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Story Orgy Monday - Riding Out the Storm (NSFW)


It's the last Monday of June! Can you believe it? Half of 2011 has already passed. And, seeing as though there are lots of summer storms around, I wrote this week's prompt with that in mind. Besides, who doesn't appreciate a good storm?

However, before we move on to the story, I would like to personally invite you to visit Breathless Press. You guessed it! Another book release *smiling big*. Story Orgy's very own Lee Brazil has his own series and the second book TELLING THE TRUTH - the second in his Truth or Dare series.

And, look at that Mmm-soo-nyummmy treat Jade Basier found for us this week. *Sigh* I love her tasty goodness she brings to Story Orgy.

Okay...okay. No more stalling. Here you go. This week's Story Orgy prompt was written using the words Dancer, Warehouse, and Candle. Are you ready to see what I came up with? Good! Let's go. Wait! Wait! *ahem* Don't forget to check out what the other orgiasts came up with for their entries. *Sigh* I just love Mondays. Okay, you can go now. Wait! *giggles* Just kidding... here you go - 

Riding Out the Storm

Reed sat in his office reviewing his student roster and weekly plans for the month. Thunder ricocheted through the temporary dance studio and the overhead lights flickered with the slightest flash of lightning. The old warehouse provided plenty of space for the dancers, but the inadequate electrical wiring left little to be desired.

“Knock knock.” A stranger’s voice echoed in the eerie renovated depot.

Standing to greet the handsome gentlemen with dark hair and olive complexion, Reed walked around his desk and extended a hand. “Reed. Reed Kayes.”

“Vince Macchio. How do you do?” A crash of thunder nearly drowned out the visitor’s voice and the room went pitch black.

Crackle. Pop!

Reed felt his knuckles grind together as Vince’s grip tightened and the handshake came to a halt. Reed and Vince stood in the dark, frozen.

“Must’ve blown a transformer or something.” Reed put his free hand on Vince’s firm grip, bringing the attention to the fact that his hand was still in Vince’s clutch.

“Luckily, I have a flashlight in my desk.” Reed felt his face flush from embarrassment when he realized he was smiling so big in the dark. “Just a moment. I’ll get it.”

Vince loosened his grip, allowing Reed to walk back to his desk.

Reed slid his fingers around the edge of the desktop, trying not to run into anything along the way. But he forgot about the wastebasket. Just as another flash of lightning lit the room and a clap of thunder emanated from the rafters above, Reed felt his visitor run into him from behind. Unable to prevent his grin at the undignified squeak his visitor let out with the next thunderclap, Reed was grateful Vince couldn’t see his face. 

“Are you alright?” Reed slid one hand along Vince’s arm, taking in the muscles bunching under the man’s shirt. What would those feel like- Reed cut himself off with a sharp mental reprimand. The guy was scared spitless and here Reed stood thinking about…

Reed sighed, “Vince? You okay?”

“Oh yeah. Me? I’m fine. I just couldn’t see is all.”

Mmm-hmm. Reed continued around the desk and opened the drawer.

Click. Click. Click. Nothing.

 “Damn. Hold on. I think there’s a candlestick in here too.”

“Oh no. Don’t tell me.” Vince sounded horrified.

“Aha! There it is. I knew I had a candle in here. Now, if I just had some matches.” Reed barely finished his sentence before Vince chimed in.

“I have a lighter.” His voice shaky, sounding disturbed.


Reed saw two wide blue eyes behind the glow of a small flame. Another clap of thunder and the flame disappeared to the sound of something plastic skidding across the concrete floor.

“Dammit!” Vince’s tone went from shaky to frantic.

Sensing Vince’s fear, Reed reached for his hand and guided him to the chair. “Why don’t you sit down while I find the lighter? Here, hold the candle.”

The room lit up with another flash of lightning. And a clap of thunder resonated from all four corners of the room.

“Just hurry up. Please.” Vince pleaded.

Reed dropped to his knees, feeling around on the floor for the lighter. “Yes! Found it.”

“Right here. Right here.” Suddenly, Reed felt a puff of breath on his face. And indeed, Vince was right there.


