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Story Orgy Monday - A Lesson for the Teacher

Good morning and Happy Memorial Day, friendly readers. It's a warm one here in the South; but, apparently it's not too hot for the teacher. I hope you enjoy this week's Story Orgy prompt. The prompts are Teacher, Tree House, and  Dark Chocolate Raspberry Brownies. This week, a teacher learns the importance of being a good student along with the resourcefulness of a country boy's use for spare tractor tires *ahem*. And check out that eye candy Jade Basier found for the story. Whew - hot hot hot!

A Lesson for the Teacher

An emphatic whip-poor-will resonated throughout the shabby chic country home. Danny wiped his palms on his jeans. God, I hope he wants this as much as I do. When he opened the door, he lost his wits. He’d been expecting Sebastian, but the sight of the most handsome man he’d ever seen, standing there on his porch with his meadow green eyes, soft brown hair, and the nicest set of pecs Danny’d ever noticed on a high school teacher, left Danny somewhat speechless.

Beaming that beautiful hundred-watt smile through the screen door at Danny, Sebastian held out a Tupperware container. “Dark Chocolate Raspberry Brownies?”

 Danny swung open the door, making the springs cry out. “Great. They’ll compliment the smoked brisket and tater salad nicely. C’mon in.” Danny took the brownies from Sebastian and led him to the kitchen. “I’m almost ready. Just finished packin’ up the picnic basket now.”

“That’s one heckuva doorbell you have.” Sebastian’s voice danced along Danny’s skin like soothing raindrops.

“Ya like that? That’s my whippoorwill. Let’s just say that when I have company a little birdie tells me so.”

Turning without missing a beat, Danny walked backwards. “What will be your pleasure? I’ve got tea, lemonade, and ice water.” Spinning back around, he placed the brownies on the kitchen counter. “Or, you can have some beer or wine.”

“Hmm…I’ll have a-” Sebastian struggled to get his words out.

“Can’t make up your mind? No problem. Beer it is. Grab a six-pack outta the fridge and two cozies from atop, would ya? We’re ready to head out back.” Danny grabbed the picnic basket from the White Oak dining table and waited at the backdoor, smiling from ear to ear.

“You know, I’m usually the one giving the orders in my classroom.” Sebastian’s rhetoric stirred Danny’s satisfaction.

“Well, Teach, just consider this my classroom then.” Danny turned the knob to crack the door with his free hand and toed it open so he could swing the heavy basket through the narrow door. “Oh, Bastian, I can call you Bastian, right? In my classroom, you can kick off those shoes. Your choice.”

“I think I’m going to like it here. Might have to visit more often. And, yes. Please. Call me Bastian.” Sebastian grabbed the beer and cozies and kicked off his shoes by the door.

Danny laughed and shook his head. “No no no.” He put the basket on the floor and ordered, “Raise one foot. Okay. Raise the other.”

“Hey…that tickles.” Sebastian chuckled as Danny slid off his socks. “Ahhh. Better, huh? Wait till you feel the plush St. Augustine between your toes.” 

“One step at a time, country bumpkin. I’m a tenderfoot.” Sebastian winked as he tippy-toed through the door.


“You have a nice place here.” Sebastian put a beer in each cozy and placed the rest of the beer at one end of the picnic table. He wiggled his toes into the grass and sighed. “Yeah. Real nice.”

“The kids seem to think so too.” Danny spoke softly as he put the brisket and potato salad in the center of the table.

“Kids?” Sebastian almost choked on his own words.

The look on Sebastian’s face prompted Danny to throw his head back and give a deep belly laugh. 
“Oh, good grief, Bastian. My nieces and nephews!” Danny’s arms splayed before him. “What? Did you think this tree house, picnic table, and tire swing was for me?”

Sebastian laughed. “Well yeah. There for a minute I thought you had kids.”

Yeah. I’ll show you kids. Danny’s thoughts sent his mind reeling. Without another word, Danny walked over to Sebastian and looked right into his eyes. “I’ve got something for you. But it ain’t kids.”
Danny gripped Sebastian’s hips tightly and gave a hard tug, pinning their pricks between them. “If you play hard at recess, you get more meat at lunch.”

Sebastian’s hands immediately went into motion, peeling clothes left and right and sending them flying across the yard. Before Danny could blink, Sebastian sank to his knees and took his lover’s half-erect cock into his mouth.

