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Story Orgy Anniversary - Craving Caven

Good morning, Story Orgy enthusiasts! Before you get too confused, you read right. The story today is Craving Caven, a very special compilation of prompt installments by the entire Story Orgy family. 
I will resume with part five of Even Steven next week. we go. This is how it will work.

On January 30th, starting at 6am, each Story Orgy writer will post a segment of the story...times are below:

6am:  JR
9am: Em
Noon: Hank
3pm: Havan
6pm: Lee

Here's what you do. You go to your nearest Story Orgy Blog. In know, right? I said it. STORY ORGY BLOG. Go it. You'll be glad you did. You can win some Story Orgy goodies too! Look for my "BIG HINT" once you get there. Now click...c'mon *grin* 

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Story Orgy Monday_Even Steven part 4

Happy Monday, everybody! I hope this morning found you safe and well. Story Orgy is here to make sure you get your week started off right. 

But first, it's time for your weekly Story Orgy tidbits: 

Tidbit #1:
The Story Orgy Goddess, brilliant writer and my amazing muse, Em Woods, is part of a scorching anthology titled His Hero, available from Total E-Bound. You'll be glad you did. Her story, "Only Sam," is about a firefighter; and things get really heated up when he meets the owner of a restaurant. Can you say man in uniform...erm...toting a hose? Mmm... okay, moving right along. 

Tidbit #2:
Your Story Orgy writers are up for an award and we need your help! We'd just love it if you would show your support and click on over to Dawn Roberto's reading nook and vote for our Breathless Press anthology, Word Play in the LRC Loop's Best of 2011 Contest!

Tidbit #3:
And did you make your way over to Breathless Press to download Lee Brazil's most recent tale, The Librarian? It was released on January 6th. Click here to get it now. You know what I always say – You'll be glad you did!

Tidbit #4:
I saved this tidbit for last. I want you to pay very close attention. Don't come to me next week saying I didn't tell you so. So, listen up *ahem*. Next week, your Story Orgy writers have something very special planned. We don't want to just spend the morning with you; we want to spend the whole DAY with you! Why? Well, let's just say it has something to do with our very first posts as a group. Think you know what it is? You'll want to check in right here on my site first thing next Monday morning to find out, and that's all you're going to get from me.

And once again, our exquisite beauty this week was contributed Story Orgy's very own by Jade Baiser. Pssst...I call her my princess *wiggles eyebrows*. 

Alrighty! Whew! I think we managed to make it through all the good news and special announcements. I sure hope I didn't forget anything. Okay, on with the post. As you know, I alternate between long and short. Well, this week is a full length for me! Wait, did I say that right? Drop me a comment and let me know if you need any clarification. 

And this week's Story Orgy prompt is: Something has been mail ordered and is going to be delivered today...what is it? what is it for? What happens? 

Are you ready to see where the story goes with this? Remember, last week was a shorty. Feel free to go back and read it if you need to *wink* 

Even Steven part 4 

Steven saw his brother through the window of the coffee shop as he slammed on his brakes and laid on his horn. "I know that backpack anywhere."

"Where? I don't see him!" Braden's voice cracked with his excitement.

"Right there." Steven pointed. "Behind that tacky yellow paint that reads, A whole lot o' coffee pot."

"Ah. He must've heard you. Here he comes and he's running. Antonio's right behind him."

"Son of a bitch. What a fucking night." Steven rested his foot half on the brake pedal and half on the gas.

Danny jerked the rear car door open and dove into the back seat. “Go, go, go!”

Steven took off so fast the door slammed shut. Braden rolled down his window and yelled, "Fuck off, prick!"

"You tell him, baby." Steven couldn’t help but smile.

It didn't take long for Danny to chime in from the back seat. "Tell him hell. Get as far away from that psycho fucker as possible. You know that bastard said he's going to kill us all?"

"Just fuckin' great! Happy fuckin' New Ye-" Steven gripped the steering wheel harder.

"Steven, just calm down. We can call the cops or something." Braden's attempt at rational thinking was quickly shot down.

