Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Wednesday Poem

If I Tell You the Truth

If I tell you the truth, will you take my hand?
Will you confirm your love from where you stand?
This fear in my heart is a double-edged sword.
Do you see how much you’re adored?

This fear in my heart spurs me on.
If I tell you the truth, my love will you don?
Reminiscent of your skin so fair,
Swathing your heart, your soul, in a love so rare?

Forever in my heart, you will always be.
Your heart and mine entwined with glee.
If I tell you the truth, your love I request.
For me, my love, you are the one . . . the best.

Remarkable love you have and give . . .
Without your love, I cannot live.
My darling love, my heart you adorn.
If I tell you the truth, your love I implore.

~ written by J. R. Boyd ~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Story Orgy Monday - Valentine Edition

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! Okay, so it’s now my fourth week with Story Orgy. I had originally intended for this week’s prompt to be a continuation of The Fragrant Flannel yarn. However, as a tribute to the Valentine’s Day tradition and in honor of the spirit of love, this week’s entry for Story Orgy includes two poems I wrote using this week’s given prompt. I fully intend to continue The Fragrant Flannel for next Monday’s entry. Both, my faithful and new followers, I hope you enjoy my two poems. If you are new to my blog, please feel free to catch up on the past three entries spinning the mysterious tale of Blake and Cade in The Fragrant Flannel.

Additionally, don’t forget to hop on over to Story Orgy’s other five fellow blogging posts and see what they came up with for this week’s prompt! You can easily hop from my “Lily Pad” to their blogs by simply using 
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What a wonderful way to begin another week, huh!?

I hope you all enjoy the poems, the good reads, and another beautiful Monday. And, remember, your comments and feedback are always welcome.

Now, as always, this week’s prompt is provided by none other than Story Orgy’s very own Em Woods:

"If I tell you the truth..."

                                  Photo selection by Jade Baiser:

                                             If I Tell You the Truth

On a starless night
an emotionless man awoke
and he, thoughtless, heartless,
hummed and reminisced of love gone astray.

One companionless moment,
the wind howled.
The universe, boasted,
as if . . .
. . . to say,
“If I tell you the truth…”

~written by J. R. Boyd ~

My Valentine

You are my love and Valentine
You wonder what the universe beholds
You hear the crickets playing their song
You see love in the darkest hour
You want my heart to beat with yours
You are my love and Valentine

You pretend to be the wind
You feel the breeze on the hummingbird’s wings
You touch the farthest star in the sky
You worry about my heartaches
You cry when I’m in pain
You are my love and Valentine

You understand my deepest desire
You say our love is forever
You dream of our future
You try to breathe more life into me
You hope for happiness ever after
You are my love and Valentine

~written by J. R. Boyd ~


Well, my friendly readers, I hope you enjoyed this week’s special Valentine entry. I really enjoy writing poetry from time to time. Don’t be bashful. Please leave some comments and let me know what you think of these two poems. If you would like more poetry, let me know . . . I will gladly oblige.

For those of you interested in The Fragrant Flannel, why was Cade gone for so long? Where has he been all this time? Will Cade be able to convince Blake of his dearth and undying love? There’s only one way to find out! Please visit next week as The Fragrant Flannel continues to unfurl.

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