Monday, August 15, 2011

Sweet Meet part 3

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*Looks at down at the picture of a handsome young man with the bedroom eyes* I’m doing great thanks to Story Orgy’s brilliant illustration guru and the fantastic artistry of Adam Bouska. Talk about inspiration, WOW!

Okay, I wonder what Oscar and Elias are up to this week. Hmmm…I think it’s time we find out and there’s only one way to that. C’mon and follow me. When we finish here, we’ll just jump on over to the other SO blogs.

This week’s prompt is a Dialogue Prompt ~ "Come on, you can do better than that."

And without further adieu… 

Sweet Meet part 3

“Come on, you can do better than that.”

Elias used sarcasm as motivation like other people used smiles, but the words were like a punch to Oscar’s gut. I’ll show him. No sooner than he got both feet back on solid ground, with a twist and turn Oscar dove, propelling himself back into the pool.

“That’s my boy!” Though Elias’s shout of approval was muffled by the depth of the water, Oscar could practically feel the intensity in his tone.

Oscar broke the water at full speed and his feet acted like propellers as he sliced through the water. When his hand reached the edge of the pool, a resounding whoop! filled the air.

“Yes! I knew you could do it.”

Elias’s support gave Oscar a surge of triumph. Never before had he felt so rewarded from such a simple act of encouragement.

By the time Oscar climbed out of the pool, Elias was there to greet him with a wide smile and Oscar’s belly lit up with butterflies. Eyeing his lover up, down, and then up again, Oscar fixed on the one thing he hadn’t truly had yet. Elias’s thick cock.

“You’re as fast as-”

Elias’s support had burrowed into Oscar’s very core, rousing the desires Oscar eagerly wanted satisfied. He cut off Elias’s words with his own parted lips, sipping at the intoxicating blend of chlorine and sweet saliva. Elias’s heated skin pressed against Oscar, turning cool drops of water into vapor.    

Elias’s stiffening cock pulsed against Oscar’s already rigid member. Breaking the lip lock just long enough to speak, Oscar whispered, “I need to feel you inside me. I want to feel the love I see in your eyes. Your-”

Oscar moaned as Elias took his face in a tender grip. A brief glimpse of desire in Elias’s soul-deep eyes was all Oscar got before his mouth filled with Elias’s searching tongue.

The sensual burst of enthusiasm was exactly what Oscar wanted. Elias’s warm touch and passionate kiss hurled Oscar’s mind into the previous week’s events like a slideshow. I’m not jacking off this time.

Oscar’s ability to contain his needs drifted away, just as the scent of chlorine wafted in the open air. He tangled one leg with his lover’s and pulled Elias’s head back and scraped his teeth along the length of Elias’s neck, drawing a groan from his sexy lover.

“I told you what I needed.” Oscar’s words were quick and challenging.

“And that’s exactly what you’re going to get.” Elias grabbed Oscar’s ass with both hands, raising his feet off the ground.

Feeling the pang of excitement make a beeline to his groin, Oscar wrapped his legs around Elias’s waist and positioned his throbbing cock against his mate’s six-pack abs.

“And this, my friend, is why I have a privacy fence.” Elias’s eyes twinkled in the sun. His lips were soft and moist as they sealed over Oscar’s, drawing in his very breath.

Elias carried Oscar to a nearby lounge chair where Oscar dropped his legs from his lover’s waist. Oscar stepped back just far enough to take in the view. “Damn, you’ve got one hot body, Mister.”

The corners of Oscar’s lips tipped into a warm smile. “Are you sure you’re ready for more? It has been a while.”

“You’re not getting out of it this time. Hell yes I’m ready.” Oscar made sure his words were emphasized enough to get his point across.

“Then let’s get started. You have me so horny I don’t think I could wait any longer.” Elias pointed at the adjustable seat. “Get ready. I’ll be right back.”

Oscar kicked back in the lounger and watched his sizzling hot lover follow the stone path and disappear behind sliding glass door glaring with the sun’s reflection.

Well, he did say to get ready.

Oscar closed his eyes as he let the tips of his fingers follow the furrow that divided his abs. Oscar bent his knees and propped his legs to give access to his eager asshole. The breeze cooled the overheated skin as he worked his swim trunks down his legs.

“That sure is one sweet-looking hole.”

An unfamiliar voice caused Oscar’s cock to thump and his asshole to twitch.

Squinting into the direction from which the voice came, Oscar was shocked to see another man standing there.

Oscar stood in the man’s shadow grinning, holding a bottle of lube and a handful of condoms. “Look what the cat dragged in.”


What in the world is Elias thinking? And who is that guy next to him? Be sure to visit me next week as the story unfolds and these boys get closer to their destiny. Now, let’s peek in on the other SO writers and see what they are up to. Hang on tight if you’re coming with me cos here I

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