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Story Orgy Monday - Moore's Rider (NSFW)

Hello, Story Orgy fans! I hope you had a great weekend and are as cool as a cucumber. I actually saw a little white fluffy cloud pass through my Texas sky the other day. But, I’m not going to let that get me down *spritzes with water bottle and stands in front of fan*.

Whew! Yeah, this week’s picture for the SO picture prompt will have you spritzing too. Just look at him. GRRRROUGH! Much thanks to Jade for the visual inspiration.

However, before we move into my story, I would like to take a moment to share the link to my muse’s new single release Jack’s Way. Psst..Em Woods is the bomb-diggity. This is good stuff!

Okay, moving right along. Are you ready for Moore’s Rider? Let’s find out what makes Damon and Titus tick, what’d’ya say? C’mon, don’t be skeered. Once my boys have shared the joys of love, don’t forget to hop on over to the fellow orgiasts’ blogs to see how they were inspired this week.

Moore’s Rider

Damon Rider rocked to his knees, slowly stroking his cock as bath bubbles slid down his chest to his stomach, then his legs. He loved to put on a show for his lover, Titus Moore. And Titus was only few feet away. The only thing separating them was a pane of glass.

Titus had built this custom bathroom at Damon’s request, just for his voyeuristic desires, but knew Titus gave in so quickly because he enjoyed watching his boy. They had no need to worry about neighbors since they lived in the country, so, the room was constructed with huge windows, the outside walls basically transparent.

Damon stood in the bath, his head drifting from side to side, eyes half closed with a relaxed pleasure he hadn’t felt since, well, yesterday. He cast a glance at his lover. He took in every detail of the muscles honed from years of construction, the slight peppering of grey in Titus’s dark hair. A stark contrast to his own slim build and blond hair.

He knew just how to tease his man, and it worked. Titus massaged his dick through his shorts, but Damon could tell by the gleam in his eyes that Titus had had enough of that.

Yeah, he’s ready for my tight ass.

Damon turned around, still able to see his lover in the reflection of the mirror. Clad in silver chain and matching bracelet Damon had bought him for his last birthday, Titus rose to his feet and slid his loose shorts down his legs. His eyes fixed on the bathtub show, Titus worked his cock in his hand.

Yeah daddy. C’mon. Damon’s breath grew heavy as his eagerness elevated. He watched his muscled daddy walk up to the windowpane directly behind him. Titus rubbed his cock on the glass. Damon probed two sudsy fingers into his asshole, anticipating what was to come.

Damon turned and gave Titus a gaze. A stare that said he needed to be manhandled. Damon’s eyes gravitated to the purple head and thick veins as Titus mashed his hefty cock into the glass. One flexing crook of his finger with a flash of wanting eyes and Damon had Titus headed for the door. Titus stepped to the side and turned the lever, jerking the see-through entrance open.

Damon has never been one to hide his needs. “Are you gonna try and hurt my hole?”

Titus shut the door and walked a direct path to the side of the tub, slapping his dick into the palm of his free hand, teasingly. “Son, you want this?”

Damon straddled the side of the bath. Not wasting any time he engulfed the hot prick.

“That’s my boy. Eat that dick.” Titus’ voice was low and abrasive.

Damon gagged as Titus pushed on the back of his head, stretching Damon’s throat around the head of his cock. Titus withdrew and plunged to the back of Damon’s throat once more. “My boy likes that, huh?”

Teary-eyed, Damon grunted and moaned as he swallowed, eagerly pleasing his groping sugar daddy.

“Show me that ass again.” Titus lifted Damon’s head with a handful of hair, leaving Damon trailing spit from his chin and down the sides of Titus’s beautiful cock.

Damon turned around with his knees on the side of the tub.

“Wait, babe. Try this.” Titus reached for a nearby shelf and grabbed a towel. “Much easier on the knees, don’t you think?”

“You take such good care of me.”

“Yeah, and you take care of me too, boy.” Titus leaned down to help Damon spread the towel on the bath’s edge. Damon’s breath fled when Titus planted his lips on his and Damon’s mouth filled with Titus’s exploring tongue.

Titus pulled away swiftly and Damon’s ass stung from the power of his lover’s hand. “Now, get back on your knees.”

