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Story Orgy's Valentine Monday_Even Steven part 6

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Now, crack that whip and let us know what you want. Why? Because we want to write this story for you!
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And now I will send you along your way to enjoy the hot passions of Valentine love headed your way this week, right after my sixth installment of Even Steven. Have a wonderful and sexy Valentine's Day and enjoy my story. This week's Story Orgy prompt is: Before your character knows it, he's drank a whole bottle of champagne on Valentine's Day Eve. Why? What happens?

Even Steven part 6


JR Boyd

Braden still had no idea where Steven was headed. After two decades of friendship, Braden trusted Steven with his soul. In a way, Braden felt responsible for Steven’s situation. After all, if he would’ve followed his own heart, another man would never have touched Steven in the first place. Steven would be his.

“What ‘cha thinking about over there?” Steven’s voice was uneven. In fact, he sounded dog-tired. Pulling an all-nighter wasn’t as easy as it used to be.

“You.” Braden yawned around the word.

“Stop that. You’re gonna make me sleepy.” Steven stifled his own yawn as best he could. But it wasn’t good enough. Braden was paying attention.

“Why don’t you pull over for a second? We can get out and stretch our legs a little. The cold air will wake us up.” Braden tried for persuading, but his words came out sounding more like pleading.

"That's not a bad idea. I think I will." Steven pulled over. Turning to Braden, Steven stifled yet another yawn. "I don't know about you, but I may need to take a nap too.

"Now you have the bright idea." Braden smiled, knowing it would be virtually impossible to deal with the Antonio drama without at least a little shuteye. Braden pointed. "Pull up there where there's shade."

Steven did as Braden asked and found a spot a little over a hundred yards further up the shoulder of the road. A cluster of trees gave enough shading to shield them from the sun for a while.

"Hey! This is where we used to help your Uncle Carlton and his lover Justin sale their produce, isn't it?" Braden rolled down the window and stretched out his neck, checking the ground for any broken glass or debris that may be lying around. The last thing he wanted was a flat tire or a hurt foot.

"You remember that?" Steven sighed before yawning again. "We couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 years old. My parents were out of town and I stayed with them." Steven chuckled. "And I begged until they said you could stay with me."

“Yep.” Braden flashed a knowing smile. And I knew then we’d always be together. One way or another.

“You gonna get out and stretch your legs?” Steven sounded anxious and tired rolled into one.

“Nah. I’m just gonna rest. I have a feeling we’re gonna need all the energy we can get."

Steven nodded. “Good point. We can always get out and stretch after a little shuteye.”

Braden reached for the lever to recline his seat but Steven got out of the car, squeezing between the partially opened door and the tree cluster. He stepped to the back door and squeezed inside, stretching out in the back seat.

"Well? C'mon." Steven's eyes were droopy. His voice breathy.

Braden was as tired as Steven. There was no denying that. Without hesitation, Braden got out and then back in again. Placing one knee between Steven's thighs, he straddled one leg and gently lowered to meet Steven's firm torso. Braden flashed a tilted smile as he looked into Braden's eyes. Braden wiggled and wedged himself between the back of the seat and Steven's body.

"Mmm." Vibrations tickled Braden's chest as the calm, low sound resonated in Steven's throat.

"This is nice," Braden whispered, letting his eyes finally close for the first time since before the party. He dozed off to sleep to the feel of Steven's body close to his - warm, soothing.

Braden sat on his sofa, scanning the room for any possible ideas for improvements that might have come to mind. He marked of a whole list of things from his checklist, his eyes darting from the writing tablet to the last place in the room he had scanned.

Shaking his head slowly, Braden tapped the pencil eraser above his brow then took a long slow sip of champagne. Savoring the flavor and enjoying the feel of the bubbles as they tickled his tongue before rolling to the back of this throat. One smooth swallow and Braden's thoughts were no longer in his head.

"There's got to be a little more I can do. Element of surprise, that's what I need! But, how...?" Braden's anxiety rose.

No matter what Braden did it just wasn't quite enough. Braden wanted more. Not for himself. Uh uh. Everything was for Steven. Braden would die for him if things ever came down to it.

