Monday, April 23, 2012

Story Orgy Monday - "Soar" with JR Boyd

Hey there! Happy Story Orgy Monday to each of you. I hope you enjoyed Earth Day, as well as the rest of your weekend. I sure miss you all. I was thinking to myself, You really need to post something and let everyone know you're still around... *sigh*. Yeah, it stopped right there...when my brain was overtaken by some kind of "Accounting" crap *rolls eyes*. Anyway, what I'm really trying to say is I miss the hell outta y'all! I wrote a little poem for the prompt this week to show I still care.  

But, before we go there, I would like to say how very proud I am of my wonderful muse. Graham's Gift is now on the market. Em Woods', Graham's Gift, is now available at All Romance e-books (ARe). Don't hesitate getting this little gem. You'll be glad you did *wink*. 

Now, moving on to my special contribution to this week's prompt:  There are the things we don’t know about love. Be sure to admire the yummy illustration Story Orgy's Jade Basier shared this week.



JR Boyd

Sometimes paled in a world of gray,
It seems I'm adrift with little to say.

I press on and soar.

Press your heart to mine,
And my words you'll find.

Press on and soar.

Carry hope in your mind;
And my spirit you'll find.

Soar some more.


Well, that 's my little poem. I hope you like it. I feel that the best of love is felt, not seen. Have you checked out the other SO authors' blogs? You can go with me if you like. I'm going there now. C'mon, you'll be glad you did.