Damon knelt on the side of the tub and held onto the wide, custom-ordered soap dish opposite him. Watching Titus’s every move in his reflection, Damon saw him reach to the same shelf he got the towel from. His hand disappeared under a towel and reemerged grasping Damon’s favorite toy, a ten inch rubber dildo.

“Who’s my dirty boy?”

“I am.” Looking over his shoulder, Damon wiggled his ass, not too proud to say whatever it took to get Titus to play.

“Suck on this like it’s my cock.” Titus held the dildo to Damon’s lips.

Damon took the tip of the rubber dick into his mouth, coating it with his spit. His ass crack warmed quickly with Titus’s breath and felt the tickling of spit roll down to his hole and knew that Titus was prepping him.

Moaning and licking on his toy, Damon relaxed his ass muscles as Titus slipped the length of one finger in. Then a second.

“You’re almost ready, boy. Give me your toy.” Titus still worked his two fingers in and out, twisting them each time.

“Oohh damn. That’s nice.” Damon handed Titus the slickened toy.

Damon felt the length of the slick rubber shaft glide along the insides of his ass cheeks. Then the tip pressed firmly against his ring of muscle. “Right there. Push it in.”

No sooner than the words escaped his lips, Damon grunted in pleasure.

Titus worked the dildo in and out, twisting and turning it. Damon’s ass took in more shaft with each stroke. “Oh my…son of a bitch…fuck…damn!” Damon worked his body just like his man taught him, his ass high in the air, back arched as far as he could get it. Damon rocked back and forth on his knees.

“That’s right. Your last name ain’t Rider for nothing. Ride that dick.” Titus’s daddy tone dipped a little deeper.

Damon held on to the soap dish as if it were a handlebar. The knuckles pressed into his ass cheeks, letting him know that all ten inches were inside him. “Give me your dick, daddy. I need to feel your heat.”

He felt the dildo slip out. Then felt the searing heat he longed for. Titus’s cock pressed into his ready hole.

“Don’t tease me, daddy.” Damon pushed back with the leverage from the soap holder. “Ahh. Yes!”

Damon knew Titus understood what was expected. After all, they both shared every desire and expected nothing less. “Oh. Fuck. Yes.” Damon embraced Titus’s inner beast.

A firm grip on both hips told Damon his wishes were about to be granted.

“Hold still and take this dick. You asked for it. You’re gonna get it.”

Damon’s ass welcomed his lover’s thick hot dick. As Titus stretched his asshole with slow, purposeful strokes, Damon’s thoughts ran wild. As did his mouth. “Fuck my ass big daddy! Work that cock. Who’s my daddy?!”

Damon ground out between clenched teeth. “God. Yess. Work my hole!”

“C’mon, Sweet Pea. You know the drill.”

With a supporting hand from his lover, Damon flipped onto his back, gripping Titus’s thick cock with his tight ass. Still hanging onto the bar on the soap dish, Damon raised his legs and propped them on his Titus’s shoulders. “I do know the drill. So, fuck my hole daddy. I need your dick.”

With his back arched over the padded tub, Damon gripped Titus’s flexed thighs and the two lovers worked together, back and forth.  

“Oh gawd yes. You’re so fuckin’ hot.” Titus groaned as he slammed his cock into his toy, his love boi.

Damon braced himself with one hand in the bathwater and stroked with his free hand. “Ram my ass! Yes! Yes!”

Damon worked  his ass in circles, and then with driving force he arched and took every inch of Titus’s meaty cock.

The pressure moving smoothly over his gland was enough to send him over the edge. Taking his own dick in hand, Damon stroked fast and hard.

Damon moaned loudly as his ass filled with Titus’s cum, his own release exploding from the tip of his cock, load after load.

Titus filled the tiled room with groans and Damon turned over. Sliding into the water, Damon pulled his man in to join him.

With a passionate kiss, Damon asked, “Can I have a back porch too?”


Wow! I need a back porch too! Good grief…I need to refill my spritzer bottle. Or, replace it with a Mister’s hose. Ermm…I mean mister hose. Oh hell, never mind. You know what I mean. Now, let’s go see how the other’s were inspired. C’mon, follow me…

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Story Orgy Monday - I Will Wait

Woweee! It’s hot in Texas. Happy Monday, Story Orgy enthusiasts! I have a special story to present today. The picture that SO’s image specialist Jade Basier provided inspired me to write a more heartfelt story this week. Normally my stories are a bit on the steamy side, but just look at those boys *looks at the picture*. Those boys spoke to me and my heart poured out the following words.

