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Story Orgy Monday - Sweet Meet part 5

Happy Story Orgy Monday! It's been a very busy week for me, but it's now behind me, another seven days that I can cross off the calendar.

After a brief vacation, I would like to welcome the SO illustration guru. Jade Basier, you were missed greatly during your short leave of absence and I am ecstatic to have you back in my virtual arms *wiggles with excitement, grips and squeezes my Princess' assets*. Thank for your considerable talent in bringing the SO stories to life with such gorgeous imagery.  

Before we move on to part five of my story Man Meet, please join me in extending a wealth of warm well-wishes to the hurricane victims on the East Coast. I certainly hope that all are safe from harm's way and Irene did not leave too much destruction in her wake.

Now, I present to you Man Meet part five. This week you will find out why Oscar and Elias were so abruptly interrupted last week. My fellow orgiasts have goodies for us too. When we get to the end of this story, we will simply hop on over to their blogs via the nifty links provided *scroll…scroll…scroll* down yonder.

And, without further ado…

Man Meet part five

Marta blew into her cup of hot tea as she peered over the rim. "You boys should really be more careful. You can give an old lady a heart attack."

"You're the one who barged in on us." Elias matched his mother's stare before shifting his gaze to meet Oscar's across the table.   

"You gave me a key, darling." Elias's mother retorted and looked at Oscar. "So. Your name is Oscar. I've heard a lot about­ you."

"Oh really?" Smiling, Oscar looked everywhere but at Elias's mom until his gaze finally fell back on Elias. "Do tell. What all did you hear about—"

"More importantly, what is so important that you felt you should use your copy of my house key?" Elias quickly changed the subject, his voice cracking with his nerves.

"Oh darling. Don't be embarrassed." Laughter twinkled in Marta's eyes as she continued to watch him over the rim of the tea cup. She lowered her tea to the table, a small smile curving her lips. "My dearest Elias, You are so cute when you blush."   

Elias's cheeks felt like they were on fire. He pushed from the table and rose to his feet, not sure of what to say next. He had to maintain his composure. Of all the people in the world, his mother was the only one who could make him feel like he was still a child. Elias shifted his stance from one foot to the other, then back again before walking to the kitchen sink. He stared at the pool through the window.

"I love you very much, Mother. But you cannot keep using your key as if you live here. That is for emergencies. Now, why are you here?" Needing a release valve, Elias turned sarcastic.

"Elias. Come sit, please. Calm down." Oscar's calm tone soaked into Elias's skin, soothed his agitated nerves, and reeled him back in from the edge.

"Come on, sweetie. Sit back down." Marta chimed in. "Let me tell you why I'm here and then I'll get out of your hair. I'm sorry for intruding."

Elias's stomach always wrenched when his mother apologized for something. After all these years, Elias still couldn't let things go though. Until it was too late. Now he had to deal with the guilt of not staying calm.

Why do I always let you get to me? Elias rounded the table, giving his mother a peck on the cheek on the way back to his chair. Elias automatically sought out Oscar, needed to gauge his reaction. The sadness in Oscar's eyes tightened the knots in Elias's stomach.

"I'm sorry for getting upset, Mom." Elias reached to the center of the table, palm up. Though he talked to his mother, he also sought understanding from Oscar. The one who had stolen Elias's heart.

The touch of Oscar's hand, along with a warm smile, was all Elias needed to snap him back to his senses. Elias had never seen things more clearly. He knew exactly what he needed to do.

I have to do whatever it takes to show this man we can make this work.
"You boys are so damn cute. Except for when you're poking at each other's butts." Marta's remark caught Elias off guard.

Elias jerked his head to Marta, shocked at his mother's boldness.

"What? I'm still considering going home and bleaching my eyes." Marta kept egging Elias on.

"I'm starting to see where you get your courage." Oscar's eyes narrowed.

"Please, Mother. Why are you here?"

"Okay, okay. Fine. I'm here because I don't know what to do, Elias." The sudden edginess in her voice was new, intriguing. Elias studied her, watching her fidget with the handle on the teacup in front of her. "So there is something going on. Tell me." Elias reached his free hand out to his mother.