"Yeah, about that. He said you don't wanna do that. He supposedly has somebody you care about, Steven." Danny's voice teetered on the edge of concern being pissed off.

"Hostage?" Steven spoke to Danny's eyes framed in the rearview mirror.

"That's what he said." Danny spoke back.

"Who the fuck could he possibly have?” Steven slapped the steering wheel with the heel of his hand. "Okay. First things first. I'm taking you home, Danny. Don't tell mom or dad anything about this. I don't want them to worry."

"Don't worry? How am I supposed to–"

Danny's words stopped short when Steven narrowed his eyes and glared at him in the rear view mirror. Shaking his head and tossing his hands in the air, Danny mumbled, "Whatever. You’re the one that’s gonna be in an assload of trouble."

"C'mon, guys. Now's not the time for a sibling fall out. And, Danny, it would be a good idea if you kept your phone handy. Now, are there any more clues Antonio may have dropped while he was harassing you?" Braden slapped the dashboard as he looked over his shoulder.

"Actually, he did mention something weird. He said that Steven must keep his promise, or else."

"Or else what?" Steven peered into the mirror again.

"Well, that was when he said he's gonna kill us all."

"Like hell he is." Braden's words were clipped, unforgiving.

Steven drew a deep breath, remembering the text message USPS he'd received the day before. He still hadn't made it by his parents' place to pick up his package. "Hey, Danny. We're almost home. Do me a favor when we get there. Run inside for me? There should be package for me on the console table by the front door."

"Sure thing."

Steven turned the radio on low, trying to find some sort of distraction. If only for a few minutes. Braden and Danny didn't seem to mind the peace either. After several stop lights and a few turns with no sign of Antonio, Steven reached his parents' house. He turned his lights off and pulled into the drive. The sun was kissing the horizon in the distance, giving hope to a new day. Steven put the car in park and waited as Danny ran inside.

Danny didn't waste any time inside. Their parents had been putting their deliveries in the same place since the boys were old enough to get mail. He jogged toward the car, stopping short several feet. With a swift under throw, Danny sent the package spiraling through the air and Steven caught the small box through the window with ease.

Steven nodded his appreciation and put his car in reverse. "Thanks, bro."

Danny pointed at him, worry aging his youthful face by ten years at least, "Be careful." Then he turned and trotted back to the house, his shoulders hunched.

Steven turned to Braden and flashed an optimistic smile, putting his arm across the back of the seat – across Braden’s broad shoulders. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the regular way anyone would back up their car. While he was busy thinking, busy plotting how to steal another kiss, busy trying not to think of Antonio…Braden did it for him. All in one move.

Steven's knee locked as his foot pressed hard against the brakes, jerking the car to a stop. His breath was stolen by Braden's full lips, a perfect fit for Steven's eager mouth. All reserve was lost at that very moment. Steven knew he had to do what was necessary. And from the look in Braden's eyes as they parted, Steven could tell he knew it too. He put the car in park right then and there.

Stopped half in the driveway and half in the street, Steven white-knuckled the steering wheel. "Braden?"


Steven felt as though Braden's eyes could see right through him. All the way to his very soul. He swallowed hard, trying to force the lump from his throat. "This is serious stuff. And I completely understand if you–"

"What? Just tell me, Steven. What's wrong?"

Steven turned and cupped Braden's cheek, peering deep into his adoring eyes. "Nothing's wrong. Not a single thing." With the tick-tock of Antonio’s threat in the back of his mind, he realized he had to get moving. “Braden, I have something for you and I want to give it to you now. I wanted to give it to you on Valentine's Day, but I figured you could use a little pick me up right about now. You know, with my drama and all."

Braden's cheeks turned four shades of red. An interesting contrast against the backdrop made up of the paleness of the streetlight and the graduating warmth that spread out across the morning sky, Steven thought. He took Braden's hand, placed the box in the palm and looked deeply into his eyes. "I don't know if you have this one or not. I don't think you do. I can always exchange it. It's the one–"

Braden pressed his finger to Steven's lips. "Shh. You're doing that rambling thing again." His smile was no surprise. Steven has always gotten nervous during special moments. If Braden never said anything back in elementary school, Steven might not have ever known Braden liked him too. That's when they decided to be best friends for life.