 Once again, Reed saw the whites of Vince’s eyes, wide as he obviously tried to control his panic. Only this time, Reed held the lighter. Reed lit the wick then grabbed a nearby soda bottle that had tumbled from the trashcan he kicked earlier and tossed it back inside. One more loud noise might send Vince running for the hills and that would suck if it were just that damn bottle that did it.

“Let me see the candle.” Reed reached out, casting shadows in the flickering candlelight and flashes of lightning. Vince twitched a bit but managed to hand it over without extinguishing the flame.

Setting the candle on a clean part of the desk, Reed turned to his guest. “Now, where were we?”

Vince lowered his left ass cheek onto the desk. “Scared to death.” Vince’s response was faster than Reed anticipated, and not quite what he had expected to hear. “Are you talking about the storm?”

“Yes.” Vince’s gaze was a little wild, no doubt exaggerated by the pale light Reed had to see him by.  “I do not handle storms very well.”


Thunder sounded at the exact time the lightning flashed.

“Son of a bitch!” Vince leaped to his feet and practically climbed into Reed’s arms. “I came to sign up for your dance classes. I had no idea the storms would be this bad.”

Reed’s judgment kicked in and he knew Vince needed some consoling. Wrapping his arm around Vince’s waist, Reed tucked him close. The deduction that there was no way Vince was straight took up most of Reed’s mental capacity. “It’s okay. I promise.” 

“But the lights-”

“Trust me, Vince. This old warehouse has more problems than the lighting.” Reed chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. “Why do you think I had a flashlight and a candle in my desk?”

 “You do have a point.” Vince chuckled, some of the panic gone from his tone. “You must think I’m some kind of wuss.”

“What I think really shouldn’t matter to you. But, if you really want to know, I think you’re handsome and your candor is absolutely refreshing.”

Reed nuzzled his cheek against Vince’s soft hair, breathing in the clean scent of his shampoo. “Another thing. Your company is quite comforting for me too in this big ol’ warehouse tonight. Here I was, sitting all alone, trying not to notice each creak and crack of the building.”

Reed felt Vince harden under his jeans, pressing against Reed’s leg. Another crack of thunder followed several seconds later by a flash of lightening told Reed his time was up. “I know the storm has almost passed, Vince; but, I want you to know I would be more than happy to help ease your mind.”

Vince chuckled again, a little breathless this time, and leaned over to press his supple lips to Reed’s mouth. Vince’s fingers worked curiously over the line of Reed’s rigid cock hidden behind his fly. “Maybe I could be persuaded.”

Unfastening his zipper, Reed let his throbbing manhood flop from the constricting denim. “Mmm. I wonder what it would take to convince you?”

Vince stepped back, his face shadowed by the candlelight as he knelt in front of Reed, low humming sounds drowned out the rumbles of the thunder in Reed’s ears. Vibrations from Vince’s moans danced around the sensitive skin of Reed’s cock, drawing a groan with each reflexive thrust.

“Holy fuck. You have some real talent.” Reed’s encouraging tone worked as Vince took Reed’s fat shaft further into his tight throat.

“I think you need some relief of your own.” Reed groaned as his nuts drew up, threatening to relieve the pressure building inside.

Reed tugged at Vince’s hair to pull him away. Cool air kissed his cock as he turned to plant both ass cheeks on the desk then lie back to hang his head over the opposite edge. Sliding the candle over for safe measure, Reed beckoned Vince closer to stand at his head. “That’s right, babe. Step up here. I’ll take care of that for you.”  

Thunder rumbled the rafters and the candlelight danced along the walls. Reed relished the smooth skin slipping between his lips and the way Vince’s trembling body calmed as he reached his release in Reed’s throat, triggering Reed’s own orgasm.

Vince huffed out a breath, as he leaned his forehead against Reed’s thigh. “Can I ride out the next storm like this too?”

~The End~

Wow. I think I need to sign up for dance lessons. I would give Vince a run for his money. Oh hell yeah! I would be teacher's pet. I'm certain of it *whistling Dixie*. I'm laughing so hard right now *ahem*. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed Riding Out the Storm with Reed and Vince. Don't forget go over to Breathless Press to pick up Lee Brazil's new release. I'm going to do a little blog hopping. I am curious to see what my fellow orgiasts came up with for their entries this week. Feel free to tag along. I love good company!

