanned – candles, confetti, champagne...

"You did all this for me?" Steven's lips tickled Braden's cheek as he leaned in, then he continued in a low grouse. "But, honey, it's the day before Valentine's Day and you don't even like champagne."

A nip at Braden's earlobe and a sharp pain jolted hastily, coursing along Braden's most sensitive of nerves. "I was planning a special Valentine, rehearsing. I thought it would be perfect, babe. You weren't supposed to be back from your business trip until tomorrow. Valentine's Day!" Braden bucked under the Steven's weight. "And the champagne? I was trying to acquire a taste for it, that's all. Don't you see?"

"The only thing I see is a weasel. A low down dirty rotten weasel." Steven reached behind his back then his hands reappeared with handcuffs. "There's only one thing to do with rascals like you."

"Oh no, I don't think so." Braden grunted with another buck, gaining a bit more moving room. Enough for him, anyway. With slight pressure to Steven's wrist, Braden reversed the roles in a matter of seconds, flipping Steven and burying his face into the crack of the couch cushions.

"You want some control? I'll give you control." Braden fixed Steven's hands behind his back and fastened the cuffs. "Now, roll over." Braden ordered as he raised up, standing beside Steven as the other man deftly flipped onto his back with a grin, unfettered his own aching need.

Hastily stripping, Braden knelt beside Steven and carefully worked his lover's pants down the fittest pair of legs Braden had ever seen on a man.

"Mercy sakes alive, babe." Braden slung the pants over his shoulder, dragging a slow and deliberate trail of saliva with his tongue along Steven’s cock.

Throaty moans filled the room when Braden flexed his fingers, digging his fingertips deep into either side of Steven's inner thigh muscles. The whimpers were exactly what Braden wanted.

You're begging for it, aren't you? That's right; tell me your asshole twitches at the thought of my cock stretching the sides of your hot, sexy ass."

“Braden…oh, Braden!”

Confusion dragged Braden from his sleep as he was shaken awake. “Wha-“
“Shit, Braden.” Steven’s face was pale, his eyes wide, scared. “We gotta go.”


Wow. Braden can pull me into a dream anytime. Whew! Okay...let's go see what the other's are talking about. C'mon...I'll go with ya...


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Story Orgy Monday - Even Steven part 5

It's Story Orgy Monday! Good morning and Happy Day. How 'bout that Superbowl, huh? Okay, I won't talk sports. How about men? Mmm..that takes me right back to tasty Superbowl treats *heads desk*. Oh! Speaking of...I have to ask. What do you think about the Story Orgy blog? Did you send in your prompts for the "Road Trip" this summer? Please tell me you did. I can't wait to take that road trip using YOUR ideas!
For those of you who did, thanks you so much! And thanks for reading our blog story over at the brand new STORY ORGY blog. Be sure to check back from time to time for updates regarding our group activities. For those of you who missed it, you're not entirely too late. You can go here ( and get a whole story – Craving Caven - for free!
Now, are you ready to see the winners from Story Orgy Anniversary celebration? Here come the winners of our Word Play Anthology...WhoooHooo!

From JR’s blog –  Araya
From my post – DianneH
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From Havan’s post – Sharon S
From Lee’s post – Kyreadinggirl

For their support & following our new blog, Stacia & Christy will also receive an SO anthology!
But all is not lost! For those of you who commented but did not win an anthology, you’ll be getting SO freebies too…just send to storyorgy(at)ymail(dot)com  your mailing address and we’ll get a little something-something out to you as well.

Now, this week is a lil ol' short installment for Even Steven. This is my "Hook Up" week and the prompt is as follows: Your character finds a black and white photo. Write about it.

Ready to see what I came up with? *waves hand in front of screen* You're looking at that picture Jade Basier picked out, aren't you? Mmm-hmmm. I can't blame you though. *mumbles* I've been lookin' at him for days.

Okay, here we go. And, don't forget to check out the other Story Orgy posts. You'll be glad you did...

Even Steven part 5

by JR Boyd

Steven should have known this would be his luck. Not even a mile up the road, a dirty old cat scuttled across the road. He jammed on the brakes and cut the wheel, sending all the crap piled on the dashboard sliding across and down onto Braden’s lap.

“Fuckin’ cats!” Steven slapped his palm on the steering wheel, anger merging with sarcasm to create a harsh ball in the pit of his stomach. “Can’t they stay out of the damn road?”

“What’s this?” Braden's face was scrunched when Steven glanced over, bewilderment darkened his eyes.

“What’s what?” Steven's manner was cross.

“This. It’s a photo of…dirty hands.” Braden slowly passed the picture to Steven.

Steven pulled over and parked. A single glance at the photo and Steven was beside himself. He gripped the steering wheel with both hands and closed his eyes. "I can't do this."

"Whoa. Are you alright? What's up with that photo?" Braden squeezed Steven's shoulder.

Steven opened his eyes, slowly turning his head. "No, Braden. I'm not alright." Steven's body twisted as he drew his leg up into the seat. "That picture..." Steven breathed in deep. "That picture is a black and white photo of dirty hands alright. They're covered in blood."

The back of Braden's hand brushed Steven's cheek.

Steven held up the photo. "Wait. Do you see that?"

"What?" Braden leaned in, his neck stretched and eyes squinted.

Steven tapped. "That."

Braden blinked and focused.

"Gotta be a clue, don’tcha think?" Steven tapped harder.


Those boys are gonna drive me crazy. And Steven better get to talkin'. He knows somethin'...I can tell! *Nods slowly* Now would be a good time to go see what the other's wrote this week. C'mon, you know the drill. I'll go with you *grins* CLICK...