“Oh Jesus! Your mouth is so warm. It feels so damn good.” Danny’s cock grew to full length as Sebastian’s throat stretched around it. Danny could see tears of pleasure escaping his lover’s eyes from the pressure caused with each thrust.

“You like that fat cock, doncha?” Danny guided Sebastian to his feet with a hand on each side of his lover’s head. “Bastian, even a teacher can learn something new.”
Sebastian nodded with pleading eyes. “Teach me.”

Danny meshed his body with Sebastian’s and walked him backwards to the tractor tire hanging from a rope, allowing his tongue to explore the very depths of Sebastian’s mouth, making him his apprentice.

Cupping Sebastian’s jaw, Danny instructed his lover. “Sit in the tire like a swing and let your ass hang off.”

Sebastian’s eyes lit up with desire as he heeded his instructor.

Now, with lifted legs, Sebastian was like putty in Danny’s hands. “If you wanna be a good teacher, you have to be a good student. Relax those ass muscles.”

Danny let spit run from his mouth into Sebastian’s ass cheeks. Holding Sebastian’s legs spread-eagle, Danny continued his lesson. “Rub that hole if you don’t want this to hurt. Yeah, that’s it…one finger…then two.” Danny coached. “C’mon…one more.”  

Danny watched Sebastian’s abdomen tighten from the strain of holding himself up. Sebastian’s asshole dilated and retracted as his fingers disappeared, only to reappear with each probe of his three fingers.
The grunts and groans were like kerosene on fire. Danny’s cock throbbed to match his desire.
“Real nice. Now, move your hand and hold on to the tire.” Danny spit again, coating his own pulsing flesh. Pressing the smooth thick head to the Sebastian’s slick hole, Danny drew a gasp from his student. “I hope you’re ready for this. If you followed instructions well, this should feel really good.”

“Unngggghh. Oh…fuck. Yesss!” Danny watched Sebastian’s knuckles turn white as his grip tightened on the rim of the tire. Danny’s nuts smacked his lover’s ass cheeks. In one thrust, he drove his lesson home.

“I told you to be ready. Ya never know when there’s gonna be a pop quiz.” Danny pounded Sebastian’s ass with all his might. Pinning Sebastian’s hands to the tire, Danny used the swing to his advantage. With each push and pull of the tire, Danny's fat prick slipped in and out. Danny knew his pecs were rigid and glistening in the sun, making him feel like a god, a king in his class room.

Sebastian didn’t need any further stimulation. Danny pounding his ass, commanding him, controlling him…Danny ensured the pleasure for Bastian was immense. Sebastian sent proof of his lesson learned streaming through the air, coating his belly and leaving a rope of his own dangling from the tire.

Seeing the proof of Sebastian’s release pleased Danny. His nut sack drew up with anticipation. He grunted as his throbbing cock swelled inside his lover’s asshole and he plunged his engorged cock into the tight heat gripping him.

One final stroke and Danny felt Sebastian’s ass milking his prick for every last drop of country seed.

“That was one helluva recess, Bastian. I do believe you worked up an appetite.” Danny let his softening cock slip from Sebastian’s hole.

“I can go for a brisket sandwich, but fuck them brownies. I’ve already had dessert.” Sebastian let his head hang back in exhaustion. 

~the end~

I hope you enjoyed this week's lesson...ermm...I mean story. Have a save holiday, everyone. And don't forget to check out the other orgiasts' blogs. I'm headed there now...c'mon, you can follow me.

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Story Orgy Monday - A Rewarding Delivery

Good morning and Happy Monday. It's been another great week for Story Orgy. I would like to thank those of you who stopped by Whipped Cream and participated in the book review. Story Orgy's anthology And The Prompt Is came in a tight second place!

Now, for a little reward for my friendly readers teheehhe. This week's prompt words are Bear, Hairbrush, and Warehouse. You might want to ice your coffee down for this one. It gets a little hot in the warehouse. But how about that hotness Jade Baiser picked out for us this week *eyes glance over to meet Mr. Smexy*. Yeah. Mmmmm...I have a feeling it's going to be a hot summer!

And now, for your reading pleasure, here is A Rewarding Delivery. 


Chuck swiped his forearm across his brow, smearing the trickle of sweat just before it reached his deep brown eyes. “Damn. Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

“It’s all you, baby.” Jasper mumbled under the stifling sounds of the shop fan.

“What did you sa-”

Interrupted by the static from the loudspeaker, Chuck’s question was cut short and Jasper couldn’t have been more pleased.