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Story Orgy Monday - Share Bare (NSFW)

What a fantastic week this has been. For all fathers out there, I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day. Well, hmmm…actually, I hope you all had a terrific day *grin*. Pssstt…just in case you’re wondering, I had a stupendous weekend. In fact, we could make a movie if you want J . No details. Nope. You’ll have to wait for the movie. *Wolf whistles*

Meanwhile, you can take a gander at this week’s Story Orgy prompt. It’s guaranteed to be almost as entertaining as my weekend. Whew! That’s a big hint right there, huh? And, check out that delicious easy-on-the-eyes photo SO’s very own Jade Baiser found to go with our prompt this week. Yeah, she’s got an eye for tasty treats, huh?

I know, I know. It’s time to get on with the show. So, c’mon. You can see what I came up with for this week’s prompt words - Bear (as in the man-type), Treehouse, Cock Halo Set. Don’t forget to follow the links at the end of the story. They lead to other goodies from my Story Orgy partners.

Share Bare

Cory awoke to the sound of a tractor in the distance. Stretching, then yawning, he rubbed his eyes. “What the hell?”

He walked to the window and peered out across the fields, a sleepy smile creeping across his face. Guess I’m just gonna haveta go out there for my morning hug.

Not giving it a second thought, Cory made his way through the house and out the back door. With his back propped up against the huge Elm tree, he rested his foot on the lowest rung of the makeshift ladder leading up to the tree house. He watched his handsome bear drive up on his John Deere, grinning wildly.

“Well hello there, handsome.” Brock’s bottomless green eyes locked in on Cory. Beaming, he let them stray down and back up again. “It looks like we had the same idea this morning.”

Cory slid his index finger across his neck, signaling for Brock to kill the tractor.

As Brock turned the key, Cory climbed up, threw one leg over Brock’s, and straddled his partner. “There’s one slight difference. You’re still wearing your jockstrap. Mine is on the floor beside the bed.”

Brock chuckled and pointed. “Actually, I am wearing yours.” His finger tapped the letters C.K. scrawled on the waist band. “See? Cory King.”

Cory’s cock twitched at the sight of Brock wearing his underwear. “Yes, I see that now. Bad bad boy, Brock Jeffries. You should be wearing the ones that say B.J. on them.” 

Cory pressed his ripped abs against Brock, their hairy chests meshed together.

“And what’s this?” Cory wiggled his ass on Brock’s apparent erection. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’re as excited as I am.”

Cory pressed harder into Brock, making their brawn one mass of furry muscle. Brock nipped at Cory’s lip and breathed his words into his lover’s eager mouth. “Are you ready for a treat?” Brock tugged at the lip with his teeth as Cory groaned his excitement.

Brock released Cory’s lip and continued to explore, trailing saliva down Cory’s neck with his tongue and leaving it to cool in the morning breeze. Applying just a touch of pressure, Brock pushed Cory backward until he was pinned against the steering wheel.

Unable to control his whimper, Cory squirmed as Brock’s thick fingers pinched his nipples, causing his cock to throb as if there were an invisible string from one to the other. He let his head fall back and rest against the steering wheel.

“Uh uh. No, you don’t.” Brock demanded.

Bracing the back of Cory’s head with one hand, Brock pulled his lover back up as he guided Cory’s attention. “Your treat is down there.”

Cory scooted back on Brock’s legs to straddle his knees, getting a little closer to the tasty cock he had let violate his mouth just the night before.

Enthusiasm soared and breaths grew heavy. Cory slipped both hands under the waistband of the only thing between him and his meaty pleasure. He pulled out and down, skillfully peeling the jockstrap over the hard throbbing flesh that was so eager to break free from the confines of that white cotton pouch.

Cory felt his asshole clench the instant he saw the shimmering reflections glint from the sterling silver. “You’re wearing the Cock Halo Set. You sly devil!”

Cory watched a wicked grin slip over Brock’s attractive, yet stubbly, face. Brock didn’t say a word. He simply raised a brow and gave his infamous look that spoke for itself. It’s all yours, baby.

Sliding to his knees, Cory took Brock’s prick, laden with precious metal, and licked his way down one side and back up the other. Letting his tongue glide over the smooth rings, he enjoyed the way the metal cooled his hot tongue.

Once Brock’s hard cock was slick with spit, Cory stood and turned. Brock’s hand landed heavy across Cory’s ass, stinging and leaving a much wanted heat.