Steven noticed that the sky was getting lighter as the rising sun brought on the new day. "Well, are you going to open it?"

Braden flashed a wide smile and tore into shipping box, only to have a smaller box slide out. Steven read Braden's lips as he read the box to himself. Old Timer.

"A new knife for my collection. Thanks, Steven!" Braden slid the new knife from the box and rubbed it with his thumb. "And it's one I don't have yet!"

"Yes!" Steven fist pumped the air in triumph. "You have so many. I didn't know if you had that one or not."

Braden grasped Steven’s shoulder, giving it a little squeeze. "You're amazing. I couldn't ask for a better friend."

Steven tilted his head, pinning Braden's hand to his shoulder. "That's just it. We have been friends for a long time. I know we've played and kissed; but, I love you, Braden."

"Steven, I–"

Steven straightened his head and put his finger to Braden's lips. "It's my turn this time."

Braden closed his eyes and gave slight a nod.

Steven drew a deep breath and blurted his thoughts. "I have been planning to talk with you on Valentine's Day. But, that seems so far away all of a sudden. Antonio's bullshit has really got me thinking. I want more than just your friendship."

"I get the point, Steven." Braden's seriousness faded away as his smile broke the tension. "I've been thinking the same thing, but didn't want to risk ruining our friendship."

"Nothing could tear you away from me, Braden. Nothing."

Braden's lips locked with Steven's and they shared the same breath for what seemed like an eternity. But, given the way Steven felt at that moment, eternity wouldn't even be long enough.


"You're still parked in the middle of the street!" Braden nearly busted a gut he laughed so hard.

"I think we may have a pissed off hamster on our hands." Steven chuckled and pulled the car back up into the drive so that the other car could pass.

Once the car stopped, Braden planted a kiss on the side of Steven's face and lightly slapped his thigh. "Let's go find Antonio and get your friend back. What d'ya say?"

Steven glanced at the sun as it peeked over the roof of his parents' house. "I think I know just where to start."

Steven shifted the car into reverse and eased out into the street again.


Sheesh! Those boys are having one helluva night. I hope they get some sleep soon. Now, let's go see what the other SO writer's came up with for their prompt this week. I don't mind going with you. Just follow me...and don't forget to meet me where next week?



First thing in the morning! *chuckles*

Now, let's go see the others... Click

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Story Orgy Monday_Even Steven part 3

Don't blink too slowly. Time is flying and I wouldn't want you to miss all the goodies that 2012 has in store for you. Happy Story Orgy Monday and MLK Jr. Day!

Before we get to my Hook Up for the week, I wanted to let you know about my muse's new release. Em Woods is featured in the anthology His Hero. So, stop by and check out Em's featured hotties in Only Sam. And while you're at it, hop on by and vote for Story Orgy's anthology Word Play. Dawn's Reading Nook will take real good care of you and Story Orgy appreciates your votes.   

And now, for part three of Even Steven. Remember, it's a short one this week *snickers*. Next week I'll let you have a longer one *stifles laughter*. However, look at that fine specimen of yumminess Jade Basier selected for this week's prompt *points down*. Do you see that...erm...I mean him? *sigh* Look at that smile...

Even Steven part 3

Steven glanced at the angry scowl marring Braden's face. Even as a kid he had been slow to anger, but heaven forbid when his fuse got lit. Like the mother of bad timing, Steven’s phone vibrated and he rolled his eyes. When he saw it was his little brother, his concern shifted from their predicament to Danny. "Whassup?"

Steven's stomach turned at Danny’s hurried whispers. He assured his brother they were on their way and hung up as the door flew open. Nora's husband stood towering over them, sawed-off shotgun in hand. Nora cowered behind him, eyes full of fear, tears streaming down her face.

"Nora, you okay?" Steven slid his phone back in his pocket. He unclenched his fists, stamping down the fury in his gut.