Chuck Ivan and Jasper Diluzio, report to Shipping/Receiving. I repeat. Chuck and Jasper to S/R please.

“Delivery’s here.” Chuck slapped Jasper’s shoulder and started across the warehouse, his extra-large hand heavy on Jasper’s small frame.

Stretching his legs to match Chuck’s stride, Jasper looked up to his co-worker. “What truck is this?”
“It’s Monday morning. I’m guessing it’s the shipment of hairbrushes.” Chuck’s deep tone vibrated along Jasper’s skin, prickling his nerves.

As the motley couple rounded the corner, the delivery driver stood holding a clipboard, a patch on his shirt read Tom. “Ya’ll are gonna make me late for my next delivery.”

“All you need is a good reason to be late.” Jasper’s brows cocked as his head tilted.

“Good point, Jas.” The back of Chuck’s hand slapped Jasper’s chest.

“Heyyy! Easy. There’s time for play…and then there’s a time for work.” Jasper jumped from the loading dock into the back of the semi.

Jasper tossed a box to the oblivious man in uniform. “Think fast, Tommy Boy.”

“What the…ungh-” The driver dropped the clipboard and caught the box.

“Ha! What, big guy? It’s just a box of girly brushes.” Jasper smirked at Chuck and pursued to empty the truck.

“You might want to pick up the pace if you wanna stay on schedule.” Chuck tossed a box to Tom. “Stack ‘em along the wall behind ya.”

Jasper chuckled. “Don’t worry, you’ll be on time.” He glanced at Chuck and then grinned back at Tom.
“Just keep moving.” Chuck tossed a box and caught another.

“I’m the driver.” Tom sneered.

Jasper’s small frame towered over the two larger men from within the truck. A feeling he kinda liked, even if it only lasted until he’d tossed all the boxes out. He dusted off his hands after pitching the final box of brushes. “See there, mister? Done! So, quit your bitchin’ and hand me that invoice.”

Tom handed over the clipboard and muttered to Chuck. “He’s a feisty one, huh?”

“Yep. Jas sure keeps me going.” Chuck’s lopsided smile presented a charming dimple as he winked at Tom.

“I saw that wink.” Jasper cut his eyes as he signed the paperwork. “Why don’t you just tell him all our secrets?”

Tom looked at Chuck, then at Jasper. He licked his lips and hopped up into the truck to retrieve the invoice. “You did such a good job of keeping me on schedule…I think you deserve a reward.” Tom dropped the clipboard to the floor. The crash echoed through the trailer, punctuating what Tom left unsaid.

Jasper groaned at the invitation. “I definitely deserve a reward. Come on up here, Chuck.” Jasper’s chin tipped up as he motioned for his partner.

With one hand, Jasper reached down to help Chuck into the truck. With the other, he hooked his fingers in the top of Tom’s belt. Jasper’s cock became rigid as his twink-sized body was wedged between his two bear lovers.

Jasper skillfully unfastened both counterparts’ pants as they pooled around their ankles. All the while, the two brawny men were stripping him too. Tom pulled the shirt over Jasper’s head; Jasper kicked off his boots and shimmied out of the pants Chuck so kindly loosened.

Stark naked and fully erect, Jasper fell to his knees as he took his lovers in hand, sucking one, and then swirling his tongue around the head of the other. He knew he was in for a treat when his hand wouldn’t even wrap around Tom’s fat cock. Who knows? Maybe I can attract a crowd.

Jasper pushed against Chuck’s thighs, forcing him to shuffle backward until he leaned against the trailer wall. With his mouth, Jasper slicked three fingers of one hand and then loosened his ass hole with smooth probing motions. “I need to be nice and wet for your fat cock.” Jasper looked up through his lashes at his brand new fuck buddy. “This is my reward, Tommy Boy, and you’re going to show me how you drive.”

Jasper stroked Chuck’s veiny dick as he worked his spit around Tom’s swollen cock with his tongue. Turning toward Chuck, Jasper kept to all fours. He arched his back, hoping Tom could follow along. With one last coy look over his shoulder, Jasper turned back to Chuck and sucked his shaft deep into his throat.

It was obvious Chuck’s groans fueled Tom’s desire as well as Jasper’s. Jasper, with Chuck’s cock deep in his throat, ran his tongue under the nut sack and took even more shaft as he reached back and smacked his own ass. Jasper’s moans were muffled with cock as he let the slick cock slip from his mouth just long enough to command his lovers. “Chuck, fuck my throat. Tom, ram your fat cock into my ass. Drive it hard.”