“Yes! Own my ass like I’m going to own that cock.”

The next thing Cory knew, Brock had slicked his fingers with spit and now his asshole was being prepped, thick fingers plunging in and out. Each probe harder, deeper.


“Unghh!” Cory was caught off guard with another slap, this time on the other ass cheek. Pleasure shot through every nerve ending, making pre-cum leak from the mushroomed head of his dick.

“So gosh darn pretty. C’mere.” Brock gripped Cory’s hips, his grip strong yet tender as he pulled Cory down to his cock. “That’s it. Relax your ass.”

An intense heat pressed against Cory’s asshole, more pre-cum oozing from his prick, stringing to the floorboard between his legs. Cory’s groans intensified as he eased onto the hot flesh of his lover, the metal ring slightly cooler than the flesh as it passed the tight ring of muscle guarding Cory’s ass.

Brock’s fingers pressed at Cory’s lips. “Spit if you want this ride to go smoother.”

Cory worked the thick fingers around in his mouth, letting his saliva run freely into Brock’s hand.

“Oh yes. Plenty of lube.” Cory instinctively arched his back when Brock pressed it with one hand. “You’re gonna ride like a new Chevy once I get all slicked up.”

With the first two inches still in his ass, Cory felt Brock’s hand slather the rest of his shaft.

“Bring it on back, babe.”

“Fuck this nice shit.” Cory proclaimed.

Without hesitation, Cory impaled himself onto the thick meaty shaft, taking in the remaining six and a half beefy inches his partner had for him.

“Oh! Fuck yes! Yes!” Cory wasn’t sure who said what, but that’s what he heard.

Cory’s back arched into Brock’s wide chest, the soft hair tickling his sensitized skin as he took in as much cock as he could get. “Oh yeah, there it is.” Cory felt the second cock ring at the base of Brock’s pulsing cock.

“Yep. You have it all right there in that tight ass of yours.” Brock gave a teasing thrust followed by a tortured grunt.

“You own my ass, and I own that big thick cock of yours.” Cory rode harder, reaching back over his shoulder to grip Brock’s neck, his hips gyrating. 

“Take that cock. Yeah, you’re gonna make me cum. I’m …I’m cumming.” Brock’s words deep and breathy in Cory’s ear.

With each pulsing release of hot semen deep in his ass, Cory matched with his own creamy load. Ropes of cum landed across their legs, dripped from the steering wheel, and collected at the base of the gearshift.

Cory swiped some of the milky substance from his leg with his finger, shifted to the side, careful of Brock’s still-rigid shaft inside him. Feeding Brock his spunky load, Cory smiled as he pressed a kiss to Brock’s parted lips.

“Good morning.”
~the end~

Mmm-hmm…gotta love them farm boys. You can get me on a John any day. Ermm…John Deere…yeah…that’s what I meant *Ahem*. So, let’s just move right along. What d’ya say? I’m curious and wanna know what the rest of my Story Orgy family came up with this week. Aren’t you? C’mon. Don’t be shy. Just follow me - Click

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Story Orgy Monday - Pedagogy of Affairs

My goodness! It’s hot and steamy here in Texas. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I sure could use a dip in the pool. But, before I do that, I would like to share a little information to help stimulate those dendrites. It is Monday after all. So, we’ll just begin with a tidbit on the definition of pedagogy. Does anyone know? Don’t be shy. Wow…it looks like most of you know. Okay. I’ll only tell those of you who don’t already know.

Pedagogy \ˈpe-də-ˌgō-jē also -ˌgä-, especially British -ˌgä-gē\, according to Merriam-Webster (2011), is a noun; and, can be defined simply as the art, science, or profession of teaching (Merriam-Webster, 2011).

Interesting, huh? Who would’ve thought? Okay…okay. You may be wondering why I’m telling you all this. Well, it just so happens to be part of a story for this week’s Story Orgy (SO) prompt. Yep. That’s right. I found it quite fitting for my story title, Pedagogy of Affairs.

Before time slips away and my tired little brain forgets to share the terrific news, I would like each of you to mark this on your calendars. Save the link in your favorites. I’m so very excited for SO’s very own Hank Edwards. He has a new release, “Plus Ones” at midnight on Tuesday, June 14th! Whooo Hooo! Check it out! The link is .