Putting her trembling hand in Elias's, Marta continued to beat around the bush, poking fun at whatever she could. "Oh look. Just what I needed. A séance."

His mother was riding on Elias's last nerve. With a heavy sigh he brought her back to his question. "Mother! Quit stalling. What's going on?"

"I don't qualify for my full Social Security benefits for another year and I don't know if I can keep up with my bills."

Elias wasn't sure if it was anxiety, anger, fear or shame. Maybe all four. But Marta's hands started to shake in earnest and tears welled up in her eyes. Elias couldn't bear to see his mother cry. Ever since his father abandoned the family, Elias had held a soft spot in his heart for a crying woman. Especially his mother. Apparently, Oscar had a soft spot too.

"Ms. Cardoza, please don't cry. It will work out. You'll see." Oscar extended his arm, offering compassion. Marta took his hand.

Elias grinned. "Now it's a séance."

One sharp look from his mother and Elias knew he had crossed the line.

"Are you mocking me?" The lasers from Marta's eyes could cut diamonds.

Oscar chuckled, slicing through the tension in the room. "Ms. Cardoza. He gets it from you."

Elias felt his mother's grip tighten. And from the look in Oscar's eyes, Marta was squeezing his hand just the same.

"Mother." Elias shook his hand free as he cocked his head. "Please. Calm down. I might have a solution."

"That sounds pretty promising to me. Can I get you more tea Ms. Cardoza?" Oscar slipped his hand from Marta's grip.

As Oscar eased the cozy off the teapot, Elias continued with his suggestion.

"Mom. I have a teammate who might be able to help. He knows all about Social Security benefits. That's what he does for a living." Elias glanced at Oscar, and then back to his mother. "His name is Sergio."

No sooner than Sergio's name fell from Elias's lips, the shattering of the teapot echoed off the linoleum floor and the paneled walls. "Sergio? You can't be fucking serious."

 "I do think it's time for me to go. I'll see my own way out." Marta kissed Elias on the cheek as she exited the room, waving her finger in the air. "It was very nice to meet you, Oscar."


I'll be damned. Marta actually thought that she could justify barging in on the boys with an issue with qualifying for Social Security? And what the hell, Elias? Sergio? Really? *Throws hands in the air* What next!? My boys really need to find a way to release some of this mounting tension, huh? *ahem*

Okay, enough of that. Let's go see what my fellow orgiasts wrote about this week. C'mon. Follow me. Don't be shy…*clickety click click*

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Story Orgy Monday - Sweet Meet part 4 (NSFW)

Happy happy Monday, Story Orgy fans! Another busy week has come and gone and I hope you all are doing well. I have a lot on my plate, but it’s all good. There’s not really any news to share with you (that I haven’t shared already). And since I’m so busy, I hope you don’t mind that I just keep moving right along. Nah, I didn’t think you would care *grin*. can always just stare at the eye candy that SO's beautiful Jade Basier picked out for us. Mmmm...

This week’s prompt is based on a sentence. I won’t share the sentence with you though. However, you do have the opportunity to enjoy part four of the story Man Meet.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to visit my fellow orgiasts and read their stories as well. That way you can find the commonality and figure out what the prompt sentence is. C’mon and follow me. Let’s get started!

Man Meet part four

Using his hand as a visor, Oscar peered into the bright light. The stranger who stood shadowed against the sun caused the butterflies in Oscar’s stomach to take flight. Oscar had never felt so exposed, so vulnerable.

Oscar couldn’t help but think the worse. I know he didn’t think I would be his little party favor. “Elias. What the fuck’s going on?”

Elias stepped around the visitor, wrestling with the stuff in his hands. “I was just grabbing the condoms and lube, and the doorbell rang.”

“I recognized your hot little ass right off. You don’t recognize me?” The guest pushed Elias aside with the back of his hand and stepped around him.

That voice!