Jasper groaned into Chuck’s sweet musky crotch as Tom plunged deep into his ass without another word.  

Chuck grabbed Jasper’s head and fucked his mouth with a vengeance while Tom plowed Jasper’s ass.

“Ungh…oh…Yes!” Chuck’s moans signaled the reward Jasper yearned for.

“Fuck yeah…such a sweet ass.” Tom’s thick cock pistoned in and out.

Jasper gulped Chuck’s salty load as he backed his ass against the thickly muscled thighs of his newest lover and milked his prize from Tom’s pulsing cock with his ass muscles. Unleashing a load of his own, Jasper grunted his pleasure to his lovers.

“Damn, boys. That’s what I call a reward.” Jasper gasped as he collapsed in his puddle of cum on the trailer floor.

~the end~

I hope you enjoyed this week's installment of Story Orgy Monday. I had a blast writing it, ahem. Yay! Now it's time to visit the other orgiasts to see what they're up to.  
What a great start to the week, huh? Have a great Monday!

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Story Orgy Monday - Digging Deep (NSFW)

Psst...good morning! This is Em, JR's loving muse. He is having technical difficulties today and I have offered to help him out. So here I am to post his yummy Story Orgy Monday prompt...and I even promised to be good, so no shenanigans today. *sigh*
This week's prompt words are Archaeologist, Movie Theater, and lamppost. Of course, in JR terms, that translates into one hawt freaking story!! The lovely Jade Baiser has snagged us another delicious treat for the eyes today (doesn't he look like someone you could just let rule your world? Mmm.).
Okay, okay...focus, right?
Without further ado, here is Digging Deep...
Shayne laughed as he closed his cell phone. “Apparently, you have made quite the impression on my brother, Dillon.”
“What do you mean, Mr. Standeven?” Dillon’s pace quickened as he tried to keep up with his long-legged senior.
Shayne turned to his intern. “My brother wants to go out with you. And, since we’re in town, I told him you would meet him this evening.”
“But, Mr. Standeven-” Dillon’s eyes widened, his voice two octaves higher than normal.
The archaeologist quickly changed the subject. “This is it. This is the site for our next dig.” Shayne let his satchel strap slide down his arm as he knelt to the ground.
“Mr. Standeven, I simply cannot-”
“This is the kind of dirt we will be working with.” Shayne tapped the hard ground with a rock. “As you can see, it’s going to take most near every tool and piece of equipment-”
“Damn it, Mr. Standeven! I am your intern. Not a callboy. You can’t just pimp me out to your brother like that. I don’t even know your brother.”
Shayne stood, his full height causing him to tower over Dillon. He placed a hand on Dillon’s shoulder and peered down into his eyes. “Dillon, please. I understand it may be awkward. But it’s not any more awkward for you than it is for me. My brother just wants to meet you. That’s all. And, frankly, I have a hard time talking about his sexuality with him. It felt good to be able to do this.”
Dillon dug the heel of his boot into the dry ground. “I can’t believe this.”
“Just meet him in town. That’s all I ask.”
“Alright. But you owe me, Mr. Standeven.” Dillon eyed his boss as the older man's focus shifted again to the dirt under their feet.
Dillon gazed into the evening sky as the sun sank behind the buildings. The hustle and bustle of the town square made his head swim. With drifting thoughts, Dillon barely noticed the lights come on as the downtown lamp post cast its glow over him.
“Dillon? Dillon Ezparza?” The voice was as gentle as a breeze rustling through a field of wheat.
The sexy voice drew Dillon from his trance. He blinked once, brought the other man into focus as he extended his hand between them.  “Nathan Standeven…” Dillon smiled. “What a delight it is to finally meet you.” Dillon looked him over and what he saw caused his cock to throb against his jeans.
“I do believe the pleasure is mine.” Nathan’s face lit up with joy.
Dillon’s attraction for Nathan took him totally off guard. Ogling the full length of his date’s body, Dillon knew he couldn’t hide what he was thinking. Holy shit. He’s hot!
Right there in front of the movie theater, uncaring of who watched, Nathan cupped Dillon’s jaw settling his mouth over Dillon’s. Dillon welcomed Nathan’s tongue as it slid past his parted lips. Coffee. He tastes like coffee and chocolate. 
Dillon groaned into his lover’s mouth. “I need you. Right now.”
Dillon led his boss’s brother to his van, clamoring in a twist of arms and legs to the bench seat in the back. He meshed his rigid cock with Nathan’s as moans filled the van.
Nathan grunted, reached for Dillon’s shirt. “Too many clothes.”
Fueled by desire and the scent of hot flesh, Dillon stripped quickly, his cock throbbing with the mix of cool night air and Nathan sans clothing. When Nathan lifted off the seat to shove his pants down his legs, Dillon gripped his hips and flipped Nathan over. He spread Nathan’s ass cheeks and slathered the alluring manhole with his wet tongue.
But only for a minute. Nathan had something else in mind.
“Turn around here and let me taste that fat cock of yours.” Nathan ordered, pulling away to lay on his back across the seat.
A final flick over Nathan’s asshole, and Dillon turned around and straddled his lover’s face. Dillon swiped his hard cock across Nathan’s moist lips as he took great pleasure in gulping down the well-endowed prick that danced before him.
Unable to control himself any longer, Dillon rocked his hips forward. Dillon felt Nathan’s throat tighten around his prick. Sounds of slurping and gagging spurred Dillon’s craving for satisfaction.
Nathan’s ability to deep throat sent Dillon’s eyes rolling back and made him yearn for even more of his date’s cock in his throat.
Gasping for a quick breath of air, Nathan cried out. “Fuck my face, baby. Shove that cock!”
Nathan’s fingers dug into Dillon’s ass cheeks. And at the same time, he also received another few inches of dick in his throat.
With a final thrust of his cock and plunge of his mouth, Dillon ensured both cocks were buried deep. Muffled moans filled the van as lust washed over the backs of their throats.
Dillon swallowed one last time then turned around. He grinned, loving the sparkle in Nathan’s pretty blue eyes. “This show is playing tomorrow night too.”
~the end~
 I hope you enjoyed JR's installment of Story Orgy Monday  (I know I sure did. Whew! Is it hot in this van or is it just me?!). Make sure you visit the other orgiasts to see what they're up to and have a great Monday!