Nora nodded, turning away.

I don’t have time for this.

"Don," Steven slapped his palm flat to Braden's chest then began pushing him away from the house. "We're leaving. No trouble, okay?"

"Yeah. We're gone." Braden's hands were in the air.

Once Steven got the car up the road a ways, Braden broke the silence in the car. "That motherfucker has some nerve!"

"We don't have time to fuck with him right now. We've gotta get to Danny."

"Why?" Braden asked.

"He's at that 24-hr coffee shop pulling an all-nighter, before exams. He said some guy is watching him."

"What the fuck?"

"Yeah. And Danny said he's built like a brick shit house."


"Yup." Steven's foot lay heavier on the gas pedal.

What a freaking psycho town! Are they experimenting with the water or something? Sheesh! Okay, we should learn more next week. For now, let's go check on the other Story Orgy writers. You'll be glad you did. C'mon! We can go together...Click...

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The Sexy that is M/M Espionage...

With Guest... 
Remmy Duchene  

Before I get into my thang, I want to thank JR for having me here today. I won't promise to be good but I will promise to be very good *wiggles brows suggestively*

For most of you who have been reading my work since the release of ALL HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS with Red Rose Publishing, you would know that I love writing things that challenge me.  Sure, it's not for everyone to write but I do try and put a little of me, a little of my personality, hang ups and the like into the work I write. I adore my M/M couples and even though I cannot pick my favorite, I love the way each and everyone of them grow.  The couple I am creating for FIRST SON will be the first of the sort for me and it is a little terrifying but too exciting to pass up!

SPYS! We love them, we are drawn in by them. We love them when they can't remember who they are, when they're dressed up in beautiful suits and infiltrating post societies and organizations. We love them because they carry big guns, drive fast cars, speak different languages and have a suave feel to them. There's no saying that all the CIA agents and the M5 agents along with the CSIS and all the other spy agencies in the world are all straight. I mean, what fun would that be? I mean all those big, sexy, burly men being straight? Oh boo to that! In my head, a good fifty percent of them are gay and I am going to have SOO much fun with that in my new series KING COBRAS.  

Our gay men are classy, sexy and they are bad ass! Why not have fun with that? Why not celebrate that? Why not give 'em so kick ass gear, top military clearance and let them loose in the jungle with beautiful waterfalls and deadly creatures? Why not grab your camera and have a little fun with it?

The first male lead in my KING COBRA series is Luke "Prime" Draven in the story First Son. The espionage in this story will have some familiar themes--the hot, sexy, brooding male lead who is so absolutely flawed in, perhaps, every way imaginable but morally.  In this story Luke is the retired Commanding Officer of a covert Marine group dubbed KING COBRAS. Why King Cobras? Well, the Cobra is the meanest, baddest, toughess hombre in the snake pond. They're long, venemous and oh so creepy lookin'.  Only Captain Luke Draven isn't nearly as bad to look at but twice as deadly. 

The trouble comes when Luke is called upon--or rather his team is called upon to go and rescue the Prime Minister's son from a Communist island called Biru.  The son, Chad McMillan is a little bit of a flake, a male version of Paris Hilton who has way too much money and not half the brain the good lord gave a rat.  So this punk, picks up himself, takes off to Biru and goes missing.  The PM cannot very well send a real marine group because well...that's tax payer's money and they are tired of footing the bill for Chad's screw ups. Papa PM is up for re-election so his son's little escapade couldn't have come at a worse time.  To keep his son's latest brainfart out of the public, they called in the King Cobras.
Luke hates the idea from jump--and somehow (I haven't figured it out how yet) they will talk him and his team into taking the mission...well they will talk him into taking the mission and his team will go where ever their fearless leader goes.  

Sure these guys won't have any cool gadgets like the grand spy himself Mr. Inspector Gadget. But he will have some big guns (other than the obvious) and he will have a few small pieces of technology and grand know-how to service Chad and the jungle as well as the lunatics after them.  There will be no high-speed car chases but there will be other chases, maybe some explosions -- of the deadly kind and the sexy kind.   