Oscar’s head swam. “Oh yes. I remember you. How could I forget that revolting attitude?” Perturbed, Oscar worked his shorts back on.

“Sergio. Just move.” Elias’s tone was clipped.

“Ah. Sergio. So that’s your name.” Oscar slid to the side of the chair and stood.

“As a matter of fact…” Elias emptied the contents of his hands into the lounger. “You’re interrupting. It’s time for you to go.” 

The controlling attitude calmed Oscar’s nerves and added a hint of promise to the edgy situation.

Elias didn’t bother taking Sergio through the house, but led him to the gate on the side of the house. Oscar listened to Elias’s speech until the voice faded from hearing range. “You have really got to work on that attitude. Don’t bother coming back around here until-”

All the commotion replaced Oscar’s appetite for passion with hunger. Oscar let his rumbling stomach guide him inside. He didn’t have much luck poking around in Elias’s cabinets and the pantry. Surely there’s something to eat around here.

“Are you okay, babe?” Elias’s soothing voice and the sliding glass door broke into Oscar’s thoughts.

“I’m fine, a little hungry.” Oscar closed the cabinet door and turned.

Elias was right there. His eyes and smile warmed Oscar’s heart. “Let me help you-”

Drawn by the inviting tenderness, Oscar closed his eyes and leaned in until Elias’s words were cut off with his kiss. With every breath shared, Oscar’s passion stirred back to life and the hunger for Elias returned.

Elias broke the kiss just long enough to ask if food was still in order, but Oscar didn’t answer with words. Oscar let his hands say it all. Tugging at Elias’s shorts, Oscar worked the waist band over Elias’s engorged cock.

Feeling Elias’s swelling prick made Oscar’s own cock grow.

Elias stepped out of the shorts around his ankles. He turned with his finger in the air and started for the back door. “Hold that thought. I’ll be right back.”

Knowing what Elias was doing, Oscar didn’t waste any time. He shucked his shorts as he headed the living room.

Keyed up about finally getting the skin on skin action he longed for, Oscar dove onto the couch. Okay. I don’t want to look too anxious. For what seemed like an eternity, Oscar flipped around in an assortment of positions before finally deciding on this back. God, I’m silly. What am I doing?  

“Ready or not, here I come.”

Hearing his lover’s playful approach, Oscar felt like he was on the swim team in high school, nervous and curious all in one. He stretched his neck over the arm of the sofa to peep for Elias. And the view struck Oscar funny.

Elias was strutting like a peacock.

Oscar couldn’t resist. He burst out in laughter. That is until his expression of amusement turned to craze. Elias rubbed his cock across Oscar’s lips. Oscar accepted the cue to swallow the warm pulsing flesh.  And the intrusion caused Oscar’s own dick to jerk.

After gagging and then gasping for air, Oscar could hear Elias with a chuckle of his own.

“You’re not laughing anymore, are you?”

Oscar was turned on more than ever by the rough play. And with tears in his eyes from choking, Oscar slipped into a submissive role. “Please. Don’t make me wait anymore. Stretch my asshole like you did my thr-”

Oscar’s throat filled with dick again, taking his breath away.

“You want it? Are you sure your tight ass can handle this?” Elias kept his cock steadfast in the confine of Oscar’s throat. After a moment, Elias provided a little reprieve.

“I knew you liked it rough. You can’t fool me. Turn over and straddle the arm of the couch.”

Oscar breathed heavily, moved quickly. Trying to catch a big gulp of air, he begged Elias one more time. “Oh yeah, baby. Give me that cock. I’m not waiting this time.”

“Don’t you worry, pretty boy. You’ve waited long enough.”

That was exactly what Oscar wanted to hear, needed to hear. He arched his back forcing his ass high up into the air. With one foot on the floor and another on the sofa cushion, Oscar stood astride the arm of the couch as his lover instructed.

“Oh yeah. It has been a while for you. Look at that tight ass.”

Oscar’s cock throbbed and ached from the thought of being manhandled. He wiggled his ass at “Finally, a man who understands how to love and fuck at the same time. Give it to me, babe.”

