Friday, January 13, 2012

The Sexy that is M/M Espionage...

With Guest... 
Remmy Duchene  

Before I get into my thang, I want to thank JR for having me here today. I won't promise to be good but I will promise to be very good *wiggles brows suggestively*

For most of you who have been reading my work since the release of ALL HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS with Red Rose Publishing, you would know that I love writing things that challenge me.  Sure, it's not for everyone to write but I do try and put a little of me, a little of my personality, hang ups and the like into the work I write. I adore my M/M couples and even though I cannot pick my favorite, I love the way each and everyone of them grow.  The couple I am creating for FIRST SON will be the first of the sort for me and it is a little terrifying but too exciting to pass up!

SPYS! We love them, we are drawn in by them. We love them when they can't remember who they are, when they're dressed up in beautiful suits and infiltrating post societies and organizations. We love them because they carry big guns, drive fast cars, speak different languages and have a suave feel to them. There's no saying that all the CIA agents and the M5 agents along with the CSIS and all the other spy agencies in the world are all straight. I mean, what fun would that be? I mean all those big, sexy, burly men being straight? Oh boo to that! In my head, a good fifty percent of them are gay and I am going to have SOO much fun with that in my new series KING COBRAS.  

Our gay men are classy, sexy and they are bad ass! Why not have fun with that? Why not celebrate that? Why not give 'em so kick ass gear, top military clearance and let them loose in the jungle with beautiful waterfalls and deadly creatures? Why not grab your camera and have a little fun with it?

The first male lead in my KING COBRA series is Luke "Prime" Draven in the story First Son. The espionage in this story will have some familiar themes--the hot, sexy, brooding male lead who is so absolutely flawed in, perhaps, every way imaginable but morally.  In this story Luke is the retired Commanding Officer of a covert Marine group dubbed KING COBRAS. Why King Cobras? Well, the Cobra is the meanest, baddest, toughess hombre in the snake pond. They're long, venemous and oh so creepy lookin'.  Only Captain Luke Draven isn't nearly as bad to look at but twice as deadly. 

The trouble comes when Luke is called upon--or rather his team is called upon to go and rescue the Prime Minister's son from a Communist island called Biru.  The son, Chad McMillan is a little bit of a flake, a male version of Paris Hilton who has way too much money and not half the brain the good lord gave a rat.  So this punk, picks up himself, takes off to Biru and goes missing.  The PM cannot very well send a real marine group because well...that's tax payer's money and they are tired of footing the bill for Chad's screw ups. Papa PM is up for re-election so his son's little escapade couldn't have come at a worse time.  To keep his son's latest brainfart out of the public, they called in the King Cobras.
Luke hates the idea from jump--and somehow (I haven't figured it out how yet) they will talk him and his team into taking the mission...well they will talk him into taking the mission and his team will go where ever their fearless leader goes.  

Sure these guys won't have any cool gadgets like the grand spy himself Mr. Inspector Gadget. But he will have some big guns (other than the obvious) and he will have a few small pieces of technology and grand know-how to service Chad and the jungle as well as the lunatics after them.  There will be no high-speed car chases but there will be other chases, maybe some explosions -- of the deadly kind and the sexy kind.   

And now for some shameless plugs!!

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  1. Wow, it sounds great! Can't wait :)

  2. Nice. Can't wait. Love a man in spy gear!

  3. lol thanks you guys!!! I am trying to make him all sexy-fied

  4. You'll rock it Remmy...everything you touch makes me hum! hehe

  5. LOL thanks Hav lol though you're biased cuz you love me