I strongly recommend a tissue or a hankie with this story. I sobbed the entire time I was writing it. So, now that you’ve had your warning, I’m not responsible for any dehydration problems caused by your tear shed. You can blame that on the heat *ahem*.

Enjoy and don’t forget to check out my fellow orgiast’s blogs once you finish here. You can find the links at the end of “I Will Wait.” Also, leave a comment to let me know what you thought of my story. Thanks for your visit! You're welcome anytime. 

I Will Wait

Foster Schone spent his vacation at home with Brant Halliday. Wanting to take advantage of any time left with his first and only love, Foster planned a week of special activities. He felt bad about not having the money to take Brant traveling around the world, but the medical bills from cancer treatment had piled up and there was no reprieve in sight. So, a staycation was a perfect opportunity to share his time and love with his ailing partner.

Foster took great pride in his ability to plan. Scheduling an agenda based on Brant’s interests, time, and money, Foster created a 7-day table. Each day focused on a special local interest.

Day 1: A Day at the Zoo
Day 2: City Aquarium
Day 3: Visit Brother’s Pond
Day 4: Go to Local Museum
Day 5: Fine Dining
Day 6: Farmers Market
Day 7: Leisurely Poolside Cookout

Day 1: A Day at the Zoo

It was the first day of seven and the weather was perfect. The sun was shining with only a few white fluffy clouds to offer intermittent pardon from the balmy heat. All the animals at the zoo were playful and full of life. Even the timid deer welcomed the passers-by.

“What a wonderful way to spend the day. Admiring life’s precious creatures and walking hand-in-hand with my man.” Foster held Brant’s hand with his left and wound the other behind them to tuck into Brant’s back pocket, smiling when Brant did the same.

“Look mommy. Those guys are-”

“Hush, Mindy. Look at the deer.”

Foster wiggled his fingers against Brant's hip, enjoying the full-throated chuckle from his man.

“Are we part of the exhibit?”

“We are now.” Foster smiled and guided Brant to an ice cream stand. “C’mon, let’s grab us a cone.”

Leaning into Foster’s shoulder, Brant squeezed tight. “You order and I’ll grab us a picnic table.”

Foster watched Brant as he dragged his feet over to the first table he came to and sat. Brant reached into his shirt pocket.

That’s where he keeps his pain medication. He’s hurting.

“Good afternoon, Sir. What can I get ya?”

I should get him some water too.


The zoo worker’s voice snapped Foster back to the moment. “Yes. Umm, sorry. I would like two single-dip cones, one Butter Pecan and the other Almond Pistachio. And could I get a water with that?”

“Coming right up.”

Foster placed a five dollar bill on the counter and dropped two ones in a jar. He grabbed the cardboard container holding the cones and two waters. “Thanks for the extra water.”

Just as Foster turned to go, the fear in the ice cream server’s voice sent chills along his spine. “Sir! Sir! Are you okay?”

Foster looked to see what had the guy in a panic.

“Brant!” Foster dropped his purchase and torpedoed his way to the table. “No, Brant. You can’t do this. Please.” Foster’s vision blurred from the tears filling his eyes, streams traveled down his face as his greatest fear ate at his very being. Kneeling down over his ailing lover, Foster cradled Brant’s head to cushion it from the pavement. Oh my God. Yes. He’s still breathing.

Foster screamed at the top of his lungs. “Call 911!”

 Dropping his voice to a whimper, Foster rocked slowly back and forth, Brant’s head now rested in his lap as Foster pleaded with the gods. “Please don’t take him. He’s all I have.”


“Foster, you can go in and see him now.” The doctor held the door open to Brant’s hospital room. “Be calm, don’t get him roused. His blood pressure has to be stabilized before he can go home. That’s why he’s here in the first place.”

Foster blinked and nodded, stopping inside the doorway. “Can I stay the night with him?”

“I don’t see any reason why not. In fact, his conditions would probably be more favorable if you did. Remember, be calm and supportive.” The doctor gave a sympathetic pat on the back and nudged Foster into the room. “It’s okay, smile.”

Foster walked cautiously into the room, his knees weak from emotional drain. Heavily woven curtains blocked the sunshine, a single streak of light filtered through seam where two curtains met. There was just enough light combined with the glow of the monitor next to Brant’s bed.