Oscar felt the dribbles of the warm lube just brought in from the sun. As the trickles ran down his crack and gathered in the center of his rose bud, Oscar moaned at the feel of Elias’s finger working the lube around his hole.

“Yeah, you like that. Don’t ya?”

Oscar felt his left ass cheek being pulled to the side as the cool air brushed across the moist exposed skin, Elias’s stiffened finger pressing at the tender hole.

Oscar whimpered and pushed back on the rigid finger. “C’mon, babe. I need it.”

Ding dong.

Oscar’s stomach knotted immediately. The sounding of the doorbell was the last thing he wanted to hear. “Fuck! Oh hell no, don’t you dare answer that.”

Oscar was sure he had convinced Elias to ignore the person at the door when he felt the finger press harder against his asshole. But Elias’s mother stopped him before he could put it in.


Well? What did ya think? Poor Oscar is still waiting *sigh*. It kinda reminds me of that song. C’mon and follow me while I sing it. I’ll take you over to the other SO blogs. Don’t be bashful…you can sing along with me:

 I can’t get no satisfaction…I can’t get no satisfaction…’Cause I try and I try and I try and I try…I can’t get no, I can’t get no…

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Sweet Meet part 3

Happy happy Monday! I hope you are doing well. I know Hank is *grin*. Check this out! SO’s very own Hank Edwards’s Plus Ones is now available at Amazon, Fictionwise, and All Romance. So, swing by your favorite site and help yourself. For your convenience, I setup the link for All Romance. Psst…all of Hank’s books are good!

*Looks at down at the picture of a handsome young man with the bedroom eyes* I’m doing great thanks to Story Orgy’s brilliant illustration guru and the fantastic artistry of Adam Bouska. Talk about inspiration, WOW!

Okay, I wonder what Oscar and Elias are up to this week. Hmmm…I think it’s time we find out and there’s only one way to that. C’mon and follow me. When we finish here, we’ll just jump on over to the other SO blogs.

This week’s prompt is a Dialogue Prompt ~ "Come on, you can do better than that."

And without further adieu… 

Sweet Meet part 3

“Come on, you can do better than that.”

Elias used sarcasm as motivation like other people used smiles, but the words were like a punch to Oscar’s gut. I’ll show him. No sooner than he got both feet back on solid ground, with a twist and turn Oscar dove, propelling himself back into the pool.

“That’s my boy!” Though Elias’s shout of approval was muffled by the depth of the water, Oscar could practically feel the intensity in his tone.

Oscar broke the water at full speed and his feet acted like propellers as he sliced through the water. When his hand reached the edge of the pool, a resounding whoop! filled the air.

“Yes! I knew you could do it.”

Elias’s support gave Oscar a surge of triumph. Never before had he felt so rewarded from such a simple act of encouragement.

By the time Oscar climbed out of the pool, Elias was there to greet him with a wide smile and Oscar’s belly lit up with butterflies. Eyeing his lover up, down, and then up again, Oscar fixed on the one thing he hadn’t truly had yet. Elias’s thick cock.

“You’re as fast as-”

Elias’s support had burrowed into Oscar’s very core, rousing the desires Oscar eagerly wanted satisfied. He cut off Elias’s words with his own parted lips, sipping at the intoxicating blend of chlorine and sweet saliva. Elias’s heated skin pressed against Oscar, turning cool drops of water into vapor.    

Elias’s stiffening cock pulsed against Oscar’s already rigid member. Breaking the lip lock just long enough to speak, Oscar whispered, “I need to feel you inside me. I want to feel the love I see in your eyes. Your-”

Oscar moaned as Elias took his face in a tender grip. A brief glimpse of desire in Elias’s soul-deep eyes was all Oscar got before his mouth filled with Elias’s searching tongue.

The sensual burst of enthusiasm was exactly what Oscar wanted. Elias’s warm touch and passionate kiss hurled Oscar’s mind into the previous week’s events like a slideshow. I’m not jacking off this time.