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Story Orgy Monday - Nurturing Needs

Hello, Story Orgy enthusiasts. Welcome to another fantastic Story Orgy Monday. Did you have great Mother’s Day weekend? I must admit, I was a bit nurturing to my needs *grin*.

Last week I tried something new for me. Yeah, my story was short and sweet. Well, guess what. I have another one for your reading pleasure.

This week's prompt includes a nurse, motel room, and moped. With that said, it's time for Nurturing Needs. To get you kick-started, let your eyes fall to the illustration that our image specialist, Jade Basier, came up with. It sure nurtures my needs. How about yours?

Nurturing Needs

“Two o’clock? I’ll be there with bells on.” Brendan beamed while disconnecting the receiver.

“What could you possibly be up to this time, Mr. Flanagan?” Brendan’s thoughts were interrupted.

“Ha! Whatever is that supposed to mean, Ms. Goldman?” Unable to mask his anticipation, Brendan turned to greet his patient with a wide grin.

“Mmm-hmm. I know that look all too well. What’s his name, dear?” Ms. Goldman carefully maneuvered her wheelchair up to her usual spot at the dining table.

Brendan leered at the ceiling. “You know me quite well, Mary. His name is Martin Adwell. And he’s absolutely dreamy.” Brendan’s hand waved between them. “A blue-eyed blonde, tall and lean. The perfect fencer’s body.”

Mary eyed her live-in nurse up and down. “Don’t hurt him, Mister.”

“Hey! I’ll have you know that this stocky Irish build suits my British pal just fine, thank you very much.” Brendan flipped his brown curly hair as he struck a pose, flashing his green eyes so they captured the sunshine that trickled through the breakfast nook window.

“It’s your story, my dear.” Mary smiled. “So, when do I get to meet Mr. Wonderful?”

“Not today.” Brendan shook his finger and pursed his lips. “I’m meeting him at his motel room. And, he said he has a surprise for me.”

“Wait a minute.” Mary’s brows entwined and her head tilted. “Where exactly is this motel? Are you taking your moped? Or, are you taking my van?”

“I was just going to take my moped, Mary. It’s only a few miles from here.”

“Alright, dear; however, you can take my van if you want. That way you can pick up groceries on your way back home.” Mary nodded and pointed. “The keys are on the counter.”