And now for some shameless plugs!!

Pillow Talk (A M/M free Read) -

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Story Orgy Monday_Even Steven part 2

Man oh man! If these Mondays come at me any faster, I'm going to have to run an ad for a personal assistant. Okay, I'm going to give it to you quick. There are two things I want to share and we'll get on with Even Steven.

First, you know that handsome and talented Lee Brazil? Pfft...of course you do! Well, he had a new release this past Friday and it's a must read. Stop by Breathless Press and snatch you up a copy! I've even made it easy for you. Just click the books title - The Librarian

Second, there's this rumor that Story Orgy is celebrating their One Year Anniversary this month. Sheesh! Can you believe that? A whole year already! Well, the rumor that SO has a special treat for our readers TRUE! Starting at 6am on January 30, one member of Story Orgy will post a prompt. And every two hours another member will post. You're gonna love it! Stay tuned for more information!

Now, to find out what happens this week in Even Steven part 2. The prompt this week is "I think you broke it." And check out that hunk Jade Basier shared with us for inspiration. Mmm-mmm-MMM...

Even Steven part 2

Steven's right hand ached from the impact on Antonio's jawbone; but, there was no remorse. Nope. Not this time. And his need for Braden was the only force that was driving his actions. At that moment, Steven just wanted away from Antonio's grimy paws.  

Another solid hit and Steven felt triumph and the warmth of Antonio's blood trickling down his arm; cooling as it dried, alerting his senses. Another warm drop and Steven's eyes focused on the source...the trail of blood leading from Antonio's caddywhompus nose down to his upper lip. 

"I think you broke it." 

Antonio's gusto was all played out. He looked around as if he was confused. Dazed and confused perhaps. Steven gave a final swing as he struggled free of Antonio's fist clenching tightly around his throat, managing to let loose a raspy, "Bra-den."

Steven ran back up the drive and into the corridor of the spirited home. With balled hands, he walked briskly through the crowd, stepping over people and around them, searching for his comrade. Every-so-often, someone would point. As if signaling a recent path Braden may have taken. 

Finally, Steven tracked him down. And not a moment too soon. Steven reckoned that the sudden commotion in the other room was no coincidence. Antonio must have been hot on his trail. 

Steven grabbed Braden by his upper arm and started walking. "Braden, there's no time to explain, but that big guy who handed you that note to give me? That was Antonio!" 

"Little scrawny Antonio?" Braden's face scrunched in his confusion. 

"Yes! He's just not so scrawny anymore. And I may have broken his nose." 

"You what!?" Braden's pace quickened, keeping up with Steven. 

"Just come on!"
"You're mine, Steven. You can't hide from me!" Antonio must've gained some ground while Steven and Braden talked because Antonio's voice came from only a few feet behind them. 

"Run! Run like hell!" Steven shouted as he dashed out the back door, around the house toward the front. Frantically pulling at his keys in his pocket, Steven yelled, "Are you back there, Braden?" 

"I'm right behind you. Just go!" 

Steven ripped his keys from his pocket. He cursed as his keychain snagged. He had no time to piddle with the damn thing. He bleeped his car alarm and hopped in. Braden was in the passenger seat within seconds. 

"Here he comes! Go! Go!" Braden yelled. 

 Steven already had the car started. He slammed it in drive and took off, spinning his wheels and leaving Antonio in a cloud of white smoke.  

"What the fuck, Steven. How in the hell did he get so big? So quick?" 

"I know! I'm not sure, but he's not just bigger than before. He's meaner too." Steven's eyes shifted from rearview mirror to the road several times. "He got out of prison much too fast. He must've been working out in his cell the whole time. He's built like a brick house." 

Braden shook his head in disbelief. "I didn't even recognize him. Do you think he's wanting revenge for you testifying against him?"

"I'm almost certain of it. That bastard deserved it though. He should have never laid a hand on me. The possessive conniving control freak!" Fear and anger warred in his gut. What the hell was he going to do now?

 "Where are we going to go?" 

"Nora DeSare's of course. As long as her husband lets us in." 