Oscar’s ability to contain his needs drifted away, just as the scent of chlorine wafted in the open air. He tangled one leg with his lover’s and pulled Elias’s head back and scraped his teeth along the length of Elias’s neck, drawing a groan from his sexy lover.

“I told you what I needed.” Oscar’s words were quick and challenging.

“And that’s exactly what you’re going to get.” Elias grabbed Oscar’s ass with both hands, raising his feet off the ground.

Feeling the pang of excitement make a beeline to his groin, Oscar wrapped his legs around Elias’s waist and positioned his throbbing cock against his mate’s six-pack abs.

“And this, my friend, is why I have a privacy fence.” Elias’s eyes twinkled in the sun. His lips were soft and moist as they sealed over Oscar’s, drawing in his very breath.

Elias carried Oscar to a nearby lounge chair where Oscar dropped his legs from his lover’s waist. Oscar stepped back just far enough to take in the view. “Damn, you’ve got one hot body, Mister.”

The corners of Oscar’s lips tipped into a warm smile. “Are you sure you’re ready for more? It has been a while.”

“You’re not getting out of it this time. Hell yes I’m ready.” Oscar made sure his words were emphasized enough to get his point across.

“Then let’s get started. You have me so horny I don’t think I could wait any longer.” Elias pointed at the adjustable seat. “Get ready. I’ll be right back.”

Oscar kicked back in the lounger and watched his sizzling hot lover follow the stone path and disappear behind sliding glass door glaring with the sun’s reflection.

Well, he did say to get ready.

Oscar closed his eyes as he let the tips of his fingers follow the furrow that divided his abs. Oscar bent his knees and propped his legs to give access to his eager asshole. The breeze cooled the overheated skin as he worked his swim trunks down his legs.

“That sure is one sweet-looking hole.”

An unfamiliar voice caused Oscar’s cock to thump and his asshole to twitch.

Squinting into the direction from which the voice came, Oscar was shocked to see another man standing there.

Oscar stood in the man’s shadow grinning, holding a bottle of lube and a handful of condoms. “Look what the cat dragged in.”


What in the world is Elias thinking? And who is that guy next to him? Be sure to visit me next week as the story unfolds and these boys get closer to their destiny. Now, let’s peek in on the other SO writers and see what they are up to. Hang on tight if you’re coming with me cos here I

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Story Orgy Monday - Sweet Meet part 2 (NSFW)

Howdy Story Orgy fans! We have some very good news to share about our "And the Prompt Is..." anthology that went on sale three months ago. Thanks to you and your word of mouth, we have raised $241.14 for the Trevor Project!! Once our goddess, Em Woods, receives the final check from Amazon, the money will be donated to this worthy cause. Thanks to all of you who helped us reach this amount!

Speaking of anthologies, not only is the Story Orgy group hard at work on their Christmas themed stories, we're also busy working with Breathless Press on edits for another anthology. This new anthology will contain some of your favorite Story Orgy stories as well as some new surprises. Tentative release date is December 2, 2011, and, don’t worry. We'll be sure to keep you posted on our Facebook page as well as our weekly blog posts.

Now, settle into your favorite spot. We've changed things up a bit and will be using different prompt types each week for the rest of the year. This week we were given three prompt items to work into our stories: a sprinkler system, backyard, a sprinkler repair guy.

Are you ready for this week’s Story Orgy experience? C’mon...just move right along. But when you get to the end of my story, don’t forget to hop along to the other blogs. They have a very different take on the prompts. Let’s go! I’ll stay behind and look at the wonderful picture provided by Jade Basier. She has such good taste *sigh*.

Due to all the special requests to move forward with last week’s story, I decided to continue with my swimmer boys. So, back by popular demand, here’s Oscar and Elias!

Sweet Meet part 2

“I’ll have you know I don’t leave my car behind for just anyone.” Oscar sat in the passenger seat with his arm laid across the consol so Elias was within reach. Without taking his eyes off the passing scenery, Oscar squeezed Elias’s thigh. He sure hoped Elias got the point. Oscar couldn’t remember the last time he’d done something this impetuous. 