Story Orgy wrote prompts this week using the words Teacher, Grocery Store, and Moped. Rest assured that each of my fellow orgiasts had very different ideas on how to use these terms in their stories. Are you ready to find out how I used them? Great! You go right on ahead. I’m going to be right down there *glances down at the juicy picture* checking out the candy man…ermm…man candy. Dammit! I mean EYE candy. See how easily I get distracted? We can thank Story Orgy’s illustration extraordinaire for that *grins wildly*. 

Pedagogy of Affairs

“Is an hour long enough for you to make your trip to the grocery store?” Adam sat on his moped in front of his house, flipping through his smartphone. “I understand. Not a problem. I’ll see you later today then.”

“Talking to yourself again, Mr. Sanger?”

Adam glanced over his shoulder at his neighbor before he pointed to his bluetooth, slipped his phone into his pocket, and swung his leg over the scooter to stand. “Piano lessons this afternoon. I’m just coordinating my day, like any good teacher would.”

Kicking the peg down, Adam propped the scooter on its stand. He turned and squinted into the sunshine to see his dark-haired neighbor, Daniel Salazar, standing just a few feet away, wearing nothing but a bright blue pair of Speedos.

Daniel took two more steps, his hands on his hips, smiling like he’d just won the Nobel Prize. “Adam, I tell you what. It can’t be any later than 9 o’clock in the morning. And you don’t have to give the piano lesson until this afternoon. Why don’t you come over to my place? We can swim and relax by the pool.”

Adam almost choked on the lump that formed in his throat. Fidgeting with his moped keys, beads of sweat popping out all over his forehead, Adam fumbled over his own words. “I really should take care of some other things since I have the time.”

“What’s wrong? You act like you seen a ghost.” Daniel gripped Adam’s shoulder.

With a single squeeze of Daniel’s hand, Adam’s apprehension gave way to fervor.

A feeling of reassurance took over as Adam’s thoughts and body synced in harmonious accord. The rousing deep inside his core seemed to dance on every nerve ending, his embarrassment vanished. “I never learned how to swim. I’m scared of the water.”

“And I can’t play the piano.” A comforting smile washed over Daniel’s face and he held out his free hand. “I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll give you swimming lessons and you can teach me to play piano.”

 “You know what, Daniel?” Adam shook Daniel’s hand to seal the deal. “Just give me a few minutes to change and I’ll be right over.”

Daniel’s finger crooked in the direction of his house. “Just use side gate. I’ll be out back.”


Adam opened the rear gate, careful to keep to the patio stones leading toward the pool area. The sun sparkled off the clear blue water, but what captivated him was the sleek body slipping through the calm surface.

Cautiously approaching the edge of the pool, trying not to look even half as nervous as he was, Adam dipped his foot into the water. “You look like you belong in there. Like a dolphin.”

Daniel’s lustrous white teeth contrasted greatly against his glistening tanned body as he chuckled. “I must admit. I feel like a dolphin sometimes too. Come on in. The water feels great.”

“I think I’ll just sit here for a little bit.” Adam eased down on the edge and let his legs dangle in the water, avoiding eye contact as much as possible.

Adam could see Daniel gliding slowly through the water. He felt Daniel’s stare like lasers burning into his skin. Even though only a few seconds had passed, it felt like an eternity. Then Adam felt the slight rise and fall water slapping against his legs, providing evidence that Daniel was near. 

“Adam? Hey, I’m right here. It’s okay.” Daniel’s cool wet hand on Adam’s thigh was as soothing as his voice.  

Adam looked down into Daniel’s tempting hazel eyes and just knew he would melt on the spot. “It’s that obvious, huh?”

“You’re fine, Adam. Wait till I sit at the piano.” Daniel flashed a genuine smile and a reassuring wink, then nodded to the other end of the pool. “Come on. Meet me in the shallow end on the steps.”

Daniel sank below the surface of the water and took off like torpedo.

“Simply amazing.” Adam rose, then went to the steps. He watched Daniel break the top of the water with hardly a splash. The butterflies in Adam’s stomach took flight, but whether it was the man or the water, Adam couldn’t tell.