His eyes are closed. He must be asleep.

Foster sat on the edge of the bed and took Brant’s hand in his, careful of the tube that disappeared under the tape. “Oh, Brant.”

Choking back the tears, Foster smiled. He had always heard that a smile can be detected in one’s voice.  "I love you so much." He slipped onto the bed next to Brant, kissed his forehead. Foster closed his eyes against the heartache tearing him apart.

Squish. Squish. Squish. Pshhhhh.

The nurse whispered “Hello. You look comfortable.”

It was at that moment Foster realized he had fallen asleep. Curled up next to Brant, he’d managed to sleep away two hours of his worrisome thoughts.

“Shhhh.” The nurse hung the blood pressure cuff on the wall, softly speaking. “You’re fine. Go ahead and rest. Your friend is doing well.”

Foster laid his head back down on the pillow next to Brant’s and mouthed a sleep thank you as his sight dulled behind closing eyelids.


“Good morning, my love.” The voice was angelic to Foster’s ears. “Thank you for staying by my side. You always have slept like a baby.” Feeling a brush against his cheek, Foster opened his eyes to the smile he had fallen in love with over a decade before.

Foster smiled back into those soulful eyes. His heart began to race and his mind cluttered with too many thoughts to speak.

Brant put a finger to Foster’s lips. After all, no one knew him better than his one true love. “Don’t say a word. Just hold me.”

Foster did just that. He didn’t say a word as he slipped his arm under the pillow and curled it up to snuggle closer. He knew his emotions would take them places neither of them needed to be. Foster recalled all the times that Brant had told him of the pain he saw in his eyes when he looked at Brant. Especially during his treatments.

A nurse came into the room with some paperwork, breaking a quiet moment. “You’re all set to go, Mr. Halliday. Just remember what we talked about.”

Foster sat up and looked around. He had been so excited Brant was awake that he didn’t notice that the IV was gone and monitors were turned off.

“What did I miss?” Foster’s cheeks burned as his embarrassment was accented by breaks in his words.

“Not much, just some finalizations and processing rigmarole.” Brant squeezed Foster’s hand and flashed his sweet warm smile.

The nurse turned to Foster. “Are you ready to take our lovely Mr. Halliday home…” The nurse glanced down at the release papers that Foster had already signed. “Mr. Schone?”

A bit startled by the rapidly moving morning, Foster stood. “Wow. I never even took off my shoes.”

The nurse and Brant giggled.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” The nurse walked over and opened the curtains letting sunshine flood the room.  

“Well, yes. Absolutely.” Foster turned to Brant. “Let’s get you home, babe.”

Brant was already sliding off the bed, the nurse stalked to his side. “Now, Mr. Halliday, I told you-” 

“Wait. Why do I feel that I have missed some pertinent information here?” Foster met the nurse at Brant’s side.

“Mr. Schone, you help him get dressed and I’ll be back with a wheel chair. It’s policy that all patients be wheeled out of the hospital.”

Foster noticed Brant avoided eye contact. Something’s not right.   


Foster pulled into the driveway after a quiet ride home. “We’re home, babe. How are you feeling?”
“As good as to be expected. I just want a nice bath.” Brant’s voice sounded weak but sure.

Foster reached over and put his hand on Brant’s thigh, gently squeezing. “We can make that happen. Mind if I join you?”

Brant’s hand covered Foster’s. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Foster helped Brant into the house, down the hall, and into the bedroom. “This has been a rocky start to our vacation.”

“As long as we’re together and you’re happy, that’s all I care about.” Brant molded his hand snug to Foster’s jaw line and kissed his cheek. “I love you with all my heart.”

Foster fought back the fear welling up inside. He knew there was important information discussed while he was asleep at the hospital.

“I love you too, handsome. You just get comfy and I’ll draw the bath.” Foster embraced the hand that cupped his face, closed his eyes, and pressed his lips to Brant’s.

Every step Foster took was another tug at his heartstrings. God, give me the strength I need to do this. An impending doom loomed in the back of his mind. I have got to stay strong for Brant. I’ve got to.

Running the bath water, Foster poured some bath beads as he choked back the tears that clogged his senses. He put on his best smile and turned to get Brant, and there he stood. Brant was stark naked and as beautiful as ever.