Braden chuckled. "Why wouldn't he? You and Nora have been friends since kindergarten." 

"Yeah, but he gets jealous at times." Steven turned the corner, barely slowing down. 

Braden grabbed hold of the dashboard and leaned into the turn. "You could slow down a little, you know?" 

"Nope. Not with that psycho on the loose. I'm not taking any chances." 

Steven welcomed the hand that covered his knee. The warmth was a soothing relief to the chilled uneasy nerves just beneath Braden's hand. 

"You know? I will never forget how you helped me though my first ordeal with Antonio, Braden." Steven covered Braden's hand with his then cast an admiring glance. 

"I wouldn't have it any other way, my friend. No other way." Braden's sincere smile was full of tenderness. 

"Maybe that's why we make such good friends."  

"Now's not the time to get all schmaltzy on me. We are trying to outrun the Incredible Hulk, remember?" Braden slid his hand out from under Steven's and lightly squeezed the inside of his thigh.

"I realize I just got a blowjob, but if you keep that up I won't be able to guarantee what happens next." 

"Oh! Is that a threat?" Braden's fun-loving persona lightened the mood a little more. He always did have the knack for that. 

"Just stating the facts."  

"Turn there." Braden pointed.  

Steven didn't ask any questions. He simply turned down the dark, narrow side street as Braden requested. That is until he read the leaning sign. Dead End.

"What are you up to?"  

"You'll see. Go ahead and turn the car around and pull over. I thought we would wait a minute and see if any cars come by anytime soon."

"You sly dog. You want to see if Antonio is behind us."   

Steven put the car in park and turned off the lights, leaving the street pitch black. No streetlights in sight. Not even a porch light could be seen in the distance. Just a sliver of moon hung overhead. A few moments passed before Braden broke the daunting silence. 

"You know, Steven." Braden's hand still lay softly on Steven's thigh.


"It would be a shame to waste–"

Steven covered Braden's mouth with his before he could even finish the sentence, turning Braden's words into a hum. The heat from Braden's hand spread across Steven's thigh, making his cock jerk and balls contract. Braden's cologne ignited Steven's senses, setting his nerves on fire. Then right about the time Steven was considering reclining his seat, a car zoomed past and broke the kiss. 

"Oh shit! Was that him? Was that Antonio?" Steven's head spun in the direction of the speeding car.

"I missed it. All I saw was the taillights. Maybe we should just go? This place is getting creepy." 

"Yeah. Nora is just a little ways up the road anyway." Steven started the car and put it in gear then eased back onto the main road. 

Five minutes later, Steven turned into a drive. "We might be in luck. The porch light is still on." 

Braden pointed at the house. "There's a TV flickering in that window too." 

"Well, here goes nothing." Steven parked the car behind a '66 Chevy and opened his door, meeting Braden at the porch steps. Aside from a lone barking dog and a few tree frogs, the night air was dead, hanging amidst all the trees. 

Then a man's yelling of insanities changed all that. 

Steven and Braden took the wooden steps cautiously, sharing a worried look. Knocking on the screen door, Steven took a deep breath. 

The door groaned as it opened. Nora peeked through the crack. "Steven? What are you doing here at this hour?"

"I know it's late, Nora, but Braden and I ran into a bit of trouble and were hoping to crash here till morning?" 

"Who is it!?" An angry man called from in the house. 

Nora looked over her shoulder, answering the irate man. "It's Steven and his friend, Don."

"Oh for crying out loud. What the fuck do those two want? You tell them to get the fuck off my property! Better yet, I'll tell 'em myself! Move out of the way!" 

Steven saw fear in Nora's eyes. He swallowed hard, fidgeting with the keys in his hand. 


Holy shit! What is wrong with the men in this town. Angry much? Sheeesh *heads desk*. We'll have to wait until next week to see what happens I guess. I know! Let's go see what my Story Orgy family came up with this week. C'mon!