Daniel sat on the top step and let the pool swallow him from the waist down. Grabbing the bottle of baby oil from the concrete ledge, he continued to coerce Adam into the water. “Sit. You have to get use to the water before I can even think about teaching you to swim.”

Adam took one step into the pool and then another. He sat next to Daniel, once again almost choking on the lump swelling in his throat.

“Baby oil?” Daniel let the bottle float on the water as he slathered a handful onto his shoulders.

“So, that’s how you get so tanned.” Feeling a little more at ease, Adam added a thin layer of his own.
“Let the water be your friend. There’s nothing to worry about. We have plenty of time.” Daniel’s confidence was apparent in more ways than one as his hand skillfully met Adam’s. “Let me help you with that.”

Uneasiness quickly turned into desire and Adam’s icy fear gave way to warm relief, making him feel like melting butter. With each smoothing stroke of Daniel’s hand, Adam felt the stirring in his swim trunks. Adam knew he was out of his comfort zone. And he liked it.  

“Mmmm. That’s nice.” Adam’s throaty groan escaped him without warning. Oh shit, he thought.

Much to Adam’s surprise, Daniel eased his hand even further down Adam’s side, gliding across the tender skin just under his arms. “See? The water’s not so bad.”

Yes, I can get used to this. Adam let his ass slip down to the next step and leaned back, the sun heating his oily skin.

Daniel supported Adam’s head with one hand. Adam’s face was barely out of the water.

Adam felt the sun disappear from his face and he opened his eyes, Daniel’s face merely an inch away. 
Moments before, the smell of chlorine was conjured fear. It now inspired fantasy.

Daniel’s lips met Adam’s and the inkling of control Adam had disappeared. He was enslaved by the intoxicating combination of heat, baby oil, and raging hormones.

Adam knew there was no fighting the bracing authority Daniel held over him, and had no thought of protesting when Daniel coaxed him around face to face. Slipping and sliding across tone bodies, their hands peeled away one another’s only clothing, swimming trunks and Speedos.

Body heat mingled with the coolness of the pool water swirling around them. Adam found himself no longer blinded by the sun, but instead by the infatuation he found in Daniel’s persuasive eyes, passionate touch, and pining lips.    

With one swift lift, Adam was limp and trusting in Daniel’s strong arms as he was carried up the steps of the pool and laid gently on a towel a few feet away.

Adam cupped Daniel’s strong jaw line with both hands and peered wantonly into his teacher’s eyes.

He saw a matching understanding to his own desire there.

Yes. We have plenty of time.

~the end~

Damn the luck! There’s nothing like relaxing at poolside. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I’m thinking there’ll be a lot of knowledge in these boys’ futures; and, I intend on being there for every single lesson. Guess what? You’re invited! So, come back frequently for prospective installments of Pedagogy of Affairs.

We can’t stop now. There are four more blogs to see. It’s time to see what my fellow orgiasts came up with for their prompt terms. C’mon, jump on over using the convenient links below. Pssssst. It’s kind of like sneaking in through the back door J .

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Story Orgy Monday - Abiding Love

Time just flew by this week, didn’t it? And it’s already mid-year too! Good thing Story Orgy is here to keep you company and smooth over those rough edges life sometimes hands us *grin*.

This week’s prompt includes the selected terms Nurse, Movie Theater, and Lamppost. Are you ready to see what kind of story I came up with? Well, this week is a bit more romance…I hope you like the sentiment.

Special thanks to Jade Basier for the visual goodness she discovered this week. Mmmmm. Pssst…don’t forget to follow the links at the end of my story. They lead to more Story Orgy goodness.

Abiding Love

“My shift is over at seven. Meet me here and we’ll go straight to the movie theater.” The backside of Jeremy’s hand softly brushed Jonathan’s right cheek while he gazed into his husband’s eyes.

Jeremy couldn’t help but notice Jonathan’s eyes shift to the sinking sun outside the hospital window as he stumbled through his reply. “Yeah, Jeremy, about that…I promised Eric I would cover his shift so he could visit with his ailing grandmother.” 

“But, Jonathan, it’s our-”

Jonathan immediately pressed his index finger to Jeremy’s lips. “Shhhhh. I know, I know.”

Jonathan Kemp to OR. Nurse Kemp to OR.

“Damn it, Jon!” Jeremy’s irritation was accented by the inflection in his voice.