“I’m ready for my sponge bath.” Brant’s eyes twinkled from the lights around the bathroom mirror.

Foster wrapped his arms around the waist of his childhood friend, his lifelong lover. Careful not to cause more pain to Brant’s aching bones, he squeezed ever so slightly and whispered. “You are so precious to me. I’m sorry I pushed you so hard yesterday.”

“Foster. Don’t blame yourself. We both know what my treatments can do. And what the course of this bone cancer can do.” Brant slipped Foster’s shirt up and over his head and unfastened the top button of Foster’s jeans. “Now, get out of those clothes and join me in the tub.”

Brant eased into the bubble bath. The look on his face was one that Foster lived for. The pain Brant tried to hide every day died away and miraculously transformed into an expression of comforting serenity.

Foster kicked his pants off to the side and eased into the tub with Brant, framing him with one leg to either side. The warmth of the water was soothing to his bones. He could only imagine what it might feel like to Brant’s aching body.

After a few moments of soaking, Brant broke the stillness with sudden thrashing and a cry of agony.

Oh God. Foster’s main weakness was maintaining his composure, and he knew it. Brant knew it.

“Help me up, babe.” Brant’s pain-filled voice seeped into every one of Foster’s nerves.

“Yes. Yes, hang tight.” Foster eased from behind Brant, trailing water from the tub to the towel rack. He grabbed Brant’s favorite white towel and looped his arm under Brant’s to aid him to his feet. Wrapping the towel around his partner’s waist, Foster steadied him in a full-body lean.

“C’mon. You’re strong. You can do this.” Foster’s heart was breaking.

“I can’t. Not this time.” Tears rolled down Brant’s face.

“Okay. No problem. It’s just temporary. I got you.” Foster reached down and swept Brant from his feet and carried him to the bed. Foster gently laid him down; his lips pressed together in a thin tight line.

“Hang in there, darlin’. I’ll be right back.” Foster ran to the bathroom, slipped on his white cotton shorts, and grabbed a medicine bottle. Filling a glass Brant kept by the sink, he swallowed hard to rid his throat of the lump that suffocated him.

No no no.

Foster trotted back to bedside and helped Brant take his painkillers, the only relief that they’d been able to find to ease the pain.

Brant pointed with a teary-eyed smile. “Babe. Could you get that piece of paper for me?”

Foster followed the path of the shaky finger that pointed to a folded note on the top of Brant’s dresser.

Foster retrieved the piece of paper and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Read it.” Brant’s voice had turned solemn. Tears trailed down, drenching the pillow under his head.

No. I can’t do this. Foster’s thoughts caught in a gloomy loop circling around in his head. I have to do this. For Brant. Foster unfolded the note and read:

 “I Will Wait”

My love for you has grown
So very deep inside,
And for eleven years I’ve known
That this I cannot hide.

You’re why my eyes still twinkle,
Why my pain subsides.
With you love, I could never be single
And of this you must be apprised.

This ailment my friend,
It’s not an end.
You’re the delight in my heart,
Why I can ride on the wind.

The center of my bone is
Where the cancer spreads;
It causes much pain
Others do dread.

My love for you will wait
On the other side now,
And for as long as it takes,
You must smile somehow.

I tell you this
So you’ll always know.
To embrace me please,
And share your soul.

The years went fast,
I’m sure you agree.
But our love will last,
You shall see.

Foster looked away, trying to control his sorrow. He understood exactly what that poem meant. Brant was nearing the end and the treatment wasn’t working.

“Say something. No…don’t. Just hold me.” Brant’s pain was evident in his voice.

Foster slid in behind Brant and cradled him in silence. Until Brant broke that silence.

“I will wait.”

~The End~

*Wipes tears* I know…I know. The story of these boys broke my heart too. So, what are your thoughts? Your feedback is very important to me. Thanks for dropping by.

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Story Orgy Monday - The Deep End (NSFW)

Happy happy Monday! Summer is heating up and so is Story Orgy. There are several goodies to share with you this week, so I’m going to just jump right to it. I hope you don’t mind.

The first is that right now is the Hot Summer Days free reads over at the GoodReads M/M Group. If you don’t already belong, you can go here… There are so many great authors participating, including myself. You don’t want to miss any of this yummy goodness, I guarantee that.