What a great idea. Thinking, Brendan’s finger tapped his chin.

Mary wheeled around to peer out the window. “Will you be able to pick up my prescriptions also?”

“You got it, Ms. Goldman. Right after I water the flower bed I plan on leaving. Is there anything else you would like before I get on with the day?” Brendan glanced at the clock on the wall.

Knowingly, Mary grinned. “No, dear. Just be careful, will ya?”


Keeping time with the beat, Brendan’s fingers danced along the steering wheel as he smiled behind stylish shades and sang along with the radio. Within fifteen minutes, he rounded a corner and could see the sign that depicted his destination.

Leading Light Motel.

Brendan glanced at his watch and realized he was early; so, he flipped open his cell and activated autodial. “Martin Adwell.”

Ring. Ring.

“Hey, handsome. Come to room 216.” Martin answered.

Brendan looked up and saw Martin waving in the window. He’s something else. Brendan thought as he climbed out of the van and headed up the stairs. “Peek-a-boo.” Brendan pushed at the partially-opened door.

Martin met him at the door with a wet kiss and warm welcome. “Hey, sexy. Come on in and get comfy, will ya?”  Martin tipped his head in a half-curtsy attempt and motioned Brendan into the room.

Two steps into the room, Brendan found himself examining one of the finest specimens he’d ever seen.

A neatly-trimmed, black-haired, blue-eyed man danced his way from the bathroom and pushed Brendan back onto the bed. He commenced to stripping Brendan of his clothing and peered into his eyes. “I’m Turbo, your personal entertainer.”

Martin walked up to the edge of the bed, already naked. He swiveled his hips and flashed a mischievous smile as his cock slapped his thighs to the left, and the right. “Surprise, handsome.”

Brendan’s eyes closed as his mind drifted to a time when he’d shared his inner-most thoughts. I want you to fuck my throat while another man fucks my ass.

“You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you?” The sound of Martin’s voice brought Brendan back to the present.

“I’m here to make your dreams come true.” Turbo teased as he lifted Brendan’s legs.

Martin fingered Brendan’s hole, scissoring inside him, stretching him. Brendan grunted at the haste but wouldn’t tell him to slow down even if he could.  

“Suck my cock, babe.” Martin straddled Brendan’s head, slid his prick into Brendan’s mouth, and took Turbo’s thick prick into his own.
A faint pop filtered through Brendan’s haze when Martin pulled away from Turbo. “Fuck him good and hard.” Martin’s voice demanded.

Brendan moaned as his throat stretched around Martin’s thick cock and Turbo’s massive thrust pushed deep into his bowels.

Turbo pistoned his hips, each stroke making Brendan writhe with pleasure. The dancer’s grip tightened on Brendan’s hips and heat filled Brendan’s ass as Turbo came, his back arching as he cried out. The small bite of pain tipped Brendan over the edge and Brendan splattered his belly with semen, he sucked Martin’s cock even deeper into his throat.

Martin’s hips froze as he shot cum deep into Brendan’s throat. Gasping for breath, he grinned at Brendan from between their bodies. “Happy birthday, baby.”     

Now, feel free to go about your business. Nurture any needs you feel necessary. I wonder what the other Story Orgiasts came up with for their prompts this week. C'mon, follow me on over to their blog rooms and we can find out together. 

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Story Orgy Monday - Southern Heat

Hello, my fellow Story Orgy fans. Welcome to another marvelous springtime Monday and the month of May. Last week was Cade and Blake's sweet finale of The Fragrant Flannel. If you missed any of their chapters, you can revisit any of them through the convenient links located ---> right over yonder.

Now, it's time for a brand newbie. This week's prompts include a grocery store, dancer, and a candle. With that said, it's time for some Southern Heat. It's sure to warm you up. Just in time for most of us...with the most recent cold snap and all. Along the way, you can let Story Orgy's illustration expert, Jade Basier, add her own spice to the mix. Check out this week's eye candy. Wow!

Southern Heat

“Hi, Jon.”  Brent waved as the automatic doors closed behind him.

“Welcome to Dixieland. Can I help you find –”

Brent grinned at the new face. “No thanks. I’m here for Kemp.”

Brent leaned over the express counter, winked at Jon and whispered. “New guy, huh?”

Jon chuckled. “He’s in his office, Mr. Baxter. Go on back.”