“I gotta go. I’ll meet you in the lounge after the liver biopsy, okay?” Jonathan pressed a soft kiss to Jeremy’s lips before turning away.

“I’ll show him.” Jeremy whispered as he watched Jonathan rush off.


 “Suzie, do you still have that movie in the nurse’s lounge?” Jeremy leaned on the counter, giving his best shot at looking innocent.  

“Which one?” Suzie’s curiosity shined in the big blue eyes staring back at him.

“You know...the love story? Beautiful Thing, I think is the name.” Jeremy’s pen tapped his upper lip.

 “Yeah, I have it in my locker. Why? You want to watch it?” Suzie’s eyes glanced up at Jeremy through her lashes. “Help yourself.” She nodded toward her bungee-bound key and smiled. “You know where my locker is.”

“Great! Thanks, sweetie. You’re a doll.” Jeremy kissed Suzie on the cheek and snatched up the key. “I’ll bring it right back.”

Jeremy strolled down the corridor in deep thought. He is always so selfless. It’s no wonder I-

“Hi, Breshears.” Hearing his last name broke the trance Jeremy was in.

“Hello, Dr. Prichard.” Jeremy’s heart pounded in his chest. Oh, God. I hope he doesn’t ask me to work more hours.

Dr. Prichard passed by and Jeremy fist-pumped the air. Yes!

Jeremy ducked into the break room and grabbed the DVD from Suzie’s locker and made his way back to the nurse’s station. “Thanks again, Suzie.” Jeremy laid the key next to the patient’s chart she was writing in. “I’ll return it as soon as I’m done.”

Glancing at his watch, Jeremy skipped a step into a playful trot down the hallway. Entering the nurse’s lounge, he stopped and took in the surroundings. Tapping the DVD case on his leg, ideas flooded Jeremy’s mind. “Aha!”

Jeremy rushed to rearrange the lounge. He aligned the sofas, tables and chairs like theater seating and wheeled the TV cart to the front. He couldn’t keep the grin off his face, even though he was certain he looked like the proverbial fool in love. This is going to be great.

“Popcorn!” Jeremy clapped his hands once. Shuffling toward the door, he scooted the standing lamp next to the light switch and headed for the lobby of the hospital. He bought popcorn from the vendor, Milk Duds from the gift shop, and two Cokes from the break room then returned to the lounge.

A quick look at his watch and he knew he was cutting it close. But this had to be perfect. Just like when we first met. Jeremy loaded the DVD player, turned off the overhead lights, and waited patiently by the lamp.

A few moments later, the door opened and Jonathan walked into the dimly lit room. “What the hell?”

Jeremy slipped out into the glow of the lamp, gently wrapped a hand around Jon’s arm and pulled him closer under the radiant light.

“My handsome man.” Jeremy extended his free hand, loosely gripping the lamp post, following its length with his fingers. “Remember the lamppost where we first met?” He swept his arm to encompass the room. “And the movie theater for our first date?”

“Jeremy, you are so thoughtful. I love you very much.” Jonathan spoke softly, holding back the tears welling up in his eyes. “Of course I remember. You’ve always been my romantic lover boy. And four years later, it just gets better and better.”

Jeremy’s mouth parted slightly as he leaned into Jon. Their lips locked with an intense heat and breathy sighs filled the room.

Jeremy broke the kiss, hovering close enough to share a breath. “It’s show time.”

Jonathan twined his fingers into Jeremy’s under the dim light, just has he done on their first date in front of their hometown movie house.

Leading Jon to the first row, Jeremy sat, then stretched to push play on the entertainment center. He snagged the small table holding their drinks and snacks with his foot, pulling it close. He snuggled in close to his dearest love and cherished friend.

Jeremy sucked the popcorn into his mouth, licking at Jon’s fingers, promising a treat of his own later. The flare of desire in his lover’s pale blue eyes ensured him that Jon got the message. “Happy anniversary, my dearest love.”

~The End~

Awww…how sweet? Jonathan is so selfless and Jeremy understands. Those are some special boys. They deserve a movie treat and much much more. I wonder what happens when they get home…Well, we’ll just have to find out sometime, won’t we?

But, first we have to see what the rest of Story Orgy has been up to. C’mon…follow me.