Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Wednesday Poem

If I Tell You the Truth

If I tell you the truth, will you take my hand?
Will you confirm your love from where you stand?
This fear in my heart is a double-edged sword.
Do you see how much you’re adored?

This fear in my heart spurs me on.
If I tell you the truth, my love will you don?
Reminiscent of your skin so fair,
Swathing your heart, your soul, in a love so rare?

Forever in my heart, you will always be.
Your heart and mine entwined with glee.
If I tell you the truth, your love I request.
For me, my love, you are the one . . . the best.

Remarkable love you have and give . . .
Without your love, I cannot live.
My darling love, my heart you adorn.
If I tell you the truth, your love I implore.

~ written by J. R. Boyd ~


  1. I got chills. *wink* Thank you for sharing. It is beautiful. =)

  2. That was so beautiful he's a lucky Guy to have you Sweetie

  3. The title of this poem is something we all ponder in and out of love and it is simply beautiful to think about. Thank You

  4. Wow honey . . . just wow . . . makes me wanna fall in love - and that is really wow! *huggles and snuggles*