Oscar felt Elias reach over as their arms crossed. Oscar glanced at Elias just in time to see his friend deliver a wink with a smile. “I’ll have you know I don’t bring just anyone home with me.”

Oscar smiled as Elias casually reciprocated a squeeze. Elias’s hand skimmed up Oscar’s thigh and his fingers nestled into the groove there.

“If you keep that up, we’ll never make it to the grilled chicken salad.” Oscar could tell his words struck home as Elias nuzzled his fingers deeper into the crease, nudging his balls.

“Are you paying attention to where we are? You’ll probably want to come back after tonight.” Elias milked Oscar’s cock through the thin material of his shorts.

Oscar’s cock grew harder with each squeeze and tug. “Damn, babe. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anybody.” His grip on Elias’s leg tightened. “Slow down. We’re not even there yet.”

Elias turned into the next driveway. “Yes we are.”

Oscar didn’t know whether to stifle his laugh or let it go. Being with Elias was new territory for him. Oscar has always played hard to get. He certainly had never gone home with someone after meeting. Something about this guy was special.

“It appears you have a faulty sprinkler system.” Oscar pointed at a surge of water scouring the brick house.

Elias’s hand slipped from between Oscar’s legs, letting cool air replace the heat of his touch. He covered Oscar’s fingers still resting on Elias’s thigh. “I have a repair guy scheduled to come out tomorrow. C’mon. Let’s go inside.”

Oscar followed Elias through a side gate leading to the backyard. Knee-high solar garden lights lit the path, accenting a beautiful garden and sparkling off the swimming pool.

“Wow. A privacy fence, lush flower gardens, swimming pool with a waterfall-”

“Still hungry?” Elias stopped and turned.

Oscar walked right into Elias’s arms. Pressing together, it was apparent Elias was as turned on as Oscar. He couldn’t help but rock ever so slightly, causing their turgid cocks to pulse against each other through the thin layers of their clothing.

“I’m only hungry for you.” Oscar breathed his words into Elias’s parted lips.

Urgently, Elias tugged at Oscar’s shorts. Elias’s interest motivated Oscar to return the favor. Leaving a trail of clothing in their wake, Oscar walked backwards as Elias guided him along the stone path. A deep passionate kiss seared Oscar to his core, leaving him oblivious to his surrounding until he was backed against a sliding glass door.  

Oscar didn’t have the urge to run as he had from other men so many times before. His ease with Elias contained him in brand new territory, a perfect enchantment.

Elias’s searching tongue left Oscar wanting more as their lips divided. He was unable to control the whimper that penetrated the evening air.

A jingling of keys alerted Oscar of what he’d been yearning for since his invitation merely an hour before. And Elias’s voice melted his heart, just like the first time he’d heard it back in the locker room.

“I’m sure it feels better inside.” Elias’s words teased along Oscar’s senses, promising everything, yet nothing.  

“There’s only one way to find out.” Oscar’s gaze fixed on his lover’s warm smile decorated by the glow of the pool lights.

The rush of cool air passed as Elias opened the door. Taking Oscar by the hand, Elias maneuvered them through the dining area, across the living room floor, and down a dimly lit hallway.

“Just keep following me.” Elias’s voice seemed louder as it passed through a doorway and into a pitch black room.

Oscar gripped Elias’s hand tighter, powerless to speak. Elias must have sensed the fear from Oscar’s death grip on his knuckles.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you trip.” Elias squeezed and released Oscar’s hand, turning.

“We are in my bedroom.” With a gentle pull, Elias encouraged Oscar to sit. “The bed is right here.”

Oscar heard a pat on the bedding which offered a gauge of distance. As soon as Oscar felt the coolness of the plush comforter against his bare ass an overhead light radiated a dim red glow, soft music filled the room. And there Elias sat next to him, smiling with a remote in his hand.

“All of this is for you?” Oscar scooted closer to his grinning host.