Next is that our very own Hank Edwards has a new Facebook page for his upcoming series Venom Valleys. Zombies and Cowboys...W00t! Be sure to drop in and pay a visit. Pssst…I “like” that page.

Ah yes. Guess what? Story Orgy needs your help. Another contest is underway and we’re sharing the fun in the anthology action with our readers!! It’s Christmas in July for the Story Orgy. We’re asking you to send in your three word prompt- person place and thing, for a Christmas themed antho to storyorgy(at)ymail(dot)com by July 31st.

Your SO authors will select their favorite prompt and spend the dog days of summer writing a seasonal romance using your prompts. Those who contribute the selected prompts will receive a copy of the anthology, prior to its release to the general public on Dec. 1st.

One entry per person will be accepted. Winners will be notified by email at the time of choice and announced the following Monday.

example: Person: dancer place: the mall thing: candy cane

Now, for a tidbit of news about my muse… (that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) JACK’S WAY IS OUT ON AUDIO on JULY 13th!! Woo-hoo!  You heard me right –you can now LISTEN to Em’s tasty treat. Click on the link to go get your copy: Jack's Way - Audio. I’ll be first in line for this one! 

Annnnd now…for Story Orgy Monday goodness!! This week’s picture prompt, selected by SO’s princess of pics, Jade has done it again! Check this one out. Mmm.

Whew! Moving right along…here’s the story you’ve been waiting for…

 The Deep End

Grabbing his first aid kit, Clayton Frees blew three short blasts of his whistle to signal to Mitchell Landing, his fellow lifeguard, then dove into the water.

Clay heard the muffled echo as Mitch followed emergency protocol and blasted his whistle. One long blow signaled for the attention of the other swimmers. “Clear the pool! Get out of the pool!”

Clay’s emergency training was already underway as he assessed the situation. The swimmer’s body drifted listlessly, slowly sinking toward the bottom of the pool. He’s not breathing! Clay looped one arm under the victim’s pit and swam with all his might to poolside so Mitch could help raise the man’s body to a flat orange stretcher Mitch must have grabbed on his way to meet them.

Mitch secured the area and backed the crowd away as Clay checked the swimmer’s airway for obstructions.

He leaned over the man’s limp body to start resuscitation procedures but just as his lips touched the victim’s mouth, the guy’s eyes opened and a low sound vibrated against Clay’s lips. “Mmm.”

Mother fucker! It took every ounce of resolve Clay could muster to hold back his skyrocketing rage.

Propelling to his feet, Clay clenched his teeth and fury rumbled in his throat. “Mitch, I’m done here.” He flung the strap to the first aid kit over his shoulder and stormed off before he did something he would regret.

Clay stalked back around the pool to his assigned station and climbed up into his stand. Wound up and ready for the day to end, he drank his bottled water and watched Mitch deal with the trickster across the way.  

Okay. I still have a job to do. Focus. Clay talked himself down from the ledge he was on, drew in a deep breath, and put on his best smile.

“Excuse me, Sir. What time is it?” A young boy looked up with wide brown eyes, his brows scrunched slightly from the glare of the sun. “I’m supposed to meet mom at five.”

Leaning forward, Clay rested his elbows on his knees to get a little closer. “You better grab your goodies then. It looks like you and I both have less than ten minutes.” Clay smiled as the boy scampered away.

Peering across the pool, Clay saw that Mitch was more than ready to go. His replacement had already shown up. C’mon, Michelle. Where are you?

One more thorough scan for peril and Mitch already stood below Clay’s station, smiling wide behind dark sunglasses. “Tasha said Michelle is only a few minutes behind her. I’m headed for the shower. I’ll see you there.”

Clay’s entire body quivered. So fucking hot.


Clay heard the spray of a shower as he entered the locker room. Looking around, all he saw was a single stack of clothes on the bench and a towel hanging on a hook. “Mitch?”

“It’s me.” The man’s voice echoed off the tiled walls, sending tingly sensations all along Clay’s spine, making his heart skip a beat.

Mitch rounded the dividing wall wearing nothing but a pair of blue shower sandals. “We’re the only guys on duty today.” A naughty grin matched the gleam in his bright blue eyes. Ringlets of blond curled around his neck.

This guy is amazing. Every time Clay looked at Mitch, he couldn’t help but think of all the wonderful things he’d done and said. All the people he’d helped so selflessly. Not once had Clay ever heard Mitch complain, not even when stupid swimmers faked their own drowning.