Braden scratched of a few more items from his list. Discouraged with the lack of fresh ideas mixed with his limited experience drinking bubbly, he tried to quench his thirst and his nerves by downing the last of the champagne in his glass. He filled it back up, then drained it again.

It wasn't long before Braden heard keys jangling against the door. He raised his head from the overstuffed cushion on the back of the sofa, just in time for his eyes to focus. As the vague and distorted image transformed into a more tasty image, Braden found himself staring into the bright eyes of his dear friend. His date. His Valentine! 

"What are you doing, honey?" Steven leaned over, closing the gap between his face and Braden's. Picking up the empty bottle of bubbly, Braden couldn't help but chuckle a little. His eyes twinkled when he said, "Since when did you start drinking sparkling wine?"

"That was the real deal. The bubbly wubbly...and that ain't no mumbly." Braden closed the rest of the gap as he stretched out his neck, pressing his nose to Steven's.

"That depends on which end of the communication you're on. Sure was a lot of mumble to me." Steven's hand cupped the crown of Braden's head. A light push to Braden's chest and Steven snugged up tight, his crotch meshing with Braden's.

"You couldn't wait for me?" Steven's voice a low growl, rousing the heated flesh in Braden's groin.

"Yeah, baby. What's that? Huh?" Steven's hips gyrated, grinding his cock with Braden's with each round.

"Steven, all this is for you." Braden strained to speak without a slur, knowing his voice was a low grate and that the champagne had gotten the best of him. Why had he started without Steven? Oh yeah. He was practicing romance.

Steven's eyes swept the room. Braden read his lips as they seemed to move in slow motion, enjoying the grin that spread across Steven's face as he scanned – candles, confetti, champagne...

"You did all this for me?" Steven's lips tickled Braden's cheek as he leaned in, then he continued in a low grouse. "But, honey, it's the day before Valentine's Day and you don't even like champagne."

A nip at Braden's earlobe and a sharp pain jolted hastily, coursing along Braden's most sensitive of nerves. "I was planning a special Valentine, rehearsing. I thought it would be perfect, babe. You weren't supposed to be back from your business trip until tomorrow. Valentine's Day!" Braden bucked under the Steven's weight. "And the champagne? I was trying to acquire a taste for it, that's all. Don't you see?"

"The only thing I see is a weasel. A low down dirty rotten weasel." Steven reached behind his back then his hands reappeared with handcuffs. "There's only one thing to do with rascals like you."

"Oh no, I don't think so." Braden grunted with another buck, gaining a bit more moving room. Enough for him, anyway. With slight pressure to Steven's wrist, Braden reversed the roles in a matter of seconds, flipping Steven and burying his face into the crack of the couch cushions.

"You want some control? I'll give you control." Braden fixed Steven's hands behind his back and fastened the cuffs. "Now, roll over." Braden ordered as he raised up, standing beside Steven as the other man deftly flipped onto his back with a grin, unfettered his own aching need.

Hastily stripping, Braden knelt beside Steven and carefully worked his lover's pants down the fittest pair of legs Braden had ever seen on a man.

"Mercy sakes alive, babe." Braden slung the pants over his shoulder, dragging a slow and deliberate trail of saliva with his tongue along Steven’s cock.

Throaty moans filled the room when Braden flexed his fingers, digging his fingertips deep into either side of Steven's inner thigh muscles. The whimpers were exactly what Braden wanted.

You're begging for it, aren't you? That's right; tell me your asshole twitches at the thought of my cock stretching the sides of your hot, sexy ass."

“Braden…oh, Braden!”

Confusion dragged Braden from his sleep as he was shaken awake. “Wha-“
“Shit, Braden.” Steven’s face was pale, his eyes wide, scared. “We gotta go.”


Wow. Braden can pull me into a dream anytime. Whew! Okay...let's go see what the other's are talking about. C'mon...I'll go with ya...



  1. Dang it JR! Will we never know what's going on with this story? Great episode!

  2. JR, my have done it again...even if you are teasing terribly. *eyes JR* I guess I can forgive you though...since you're just so gosh darn good looking! *smooches*

  3. WHAT? It was a dream??? Tease. :)

  4. Dang it! From a hot dream and right into danger?! What the hell is going on in that town?!?!