“Yes. But I want to give you so much more.” Elias’s hand braced the back of Oscar’s head as their lips reunited and Oscar lay back with the assist of his handsome lover.

“Right now you can give me anything you want.” Pulling Elias on top of him, Oscar clutched the tight, round ass he’d been watching all day. Elias’s rigid cock pushed against Oscar’s and proved that they were both where they wanted to be.

Oscar breathed out his last bit of inhibition as his moan mingled with Elias’s and the music drifting from the dark corners of the room. He stretched his neck to give Elias more room to spread kisses.

Trailing open-mouthed kisses from Oscar’s jaw line to his ear, Elias whispered, “I respect you so much and we have so much time.”

“What are you saying? Now you don’t want me?” The hint of rejection threatened to ruin the moment.

“I’m not saying that at all.” Elias smoothed Oscar’s furrowed brow. “Quite the opposite. I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Elias rolled off Oscar and disappeared into the shadows.

What the hell? 
Elias’s last words were no consolation to the fear and nausea rolling in Oscar’s stomach.

“C’mon, sweetie. Stand up. I have an idea.” Elias stood at bedside with a large towel and bottle of lube.

Oscar stood and gazed as Elias’s muscles work under the soft crimson glow of the light. “Do you care to let me in on this idea of yours?”

 With a low chuckle, Elias straightened then wrapped his arms around Oscar’s waist. “I didn’t mean to make you uneasy. I guess that was a little abrupt.”


“I just figured we could start slow. I really like being with you, but I want everything to be just right.” Elias sat on the towel he’d spread along the edge of the bed. He palmed Oscar’s cock and gently tightened his grip. With a slight steady tug, Oscar took a step forward.

“Oh yes. Touch me.” Oscar ran his fingers through Elias’s dark brown hair as his lover kissed softly along the length of Oscar’s dick.

“Have a seat.” Elias rubbed a wrinkle from the towel next to him.

 Oscar sat and Elias’s arm wrapped around his lover’s shoulder, cradling Oscar’s neck.

“Now, where were we?” Elias guided Oscar back with another kiss.

Oscar was so absorbed by the passion in Elias’s kiss he didn’t even realize his lover was already working on the next move. Cold drizzles of lube on Oscar’s cock and belly made him gasp. Elias’s soft groan ended with a smile and the passionate kiss gave way to affection.

“Go ahead. I’ll join you.” Desire glimmered in Elias’s eyes.

Oscar coated his prick with the trickles of lube and watched Elias as he did the same. The sight of his lover pleasing himself built up the moment and Oscar moaned.

“You are so fucking hot.” Oscar’s hand stroked Elias’s cock, but that wasn’t enough. Oscar rolled over onto Elias. Slipping and sliding against one another, Oscar and Elias locked mouths in a heated kiss, a fight to see would please whom first.

Oscar rocked and writhed. “Oh god! I told you it’s been a while. I’m going to-”

“Ungh! Don’t worry. I’m coming too!” Elias bucked and squirmed beneath Oscar’s shuddering body.

Sharing that moment with Elias was more than Oscar could’ve ever asked for, the hot bursts of their passion shot between them and smeared with every move. The look on Elias’s face, the moans that mingled with the music, the lighting. Everything was just right.

“Damn. That was hot.” Oscar collapsed onto Elias’s chest as he listened to the slowing of his heartbeat.

Tap tap.

The next thing Oscar heard was a rapping on the bedroom window, the crack of dawn trickling through the curtains.

“What’s that?” Oscar whispered. Who the hell tapped on another man’s window at the break of daylight?

Elias rose from the bed and peeked through the curtains. Laughing, he turned to Oscar. “It’s the sprinkler repair man. He’s holding up our shorts and wants to know if everything is okay.”


I’m not sure, but I do believe that Oscar and Elias could actually use another week of time together. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in my comments. I’ll pass the word along to the two handsome swimmers.

Okay, it’s time to see what the other orgiasts came up with this week. C’mon and follow me. We can go together. I know the way…I go every week.