“You’re like a Bald Eagle; courageous, independent, and strong. You know that?” Clay knew deep inside that Mitch was the one, a dream unfolding right before his eyes.

“And you’re the wind beneath my wings.” Mitch walked past with a wink, locked the door, and turned around. “So, where’s my breath of fresh air?”

Clay marveled at the splendor his Scandinavian friend presented as he swaggered toward him, water trickled from his hair along his chest to his nuts and down his leg. Leaving water to trail in the wake of his shoes.

Clay gazed at the inviting cock that swung to the left, then the right. “Are you even going to let me take a shower first?”

“Nope. We can both take one after I fuck that hot ass of yours.” Mitch stopped no more than a foot away.

Clay watched water pool under Mitch and run along the sloping tiles, headed for the drain. He immediately shimmied out of his Speedos.

“I know you want it. Your dick is bouncing around like a buoy in a storm.”

Clay surprised himself with his own eagerness. Reaching back with one hand and slapping his ass, he pointed with the other. “I want that beautiful cock as much as you want this sweet ass.”

Mitch took another step, closing the gap between them. The heat from Mitch’s stiff prick burned into Clay’s thigh.

“You remember the last time we did this?” Clay’s pitch dropped a notch.

“I sure do.” Mitch stepped forward with a grin, backing Clay with each step. “But this time you’re all mine.”

Flashes of the orgy set Clay’s desire ablaze. Memories of all the other guys fucking him on the bench just a few feet away made Clay’s head swim. The dizzying thoughts intensified his excitement as Mitch mashed his rigid cock into Clay’s. “Who needs all those other guys when I have you?”

Pinned against the wall, Clay slid down Mitch’s body until his face met the hot flesh of his lover. Clay reached between his legs and took his own cock in hand while he let Mitch’s thickness fill his mouth.

“Oh yes, suck that dick.”

Clay’s throat stretched around the stiffened flesh as Mitch leaned into him, trapping his head against the wall. Struggling to breathe through his nose, Clay groaned around the cock constricting his airway while still stroking his own. 

Mitch’s long moan warned Clay. “You’re too damn good at that. I’m not going to last if you keep that up.”

Mitch pulled Clay up by his hair. “You know how you like it. Turn around.”

Clay turned to lean on the wall and spread his legs. “Fuck me hard and fast. Seed my ass.”

“That’s right. Stick your ass out.”

Clay felt Mitch’s warm spit run down into his ass crack, heating the nerves around his tender hole.

Bracing for the kind of fucking he knew was coming, the right side of Clay’s face chilled from the ceramic tiles on his warm suntanned skin.

“C’mon. Shove it in my tight hole.”

Without warning, Mitch speared his dick into Clay. “Bulls-eye!”

“Oh fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Clay filled the locker room with breathy groans and heavy whispers.

Two long slow strokes drove Clay wild as his ass loosened to accommodate the ample amount of flesh filling the void.

“Oh God, you’re so damn tight.” Mitch’s hands held onto Clay’s waist as he increased his rhythm to a blinding speed, his hips snapping forward, skin slapping skin.  

Through grunts of satisfaction, Mitch demanded, “Jack yourself off. Show me that load.”

“I won’t last. You’re too damned hot. You feel fucking incredible-”

Mitch insisted louder this time. “Hurry the fuck up. I can’t last either.”

Before Clay could even grab his own dick, Mitch had already reached around and palmed it himself.

“Holy shit! Fuck yes.” Clay whimpered as Mitch pummeled his gland in time with each stroke of his hand.

Clay’s whole body shuddered and his legs felt as though they would collapse. “I’m coming. I’m coming.”

Mitch grunted with one final thrust and Clay painted the aqua-blue tiles a milky pearl white as his ass caught fire from the pulsing cock deep in his bowels, releasing the cum Clay needed so badly.

Clay felt Mitch’s cock twitching its way to flaccidity as it slipped from his asshole. He turned around, cupped Mitch’s face into his hands and peered deep into blue eyes.

“Does this mean I’m cooking dinner tonight?”

~The End~

Holy hot summer days! I could go for a locker room buffet right about now…oh yeeeah *ahem*. Okay, follow me. The fun has just begun. It’s not an orgy unless you partake of all the other’s tasty treats. Let’s go – just click on the links: