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Story Orgy Monday - A Tabled Affair part 8

Happy Spooky Story Orgy Monday to all my friends...and Happy Halloween!! I hope all the goodies and ghastly declarations treat you well today.

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Yee Haw! Now, with all that said, it's time for Story Orgy's Halloween posting! The picture accompanying today's story was selected by my muse, Story Orgy's very own Goddess, Em Woods.

A Tabled Affair part 8

Mauricio gently stroked Sugar's soft white fur and listened to Damian's vivid narration of recent events. The shadows of passing buildings and trees only deepened the mysterious ambiance in Damian's car. Maybe it was Mauricio's affection or obvious commitment to following Damian where he led; but, unlike most cats, Sugar seemed content with the travel. Despite the rumbling road beneath, and the passing streetlights overhead; the fluffy ball of fur nestled cozily in Mauricio's lap.

"Yes, such a sweetie you are." Mauricio smoothed a finger over Sugar's brow and lightly scratched the tender spot under his ear.


Damian's voice trailed off as he turned onto a narrow side road. Mauricio rested his free hand on Damian's thigh and gave an earnest squeeze. "I'm with you, babe."


Mauricio couldn't help but smile. "See? Sugar is too."

Damian pulled off to the side of the road. "Here we are."

"I thought you wanted me to meet somebody, sweetie. This is a...ohh." Mauricio felt as though he was the Incredible Shrinking Man, with his foot buried in his mouth heel deep.

The back of Damian's hand softly brushed Mauricio's cheek and he smiled without any resistance. "It's okay, handsome. So, you ready?"

Mauricio scooped Sugar up with his left arm and put his hand on the door handle. "I'm ready if you are." He climbed out, walked around the car and met his lover on the other side, and stopped to drop a slow kiss fully on Damian's lips.


Mauricio released a low chuckle and raised Sugar to his lips and kissed him on the top of his head. "I know, I know."

Mauricio wrapped an arm around Damian and drew him closer. "Let's do this. If you have someone you want me to meet, then it's my pleasure to meet them."

Damian smiled a modest smile and crooked his finger into the darkness of nightfall. "C'mon. She's just a little ways over this way."

As Damian led Mauricio into the first steps of their short hike, the wind kicked up and swirled around them.


Damian's head rested on Mauricio's shoulder. "Sugar sure is a talkative kitty."

Mauricio followed Damian's lead as he meandered through the gravesites and headstones. "He is quite the loquacious one tonight, huh?"  

"I wonder if he can hear the voice inside my head." Damian sounded disturbed and hopeful all wrapped up in one. His question was carried away by the wind as quickly as it was delivered.

Not sure what to say, Mauricio kissed the top of Damian's head and remained silent.

Damian stopped and turned to Mauricio.

Unable to make out the inscription on the tombstone, Mauricio turned to meet Damian's troubled gaze. Deeply, soulfully searching for the right words.

Damian waved his hand between Mauricio and the grave in a formal introduction. "Mauricio, meet my mother. Mother, this is Mauricio."

Meow. Sugar rose to a crouching position and resituated himself in the cradle of Mauricio's elbow. If Sugar still had claws, they would have been digging into his skin.

Mauricio loosened his grip as Damian freed himself from his protected hold. He silently watched as Damian stood over the grave, staring at the tombstone.

Once again, Mauricio found himself at a complete loss of words. But he did manage to muster up a strong, "It's very nice to meet you, ma'am."

No sooner than Mauricio's words left his lips the wind wooshed around them, carrying one of the most loving voices Mauricio had ever heard.

It's very nice to meet you too, Mauricio.

The love in the voice was no respite to Mauricio's unexpected onset of fright. And Sugar wasn't too 
keen on it either. Sugar's back arched and he hissed into the night air.

An apparition slowly materialized next to Damian, causing the hair on Mauricio's neck to stand on end. It was his neighbor. Sugar calmed, settling back into Mauricio's side.  

"Umm...D...D...Damian." Mauricio wanted to point, but couldn't move. "Why are your voices speaking to me? And why is my neighbor standing to you?"

Damian's bewilderment reflected in his eyes. "Ms. Feagley? Why are you–"

Damian, my son. It's me. Your mother.

"But you're..." Damian's pause was not soothing to Mauricio in the least. Damian studied the spirit, shifting his eyes from the spirit to Mauricio and back again.

I only borrowed Ms. Feagley's body, Dami Baby. I had to see you. 

"Why? After all these years, Momma?" Tears welled up in Damian's eyes, glimmering in the glow of his mother's spirit.

Mauricio's stomach knotted at the mother/son reunion. The overwhelming emotion caused him to clutch Sugar tightly against his chest.


Mauricio blinked then blinked again. Trying to figure out what was going on. Another image came into view several feet away. It was his receptionist. "Danny? What the hell are you doing here? And why are you wearing that getup?"

Damian's bewilderment took on an upbeat tone. His realization rang in his voice. "That was you? I saw you wearing that in a dream."

At first, Danny didn't say a word. He only stared at Damian's mother, his arms crossed and nearly nude. He wore nothing but a bronze Krieger-style helmet, bracers, and a stylized loin cloth. He looked like a futuristic Celtic warrior or something.

Damian, Danny is an angel. He's here to take me back to the afterlife. All I wanted was for you to be happy. I saw the path you were taking with your life and didn't want you to mess it up. You are meant to be with Mauricio. Both of your happiness depends on it, my son.

Danny stepped forward, giving Mauricio and Damian each a nod. He turned to Damian's mother. "Why are you still here? The agreement was that you had one week on Earth. I'm sure Ms. Feagley would like her body back."

"Will you always be there to watch over me, Momma?" Damian reached out for his mother, only to touch air.

She smiled at him, a bit of sweetness and a lot of sadness. I'll always be here. She motioned to Damian's heart. But I have to go back now. You have Mauricio to help you through the hard times now.

Damian nodded. "I- I understand. I love you."

I love you, Dami. She turned to look at Mauricio, and he took a half-step back before catching himself. You take care of my son. He's your now.

Mauricio cleared his throat, "Yes, ma'am."

Danny sighed. "Time's up." And with that, both Danny and Damian's mother disappeared like they never were.

A hard sob wracked Damian's body and he curled over to land on his knees. Mauricio rushed forward to catch him. "Damian!"

"Again. She's gone again."

Mauricio wiped the tears from Damian's cheeks. "But I'm here. And I love you too." Pulling Damian close, Mauricio felt hot tears burn against his skin as Damian cried it out. Mauricio rocked him, cuddling Sugar between them, the steady purr a soothing hum.

As the wind died down and the full moon lit the world around them, Damian pulled away to stare into Mauricio's eyes. "Let's go home."  

~ The End~

I have been working on this story for weeks. I must admit that I have lots of tweaking to do in order for it to be just right. However, the process is where the fun comes in, right? Right! *grin* Now, I truly hope you enjoyed the paranormal aspect of the story. It's not exactly my forte, but my muse coached me through. Much thanks to Em Woods! And, if you have any feedback, I would love to hear it. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

With that said, let's move on and see what the other orgiasts have for the paranormal play Story Orgy has going on. I'm stoked! C'mon, follow me. I'll show you the way. Don't worry. I won't take you down any of those long hallways where hands reach out and grab you. *Pffftt* Nooooo! I won't lead you down any haunted streets either *ahem*.

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Story Orgy Monday - A Tabled Affair part 7

Happy Story Orgy Monday! Are you ready for Halloween? It's just one week away *muahahahha* {ß spooky laugh}. *Ducks, avoiding flying objects*. Okay...okay! I get the point. I'm not very funny. You can't blame a guy for trying though.

Two more announcements and you're free to read *grin*. Ready?

Announcement #1: Hank's second podcast is on the loose today. I loved the one from last week. If you missed the first one, be sure to catch up! You'll be glad you did. Now, here's the link you'll want to click on – Hank with Dr. Dick. W00t!  

Announcement #2: Story Orgy's very own Havan Fellows is going to post a Group Interview on Friday, October 28. Don't look at me like that. You know darn good and well how to get to Havan's place. If not, just hang with me for a bit. I'll take you over there after part seven of A Tabled Affair.  

A Tabled Affair part 7

Damian sat Indian-style on Mauricio's two-tone brown shearling sheepskin rug. He chewed on a bite of Ms. Feagley's homemade cookie as he got lost in his own thoughts from gazing into the rug's burnt gold stitching for too long. I have so much to say. He might think I'm crazy.Who knows, maybe I am.
"Damian? Are you alright? You haven't said a word since...well..." Mauricio's concern yanked Damian back from his own thoughts.

"No, I'm not alright." The cookie he held crumbled, crushing under his grip. He closed his eyes and prayed that wrong would turn right.

Mauricio slid down from the couch where he sat, and crawled on all fours around the coffee table. Damian watched his every move and remembered the reason why he loved him so freaking much. Mauricio pressed his lips to Damian's bare shoulder and said, "Talk to me, babe. You can tell me–"

"Maury, I'm losing my fucking mind. That's what's happening." Damian picked at a few crumbs that had fallen to the rug. 

I have already told you. You're not losing your mind. Damian winced at the assertive voice inside his head that served up a hearty helping of resolution rolled in sprinkles of determination.

Damian rocketed to his feet, sending Mauricio scrambling up in the process."I have a great idea! Come with me." Damian pointed toward the door as he reached behind his back, blindly grasping air, searching for the feel of Mauricio's hand.

"Wait." Mauricio's baritone tugged at Damian's balls. 

Mauricio clamped a hand on Damian's shoulder and spun him on his heels. At the same time a voice rang through his head with an immense amount of passion.

Listen to your heart.

At that instant, Damian saw the strangest thing. A flash, like a memory, careened through his mind of a striking man, almost nude with the exception of a few eccentric yet revealing pieces.

Damian's eyes refocused, zoning in on the voice at the other end of the light pats gently rousing his cheeks. "Damian. My love, can you hear me?"

Damian shook his head in an attempt to snap back. "Mauricio, listen to me. There is something crazy going on. You have got to believe me."

Mauricio's brow scrunched, forming tight lines between his eyes. "Babe, have you been getting any sleep at all?"   

Taking Mauricio's hands into his, Damian let the entire story spill out in the quiet between them.  Within just a few minutes, Damian had managed to spit out all the major details, streamlining the recent goings-on. A cramp in Damian's leg alerted him that his feet were still in the same position as they were moments before, his legs still flexed.

"Damian. Calm down, sweetie. Everything's alright." Mauricio brushed his lips against Damian's earlobe. His breath wisped across ever-so-lightly, sweeping across the sensitive skin, raising goose bumps along Damian's neck.

"Mauricio, you don't understand." Damian cupped his lover's jaw in the palms of his hands, peering deeply into his eyes. "I hear a voice, Mauricio. A voice! It sounds like my probation officer...who lives across the street from you. Ms. Feagley is her name."

Follow the sound of my voice. You will understand soon enough.

Damian grabbed Mauricio by the hand and obeyed the request without thought.

"Oh, hell no. You do not lead me around like a pet." 

A cat's meow followed Mauricio's snide comment. He tilted his head, his eyes darting toward the white fluffy ball of fur only a few feet away. "Not you, my darling Princess."

The interaction ticked in slow motion through Damian's head. One glance over at Mauricio then another back to the...

"Damian. Promise me you'll go to the Halloween party at my friend's place next week." Mauricio's hand braced the door frame to the side of Damian, halting just inside the house.

Not knowing if the flash in Mauricio's eyes was real or just a figment of his imagination, Damian gently kissed Mauricio's cheek, turned the knob behind him and backed out the door. "Come on. I have someone I want you to meet."

"No." Mauricio snatched Damian's forearm and held it tightly. "You have to promise me you'll go to the Halloween party next week."

"What Halloween party?" Damian threw his hands out to his side and stared at Mauricio. He could sense the shadows of dusk settling in around him as the streetlights casted a glow throughout the neighborhood. "Oh hell, all right." Damian threw his hands out to his side again, frustration gnawing at his gut. "I mean, really? Why wouldn't I go?"  

Damian drew a deep breath and released a sigh of relief as Mauricio wrapped his arms around him. Time seemed to stand still as Damian peered over Mauricio's shoulder, his stomach sensing something just wasn't right. 



Dang, Damian. You have some major issues. Maybe a Halloween party is just what you need. Eeek! I can't wait until next week. Gives me a reason to go to the candy shop *ahem*. C'mon, follow me. We'll go check out the other orgiasts. I wonder what they're up to...

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Story Orgy Monday - A Tabled Affair part 6

Happy Story Orgy Monday! WhooHooo!!! It sure is feeling good in Texas. I love autumn. Love it!

Pssttt...c'mere. *Whispers in your ear, points to the link* Remember last week when I said, "Don't worry. I'll remind you?" Speaking of loving something, you're gonna love this. Check this out. Hank Edwards is on podcast this week. Part one this Monday and then part two one week later. Click on over to Dr. Dick's Sex Advice and listen to what Hank has to say.

And now for Mauricio and Damian; remember last week when the scene ended with Damian walking up to Mauricio with them cookies? Yeah, you know...those cookies from Ms. Feagley. I'm not sure if it's something in the air or not, but I think Mauricio had his own needs this week.

Thank goodness for Jade Basier though. She always seems to give me just the right inspiration with her keen taste in photography and imagery. This week's prompt is dialogue. So, sit back and enjoy part six of A Tabled Affair. When you're finished, we'll hop on over to the other orgiast's blogs to see how they used the dialogue prompt, "Ah yes. I remember. It seems like yesterday." 

A Tabled Affair part 6

Damian snaked an arm around Mauricio’s shoulder, mumbling under his breath about cookies and parole officers. Mauricio braced his legs to support the heavy lean into his side while Damian forced them into a turn. Watching the vein on Damian's forehead pop out was all Mauricio needed to constitute reason for him to officially be concerned.

Damian's free hand chopped at the air and emphasized each word as he spoke. "Crazy. Stuff."  He stopped shuffling, bringing Mauricio to a stop as well. Then he looked directly at Mauricio, his eyes wild. "Crazy, I tell you!"

"What the hell is wrong with you, Damian?" Mauricio took a step toward the house, taking the lead away from Damian. "Whatever is going on, you're here now. We can sit down and talk through it." Mauricio opened the door and waved his guest inside.

Mauricio squeezed and released Damian's neck and shoulder muscles as he listened to Damian rant. Then suddenly, what Damian had been saying sank in. "Wait." Mauricio leaned forward to see Damian’s face. "Did you say...voices?"

"Well, you don't have to stop rubbing." Mauricio knew that Damian's words were nothing more than nervous tension and frustration bubbling to the surface. Mauricio's mind reeled as he pondered all that Damian had said. They were going round in circles and nothing was getting resolved. The tension in the room was still palpable. And Mauricio knew just what to do about it.

"You just need a good rubdown and some attention. That's all." Mauricio searched his brain for the right thing to say. A way to express the high regard he felt for Damian. Mauricio leaned down and whispered into Damian's ear. "Do you remember the day we met? How you were shy and didn't want to open up to me?"

Damian turned to Mauricio. His cute dimples replaced the furrows above his brow and his smile spoke volumes.  “Ah yes. I remember. It seems like yesterday. Your magic wand melted all my problems away.”

Nodding toward his bedroom, Mauricio wiggled his fingers, waggled his brows and smiled."And the magic begins right here in these fingertips."
Mauricio lead Damian down the dimly lit hallway toward his bedroom. Just outside his door, Mauricio spun a half-turn on his heels and backed Damian into the wall. "I have waited a long time." With a firm grip on his lover's jaw, Mauricio licked at the seam of Damian's lips. "Such a very long time."

Mauricio closed his eyes and handed his trust over to Damian. With diligent nips and gentle tugs at Mauricio's lips, Damian stole Mauricio's breath and returned it to him on his next words. "I've had dreams of you. Of us."

"Dreams huh?" Mauricio leaned against Damian's chest, pinning him to the wall. His fingers worked along Damian’s sides, tracing hard muscles under the soft cotton shirt he wore. Mauricio traced his tongue from Damian’s collarbone to his earlobe, leaving a trail of spit to slowly blow on.

"Yes. That's right. Shudder for me, handsome." Mauricio planted a deep kiss on Damian then straightened up. "Strip."

In a matter of seconds, Damian was completely naked and had his body meshed with Mauricio’s again.

Against the wall and grunting, Damian squirmed under Mauricio's brawny build. "Fuck me like you use to, Mauricio."
"I plan on it." Mauricio pulled Damian away from the hall wall and spun him around. "Spread your legs and show me that ass."

Damian did exactly as he was told. His back arched a little, preening as he winked at Mauricio over his shoulder.

Mauricio licked the length of his palm. "Whose ass is mine?"

Smack. His hand fully connected with Damian's ass, filling the hall with the echo of a lone passionate whimper.

"Fuck my hole hard, Maurice. Make me forget these crazy–"


"Ungh. Fuck yeah. Fuck!" Damian pressed his forehead into the wall  as he reached back and spread his ass cheeks. 

Mauricio spit into the groove of soft skin between Damian's fleshy mounds. "Tell me what it is you want again."
Mauricio slicked his dick too, sliding it slowly against Damian's ass.


Mauricio pressed the swollen head to Damian's spit-slickened hole.

"Tell me."

Damian braced his footing and growled. "Your cock. You know how I like–"

Mauricio rammed his throbbing cock, feeling the skin and muscle stretch around him, tight and hot.

"Oh god! Fuck. Ungh..." Damian's grunts and moans sounded more like squeals of delight to Mauricio. The sting of the hard thrust must have gone away quickly. Damian's ass worked Mauricio's prick just like he'd remembered. "Damn, baby. It's all yours. Take that dick."

A few moments of watching Damian's ass rise and fall, going in circles, Mauricio felt Damian's legs quiver and his ass muscles milk his dick. "I'm coming. Here I come."

"Oh, baby! You're gonna pull it right out of me. Take it, baby. Take it."

Just as Damian squeezed out the last of Mauricio's cum, Damian wailed.


What the hell? Damian, why are you wailing? All good things must come to an end, right? *Giggles* Okay...okay...that wasn't nice. I agree. However, *coughs* moving right along, let's go over here and see what the other writers are up to. Cllllllick...

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A Tabled Affair part five

Did you take a moment to remember Matthew Shepard?:

"The Matthew Shepard Foundation was founded by Dennis and Judy Shepard in memory of their 21-year old son, Matthew, who was murdered in an anti-gay hate crime in Wyoming in October 1998" (Matthew Shepard Foundation, 2010, para. 1). You can get more information here {à} at Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Coming out day:

"Whether you're lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or a straight ally, be proud of who you are and your support for LGBT equality this Coming Out Day!" (Human Rights Campaign, 2011, para. 1). They have a fantastic website! Take time to share the wonderful stories! National Coming Out Day is quickly approaching…mark your calendars – Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

Hank's podcast:

Weeee doggie! Hank snatchy-snooed yet another great opportunity. Get familiar with this Dr. Dick's link because Story Orgy's very own Hank Edwards will be sharing his goodies in...wait, catch this…wait for it…wait… a podcast! Yep, I know! *Squee* Hank's voice for all to hear. I'm stoked! His podcasts will be available next week. Don't worry. I'll remind you *grin*.

SO goodies and Jade recognition:

Okay, Jade. Me and you have to talk. This sexy blog thing you have going on? Yeah, you know the one. You're rockin' with the hot flashes... Just sayin' Keep it up...I love it! *cups hand and whispers* nice pic this week too. Thank you for your inspiration *wink*.

Paranormal reminder:

 Now, finally…remember that thing about Story Orgy having a paranormal month for October. Well, I'm an extremist and it's either lovey dovey, heavy duty, or gooey gory. Just stick around long enough to catch me in action *giggles*. So, moving on to Damian and his "tabled affair". What's that about? …
…let's find out, shall we?

A Tabled Affair part 5

Damian had several different routes he could have taken, but he had opted to take the back roads. He had wanted plenty of time to talk – or think or…whatever – with whoever was inside his head. He presumed it was Ms. Feagley.

Damian propped his arm up in the window, waving his hand in the air. "Where are you now? Huh?" Damian drove slow, his windows down and cursing at the wind. "This is crazy. No. This is fucking absurd!"

I can't talk with you if you're not rational, Damian.

"Rational? How the fuck am I sup-"


Damian looked in the rearview mirror then glanced over his shoulder. Nothing. He threw his hands in the air. "What? Damian what!?"

He watched the wheel turn with the curve in the road, holding a steady line with the rise and fall of the long stretch of lonely road passing under his tires. He dropped his hands to his lap as he stared open-mouthed. "Oh shit."

Damian. Don't be a fool. Take the wheel.

The voice was loving, yet steadfast. If he didn't know any better, he would have thought he recognized that voice. And it wasn't Ms. Feagley. "You sound just like…" Damian shook his head in disbelief as he turned the radio all the way up with one hand and grabbed the wheel with the other. But the blaring radio didn't make a bit of difference. The voice still came through loud and clear.

Have you lost all your good sense?

He turned the radio back down. "Why yes. I think I have."

Trust me, Damian. Your happiness, your life. They depend on it. You've got to trust me.

"Fine. You win. But I need a name."

Turn left.

"I am not turning down that road. I don't have time. Do you know what's down there?"

I do.

"No. I'm not going."

The radio came back on without warning, the volume on low. Damian drove on, taking the course he had intended to take, ignoring both the news radio and the fact that the voice inside his head remaining silent bothered him.

Realizing he was almost to Mauricio's house, Damian turned the radio off, leaned over to his glove compartment and pulled out a box of cigarettes.