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Story Orgy Monday_Even Steven part 1

Good Monday morning, Story Orgiasts! And Happy 2012! We've decided to tweak things up a bit for Story Orgy Mondays, but, never fear, you'll still get free reads every Monday. We writers just need some more time to be able to devote to other writing, so we're going to change word counts.

Every other week, half the Story Orgy group will write shorter pieces, what we in the group call "Hook Ups." These Hook Ups will be around 250 words and based on the same prompt as the longer posts. All in all, this is designed to continue to deliver to you, our friends and fans, the stories you love every Monday morning, but also give us more time to work on other writing we hope you'll love as well.

The five writers also convinced Jade Baiser, our photographer, that she is, indeed, a writer at heart, and she is joining us in our weekly posts. Woo hoo! We knew we could make her see the light. So, here's the schedule: this week, JR Boyd, Jade Baiser, and myself will post Hook Ups, while Lee Brazil, Havan Fellows, and Em Woods will post the standard length. Next week, we'll switch it up, and the week after that, we switch back. Got it?

We hope you'll enjoy this update and continue to support, share, comment, and just plain love on your Story Orgy group. We love to hear from you, so please leave comments and let us know your thoughts. We've got some great things planned for 2012, so come on into the Story Orgy room, settle in on the comfy sofas or cushions, and read for a bit.

Oh, one more thing. Em Woods, the Story Orgy Goddess, found a magical book of prompts and has decreed that we shall write based off these prompts. It's going to get interesting, just you wait and see.

Now, a couple of more announcements. Lee Brazil has a new release coming out this Friday, January 6: The Librarian. It's available for pre-order, just click on over to Breathless Press and you can reserve your copy today!

Also, Word Play, Story Orgy Vol 1 from Breathless Press has been nominated at Love Romances Cafe in the Best Anthology category! Woohoo! We'll keep you posted on how the voting goes. I am also humbled and excited to say that I have been nominated at Love Romances Cafe for Best Author of 2011. I am very glad to in such great company with a list of other fantastic writers I truly admire.

The lovely picture this week, as always, was found by the even lovlier Jade Baiser. Can't wait to see what she's written to go along with it.

This week's prompt:
  Your character has been handed a card by a friend of a friend at a New Year's Eve Party. He opens the card to find that it's from his secret admirer and that he or she desperately wants to kiss him at midnight. What happens?

And now, my first Hook Up of 2012 ...


Even Steven

"Another New Year come and gone, huh buddy?" 

Steven Malone barely made out Braden Breshear's words over the distracting music, grunts and groans.  Fortunately, they had perfected their lip-reading skills when they were high school freshmen. 

With a handful of thick brown hair, Steven grinned across at Braden, enjoying the warm, wet mouth swallowing his cock. 

Then a muscled hunk of delight handed Braden a red piece of paper, making Steven shiver and his dick jerk.
Who's that stud?

Unable to control his excitement, he gripped the twink's hair tighter and rocked back on his heels to tow his prick from the suction. But it was too late. As soon as Steven's cum landed on that pale face, he became just that. Another face. Not even a name on some list; only a memory of yet another Annual NYE Orgy.      

Steven left the twink wiping his face and headed for Braden who held out the crimson paper for him. 

Flabbergasted that the muscular stud was interested in him, Steven didn't wait to read it.   

Kiss me. Driveway. 11:59. White Chevy truck.

Steven glanced at the wall clock. Five minutes. I refuse to miss this.
Steven stealthily maneuvered through the writhing crowd, dressing and dashing out the door into the drive. 
Arms shrouded him from behind spreading goosebumps of fire and ice. Steven's eyes closed, his cock recharged. 

"I'm back." The deep pitch of the man's voice ran goosebumps across Steven's skin. 

Steven's eyes popped open. He swallowed hard. Antonio?


I'm almost willing to bet that Antonio's surprise visit isn't a good thing. Yikes! We'll have to wait till next week to see what happens though.  I know...I know. So sorry about that *ahem*

Okay...what are Em Woods, Jade Baiser, Hank Edwards, Lee Brazil and Havan Fellows up to? Let's find out together. Hang on to my belt loop cos here we go. --> Click