Tapping his chin in thought, Brent trekked down the grocery store aisle. “Candle…candle…” He snatched a candle off the shelf. Sandalwood. “Perfect.”

Brent swung the double-doors open at the rear of the supermarket not stopping until he was just outside an office door that read Manager. He poked his head through the door. “Knock knock.”

A deep voice greeted him. “Hey stranger.”

Brent stepped in, locking the door behind him. He peered across the room to find the owner of that voice. He wore a plaid shirt, jeans, and a western belt embellished with Kemp Andrews. Brent couldn’t help but admire the neatly trimmed black hair that bordered the man’s collar.

Carefully, Brent placed the candle on a coaster and lit it. Without saying a word, he walked back to the door and flicked the switch.

When Brent turned back around, Kemp was right there. Brent’s breath quickened as Kemp gripped his jaw with one hand and clenched his crotch with the other.

“You know I never forget a voice.” Kemp’s green eyes danced with the candlelight as he gazed at Brent. And before Brent knew it, Kemp’s fist was filled with his blonde locks. “You let your hair grow out.”

Kemp’s southern drawl fueled Brent’s desire, each gust of breath against his neck added to the ache of pleasure. “I need you. I need you right now.” Brent’s moan filled the shimmering room.

Pushing Kemp’s chest, Brent attempted to take control. Brent felt Kemp’s hand slide to cup his balls. The more Brent pushed the tighter Kemp’s grip became.

“Hold on to ‘em tight. I’m going to fuck you so hard your employees will hear your appreciation.” Brent backed Kemp across the room until his legs were pinned against the desk.

“Fuck me? Oh. I don’t think so. Not in my office.” Kemp’s voice made Brent’s knees weak. The next thing he knew, Brent was pinned against the desk, with Kemp’s tongue exploring his mouth.

Brent reached behind his back and slid the candle to one side of the desk. Kemp simultaneously reached behind him and swiped his arm across the desk, sending everything else crashing to the floor.

“Take off your pants and get your ass up there.” Kemp ordered.

Brent moaned as his throbbing cock bounced free from the confines of his button-fly jeans. He watched Kemp’s pulsing prick slap Kemp’s belly as he stripped off his clothes.

Brent hopped up onto the desk. He grunted in surprise as Kemp shoved him back and lifted his legs.
“Now, what did you say you were going to do to me?” Kemp pressed his cock into Brent’s ass crack. With raised brows and a mischievous grin, Kemp declared. “Ah, yes. You said you were going to fuck me so hard…what?”

Brent’s cock pulsed rhythmically against his stomach as he watched the zealous stud leering down at him.

Kemp put his middle finger to Brent’s mouth and probed it between his lips. “Yeah. That’s it. First things first.”

Brent’s eyes closed as he lubed Kemp’s thick finger with spit.

“Get it nice and slick for your hot little hole.” Kemp’s baritone sent shivers up Brent’s spine.
 Kemp’s finger slipped from Brent’s mouth and he opened his eyes. His lips still parted, he caught the glisten of Kemp’s wet finger in the candle glow.

“Give me that cock, baby.” Brent whispered.

“Oh, I intend to. Just relax.” 

Brent felt Kemp’s finger press against his asshole.

“Relax your hole for me, honey.” Kemp commanded as he pushed through the tight ring of muscle.
Brent’s thighs spasmed with anticipation.

 Kemp took that as a sign Brent was ready. Kemp spit in his hand and slathered his own cock with saliva. With one thrust, Kemp buried his cock to the hilt.

“Oh fuck!” Brent wailed.

“Come on, baby. That’s it. I want to hear how much pleasure I give you.” Kemp slicked his hand some more and grabbed Brent’s cock.

Brent felt Kemp’s nut sack bounce off his ass. Each stroke of Kemp’s cock met Brent’s with the stroke of a spit-slickened hand.

In concurrent explosions, Brent felt the heat of Kemp’s cum paint his insides as his own spunk splattered his belly.

Brent gazed up into Kemp’s eyes as his lover’s cock slipped from his hole. “Damn! Just the way I like it.”

“Pleasing you pleases me, honey.” Kemp handed Brent his pants after he’d donned his own. “It’s been a while since we’ve done this.” Kemp blew out the candle after flicking on the light.

Brent headed for the door with his finger in the air. “Remember, not only am I dancing tonight, but I volunteered to close the club.” Brent turned in the doorway and blew a kiss. “And it’s your turn to walk the dog.”  


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