I bet Mauricio loves you smelling like a-

"Sheesh! Do you see everything I do?" Damian tossed the box to the floorboard and stomped on it with his free foot. "There."

You do have a little sense left. No, I don't see everything you do. I choose not to.

"How encouraging."

Damian, slow down.

"Why do you-"

Slow down. The voice insisted.

Damian rounded a curve in the road, knowing he still had a little ways to go. But this time, out of nowhere, there was a crossing guard holding up his sign. Damian slammed on his breaks, screeching to a stop. The crossing guard peered eerily into the car at Damian, as he continued across the road.

"What the hell is he doing on this road?" 

All that matters is you didn't listen to me.

"Yeah yeah. And, what was your name again?" Damian couldn't control the loftiness in his tone if his life depended on it.

You know who I am.

"Aghh!" Damian growled through the clenched teeth while he turned onto the residential street leading into Mauricio's neighborhood. The radio popped on again, playing one of Damian's favorite songs, Change the World, by Eric Clapton.

Letting his thoughts wander, Damian slowed to a crawl, barely rolling down the street while he listened to the song. Damian's mother would sing that song to him when he was little. She would push the furniture to the side in the living room and then he would climb on top of her feet, holding tight to her hands, and they would dance.

Damian drew a deep breath, trying to clear the sting from the back of his eyes. The memory hurt so badly, he thought his chest would explode. He could feel the cartilage stretching between his ribs and he focused on that. Then it hit him. The air was thick with the savory scent of home cooking. "I know that smell."

Yes you do. And you know more than you give yourself credit for too.

"Dammit!" Damian hit the steering wheel with the palm of his hand. "Who the fuck do you think you…oh my God." Damian swallowed hard, choking down the fear and hope stuck in his throat. Whipping into Mauricio's drive, Damian slammed his car into park, killed it, and ran to the middle of the road.

Damian stood in utter shock. "Ms. Feagley?"

Uncomprehending of Mauricio yelling for him, Damian walked slowly in the direction of the blue-haired lady smiling and waving through the open window. The smell of gingerbread wafted through the curtains, reminding Damian of his mother and the family heirloom recipe.

She had always baked those cookies when the fall weather came. And just like Ms. Feagley, she would let them cool in the breeze of an open window, making all the neighbors' mouths water. And then the voice in his head continued to draw him closer.

Nibble, nibble, mousekin.

"Who's nibbling at my housekin?" Damian's reply was unconscious as he swallowed hard, trying to move the lump that had formed in his throat. The memory of the game they had played, the story his mother had told while baking the cookies, was wedged in the forefront of his mind.  

Damian reached toward the window, staring into the soulful eyes of Ms. Feagley, he accepted the cookie she offered. "I had no idea you lived across the street from Mauricio. How are you?"
Completely bowled over by the entire ordeal, Damian tried to push the reverie, the vision of his mother from his mind.

Ms. Feagley wiggled her fingers and smiled, waving and looking across the street. "I moved in about six months ago and doing well. That striking young man must be Mauricio."

Dazed by the likeness of Ms. Feagley's tone to the voice in his head, Damian followed the pointing finger to Mauricio standing in his front yard next to Damian's car in the driveway, his hands on his hips and a confused look on his face.

"Yes ma'am. That's him. So, you moved in here about the same time I went on probation?"

With a slight nod, Ms. Feagley handed Damian a few cookies wrapped in a paper towel. "Yes, you could say that. Take these and share with your friend. I have more in the oven I have to tend to." 
"Thanks, Ms. Feagely. It was good to see you again." Damian turned and headed back to Mauricio's.
Stepping off the curb and into the street, Damian heard Ms. Feagley again.

You and Mauricio should come see my library sometime.

Unsure of whether it was the voice in his head or really her, Damian looked back to see but Ms. Feagely was nowhere to be seen. "Here we go again." Damian mumbled to himself, not realizing he was already across the street and within hearing range of Mauricio.

"What was that you said?" Mauricio lifted one eyebrow.

"I said, 'how's my man?'"


Hmm…I smell cookies, hear voices and drive with no hands…Oh my! *Widens eyes and cocks head* What the hell? Okay, I'm just gonna leave that alone for now. I have nooooo comments. Nope. Uh uh. Not me.

I wonder what the other Story Orgiasts have going on this week. This paranormal stuff really has me on the edge of my not-so-Monday'n seat {get it? LOL *ahem*}
Movin' right along:

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