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Story Orgy Monday: Even Steven part 12

Hello and Happy Monday, Story Orgy enthusiasts! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was busy busy busy! And it ain't over yet...I have lots more to do. Whew! Gimme some Wheaties!

Okay, this week's prompt, Even Steven part 12, is brought to you by...oh...wait...that's not right. Where am I? Oh, yes...yes, this week is my week for a full 1500-word prompt. I fell short by a few inches...erruh...hundred words I mean. But, I think it will serve its purpose. The prompt used to inspire my words is a quote – "I can't protect you from that." And that purty pic? Yay, you guessed it. Story Orgy's very own Princess of the Pics found that. Sure revs my motor, how 'bout you? *grin*

And now, I present to you...

Even Steven part 12

JR Boyd

The urgency in Braden's tone of voice was the only thing that disengaged Steven's blind fury. Not even the random outbursts of rhetoric from the gathered guests were enough to stop Steven's mental pain and anguish. As far as Steven was concerned, Antonio would never hurt anyone again. 

By the time Braden had reached Steven, Antonio was lying on the ground choking. Steven's mind was stuck somewhere between the satisfaction of seeing his abductor in pain and regret of him still breathing when Braden called again, forcing him to realize his foot was on Antonio's throat. A final yell from Braden, "Steven!" and he snapped back to reality, quickly drawing his leg back and stepping away. Just in time too. If he hadn't have moved, he would've been brought down by Antonio's reaching arm.  

"Steven, what do you think you're doing, sweetie?" Nora's concern was apparent in her inflection. She stepped forward in an obvious attempt to make peace before things got any worse. She always hated chaos. Why she was with that goon she was with was beyond Steven; but, he didn't hold that against her.

"I'm not sure, Nora." Steven responded, quickly following up with, "All I know is why." Walking around the length of Antonio's body, Steven spoke as if he'd prepared a speech. But, what he had to say was none too nice. Antonio didn't move a muscle. And Steven knew he didn't hurt that thick neck and hard head so much Antonio couldn't get back up. It was humiliation. That's what kept him down.
As Steven commenced to speak his mind, sharing his own embarrassment helped him over the final hump. Steven talked for at least twenty-five minutes, airing out his dirty laundry with his foot planted in the middle of Antonio's back. 

Braden stepped forward, taking Steven's hand. He said, "C'mon, babe," then guided him several yards away from Antonio. The aroma of the meat on the smoker floated on the breeze, reminding Steven of how hungry he was, and how Braden must've also been just as hungry. Steven's mind stopped entertaining the thought of Antonio as quickly as it had started. "We should really be going now." Steven turned to the small crowd with a raised hand, feeling proud as he curled his arm into Braden's awaiting stance.

Steven heard Antonio's taciturn grunts and mumbles as they walked off arm in arm. "I'm so proud of you." Braden said as he leaned in, touching his head to Steven's.  

Unsure of what he'd just accomplished, if anything, Steven slipped his fingers into Braden's back pocket, content in fact that he was tucked securely into Braden's side, and his heart.


Braden peered over the rim of the coffee cup, his eyes telling Steven everything he wanted to hear, but nothing that wasn't already known. 

"Steven honey, where have you been? I've been trying to get a hold of you for days. Been worried sick. Worried sick I tell ya." Steven's mother walked through the dining room doorway, her finger waving in the air. 

 So, that's where I get it from. Steven cringed at his realization. "Hi, Mom. How're you and Dad?" 

"We're good. Just worried about you, dear."

 "Good afternoon, Mrs. Malone." Braden chimed in, tipping his head for Steven's mother. She has been kissing Braden's forehead since he was knee high to a grasshopper. 

"Worried sick–" 

"Alright, Mom. I'm sorry I didn't call. Please stop saying that. I'm okay." Steven interrupted, his stomach knotting as agitation rattled through his bones. 

"Oh, sweetie. Don't be disconcerted with me for caring." Mrs. Malone walked the long way around the table to greet Steven, her tennis shoes squeaking on the beige linoleum flooring. "You have dark circles under your eyes. You're not taking care of yourself. Braden? Do you know anything–"

"Mom, I did not come by so we could be put on trial. Where's Dad?"

"Don't you be curt with me, young man. You're not too old for me to bend over my knee you know." 

Mrs. Malone thwacked Steven on the back of the head. "I suggest you straighten it up. I didn't raise you to disrespect your mother like you're doing." 

What the hell? She's treating me like a teenager. "I thought maybe we could cook steaks on the grill this evening. Do you and Dad have dinner plans already?" Steven gave his best attempt to salvage the afternoon. 

"He went around the house after walking me to the front door. Oh, there he is." She smiled and waved at Steven's dad through dining room bay window. 

Braden chuckled as Mr. Malone walked by rolling up the garden hose. Not that Steven blamed him. His dad did have the cheesiest smile when he wanted to; his very own trademark. But what stole the show was when Mrs. Malone trotted across the floor yelling, "Yoo hoo," trying to wave down her husband."

"Okay, I've got to ask. Am I on Candid Camera?" Steven said with a breathy whisper. 

"I can protect you from a lot of things; but, I can't protect you from that." Braden snorted then disguised his laughter behind a fake cough. 

Steven waited until his mom closed the back door behind her before saying anything, but then he couldn't help himself. "Okay. What was that? Is she on medication or something?" 

"Your dad didn't look like he was hurting none too much neither." Braden added with a smile, "Which reminds me. Maybe we should freshen up before dinner."  

Steven watched Braden waggle his eyebrows, his eyes hinting with that certain I want you enthusiasm Steven has gotten accustomed to seeing over the years. It didn't take long for Steven to shift gears. 

Within a matter of seconds, Steven had stuck his head out the back door and told his parents he'd be back in a few hours with the steaks to throw on the grill, put the mugs in the sink and was jangling his keys.  


Braden unlocked the door to his apartment, put his arm around Steven's waist and guided him inside. With the shutting of the door, all remaining tension had vanished and Steven knew beyond a doubt that he would never be able to refute his love for Braden. His eyes locked with Braden's and the world stood still, silencing everything but the steady heartbeat pounding in his ears. Braden's lips moved to the words I love you as his hands attentively peeled away the pesky material that separated their skin. 

Steven mouthed the words I love you too, closed his eyes and pressed his lips to Braden's smooth chest, breathing in the sweet musky scent of his lover's skin. Steven melted into Braden, letting the moment take him over. Braden's body pressed tightly to his, guiding him to take a step. Steven walked across the living room and down the hall to the bedroom. The heat of Braden's skin against his set Steven on fire as his lover matched Steven's pace step for step, never letting their skin separate. 

Steven made love to Braden three times that afternoon before heading back to his parents' house for dinner. And he'd never been happier than he was then. Judging by the twinkle in Braden's eyes, he hadn't either. Braden emptied three drawers full of clothes onto the bed and said, "Let's go to dinner." 

"I'm ready when you are. But, why did you dump your clothes out all over the bed?" Steven asked. 

Braden said, "So, you'll have a place for yours."

H                                                                                          <<TBC>>

Well? What do you think about all this? I'm still ready to eat! But, I'm sure Steven and Braden got more than their share of chow time *ahem*. 

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Story Orgy Monday: Even Steven part 11

Hidy hidy, e'erbody! Happy Story Orgy Monday, folks. I hope you all had a big dose of Irish this weekend; or, at least a generous taste *grin*. 

Now, let's talk about prompts for a little bit. Have you all been keeping up with Even Steven? I swear, that story has more twists and turns than a rabbit warren. I have a lil ol' shorty for part eleven. This is my week for a Hook Up. 

Without further delay, here's this week's Story Orgy Monday installment - Even Steven part 11. This week's inspiration is based on the prompt, Write about memories underfoot. And that picture of that purty guy? Yep, you guessed it. Story Orgy's very own Jade Basier. Damn, she has good taste! Gotta love some Jade. we go. Enjoy!

Even Steven part 11


JR Boyd

Steven sat quietly, gripping the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white. Resentment seethed in the pit of his stomach. His heart wrenched at the slightest thought of Anthony. But he had to shut the door to the past. He needed to let go of the shame Antonio had made him feel. The violation poisoning his mind.

"Damn them for letting him out of jail." Steven ranted. Now, I've gotta do what I've gotta do.

Without so much as a glance in Braden's direction, Steven exited the car, shifting in and out of the cars with a fluid like motion. Braden's calls didn't even slow him down. They only drove him faster.

I've just got to.

Each step was a flashback of Steven's living nightmare, memories that circled him like a pack of malign spirits. He went around the side of the house making a beeline for the noise, for Antonio.

He's sitting. This is good.

Apart from a few gasps and a single shriek, not a word was said. Steven stalked up behind Antonio. This was the moment where Steven came to the crossroads in his life, his defining moment.

Steven squeezed tightly, feeling warmth spread like wildfire down his arms, throughout his hands.

"Surprise." Recollections of Antonio's New Year antics burned up the last of Steven's self-control. The longer Steven clenched Antonio's windpipe, the better he felt. Each jaded memory flipped through Steven's mind like a CD changer, discarding the painful memories Antonio left in his wake.



Way to go, Steven! I hope someone was recording that. Talk about memories underfoot...whew! Okay, now for the other SO stories. Ready to see what the others wrote this week? C'mon, let's go. And don't look at me like that. We do this every week. Now click... *chuckles* seriously though, if you want some really good reads, follow the links below.

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Story Orgy Monday: Even Steven part 10

Happy Story Orgy Monday! I hope y'all are well! If you don't mind, I'm just going to ease right on into the prompt this week.

The prompt is:

Your character's best girl friend is having a spring themed potluck at her house. He thinks she has ulterior motives. What happens?

Even Steven part 10


JR Boyd

Steven listened to the soft rumble of Braden’s voice as he rested his head on the grotto wall beside him. Braden's story resembled that of a superhero straight out of a comic book, making him smile even though he felt hopeless. Hanging on to Braden's every word, the picture unfolded in Steven's mind like scenes from a movie.

"A Rope, a knife and your fist?" Steven chuckled. "Really?" 

"You bet! I was chomping at the bit to use my new knife. You know I was." Braden laughed and then shifted his weight, his boot scraping the ground as he slid it under his ass to cushion himself.

Steven loved the way Braden's laughter filled the underground space, pushing away the futileness of their situation. Then he snapped back to reality. "Okay, let me get this straight. Antonio knocked us out, you came to and saw that we were tied up with rope so you cut free with the knife and then freed me. Right?"

"Pretty much." Braden agreed.

"I wonder where that asshole is then." Steven mumbled.

"That's the interesting part. I'm guessing it was shortly after we got tied up. I remember hearing Antonio talk to someone." Braden scooted closer to Steven, his voice softening to an excited whisper.

"Yeah. Go on." Steven insisted.

  "He said he had to run out to Don's place for the day. Some big to-do about something." Braden shrugged. "Probably not much to go on."

"The hell it's not." Steven hissed out a breath, holding his hand to his head when it pounded with the effort. "The only Don around here is Don DeSare. Nora's husband, remember? Big ornery dickhead–"

"That's right." Braden snapped his fingers. "But, easy does it." Braden said. "I think he may have hit you harder than he hit me."

Steven snorted. "You're head's just harder." 

"There's one way to find out." Braden winked, his humor having a nominal effect on Steven most of the time, but this was different. Braden’s tone was different.

Letting Braden take control, Steven leaned forward, closing his eyes and parting his lips. He held there, halfway between them, waiting for Braden’s next move. Would it be his mouth that met Steven’s lips…or his cock? Steven’s blood heated, burning away his apprehensions. 

"That's my boy." Warm breath brushed over Steven's cheek as Braden spoke,  his words gently tickling his ears.  

"You gonna take care of your boy?" Just saying those words made Steven's cock twitch against his cotton underwear.

"Anything you need." Braden said.

The danger. The strangeness. Something about the crazy state of affairs and mysterious milieu stirred Steven's mind, dredging up unreserved fantasies. "I wanna feel you, need to. Your skin on mine. The feel of your cock in my mouth. My throat-"

"Your hot ass too?" Steven shuddered at Braden's candor.

Braden took Steven's hand and helped them both to stand. Replacing words wet kisses and winded moans, Braden peeled off their clothes left and right, dropping them to the floor at their feet.
Steven wrapped a hand around Braden's warm, fleshy cock pressing against his groin. Then slipped his free hand along the firm ripples of his abdomen. Braden's heady scent and searing body heat made Steven's head swim with pleasure. Steven's rigid cock jumped with each combined heartbeat, bobbing and making his weighty balls swing. Steven moaned, "I've needed this."

"All I need is you. It'll always be you." Braden's sincerity broke through Steven's emotional barricade and took root in his heart. At that moment, Steven knew he would never be able to run from Braden's love again.

Braden's hands were rough and strong. He kneaded Steven's left glute then the right. Braden's embrace was fierce, passionate. Perfect.

"We don't have much time." Braden's whisper fueled Steven's excitement.

It was all Steve could do to keep his knees from buckling. He turned and braced himself against the clay wall. Steve's head swam in a craze of passion. Braden's hands were skilled and attentive, wasting no time getting Steven's ass ready for what he wanted, needed. When Braden pressed the head of his cock to Steven's spit-slickened asshole, Steven's whole body was in ecstasy. But Steven wanted more. And he didn't have to wait very long for it. All at once, Braden leaned in, filling Steven with his thickness.  

"Fuck yeah. That's it. Why did I wait so long?" Steven groaned, muddling his thoughts. 

Steven matched Braden stroke for stroke, taking all his lover gave him. Braden wrapped one arm around Steven's waist and reached around with his other, jacking Steven's cock in stride.  Another bite on the neck and Braden had Steven on the edge. Braden's cock massaged Steven's swollen gland with each long stroke, making Steven's ass twitch. His cock jerked in Braden's still-stroking hand. Steven's hypersensitive body was in total bliss.

Braden bucked and groaned, sending his seed deep into Steven's ass. The pulsing cock painted Steven's insides with a warmth that caused his own hot load to launch, coating the clay in front of him.

"Does this mean we can be a couple now?" Braden said as his cock slipped from Steven's ass.
"One thing at a time, lover boy. Let's get the hell out of here." Steven chuckled.

Steven smiled as he got dressed, watching Braden slip on his shirt.  Steven knew there was no turning back. Braden finally broke down the wall Steven worked so hard to build around his heart. Steven was ready for more than Braden's friendship; especially now.

Steven kissed Braden full on the lips. "I'm following you." He grinned.

Braden put his arm around Steven's shoulder and led them back down the same burrow Antonio had lead them down just hours before. Steven kept his eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.

"These tunnels have to have been here for years. I bet there's an old mine shaft around here."   Braden's level-headedness always made Steven feel a tad more comfortable, regardless of the situation.

Reaching the steps, Braden motioned to Steven to go first. "It's back to the real world."

Steven laughed, squinting into the light. "No. The real world is right here." Steven placed his hand over his heart, smiled and walked up the steps. All the way back to the car, Steven walked hand in hand with Braden, reflecting. What a way to start the New Year. Steven wondered what else could possibly be in store.

Steven slid in behind the wheel and a moment of clarity struck. "Wait! What day is it?" Steven turned to Braden. "Nora's potluck is today. That's why Antonio mentioned Don. C'mon. Let's go!"

"To Nora's house we go." Braden slapped the dash, catching Steven's attention just in time to also catch his wink. Braden leaned over and kissed Steven and smiled. He didn't have to say what he was thinking. Steven saw it in his eyes. Steven turned the key in the ignition and pulled out onto the road.  


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Story Orgy Monday: Even Steven part 9

Good morning and Happy Story Orgy Monday! I have a lil ol' shorty short Hook Up for you today. But first, I have two tidbits to share with you. And, guess what! I'm just gonna move this puppy right along *grin*.

Tidbit #1 – Yeah, baby! I'm freakin' stoked about this one. I know, I know...I'm still yapping about it. But it IS another Story Orgy antho. Well, if you haven't heard yet, Story Orgy is going on a Road Trip. I selected my prompt from a whole list of goodies. Much thanks goes out to Story Orgy reader and prompt winner Scot Adams. His suggested prompts jumped right off the screen at me. They are - college student botanist—creek in the middle of woods in Mississippi—creek or woods is haunted - Thanks, buddy! I can't wait to get our story on paper. 
*For more information about Story Orgy or the other winners, you can hop on over to the Story Orgy Blog.

Tidbit #2 – Ha! It's actually two different ones, but who's counting *chuckles*. Okay, real quick...ready? Em Woods' new release Convincing Symon and Lee's Loving Eden. W00t! Now, you have plenty of reading to do hee hee!

Movin' right along...we're ready for part nine of Even Steven. Hey! Are you over there licking your monitor? *sigh* I know. That guy is pretty yummy, huh? We can thank Story Orgy's very own Jade Basier for that slice of Heaven. 

Annnnnnnd...this week's prompt is; well, it's quite interesting actually - In a bit of magic, your character gets to relive one birthday...

Alrighty then...let's do this!

Even Steven part 9


JR Boyd 

Steven strained to see the blurry image in front of him. His vision grayed and his head pounded. The smell of dirt was overwhelming, suffocating. "Braden?" Steven mumbled.


Steven would recognize that hush anywhere. Unable to muster any more energy, Steven closed his eyes and his body went limp.

"Mommy, where is everybody?" Steven said with his nose pressed to the screen door.

"Braden's mom just called, sweetie. They'll be here shortly. Now, stop leaning on that door before the latch comes undone" Steven's mother tied the last balloon, letting it float to the floor.

Steven turned his back to the door, sad eyes behind a pool of tears. "What about Donny, Randy and Nora?"

"Oh, sweetie." Steven's mother knelt, kissing his forehead. "Nora should be here shortly. Don't cry. It hurts mommy to see you cry."

 Crunching of gravel echoed in the driveway and Steven spun around, socks slipping on the freshly waxed floor.

"Don't you get them socks dirty." Steven's mother called out through her laughter.

Steve launched off the front porch as Braden flung open the car door and they both hit the ground running. Steven chased Braden around the yard, laughing so hard his cheeks hurt. “You made it!”

“You thought I wouldn’t?” Braden stopped running.

"I'm right here, Steven, right here." Braden's words were measured, loving, forcing Steven's eyes to open.  Around him lay some rope and inches away Braden's eyes shimmered behind a smiling smudged face.

"What happened?" Steven asked, rubbing his head.


Aww...I love those childhood memories. And that Braden boy has always been a cutie I reckon. Mmm...sounds good to me. Get him Steven!

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