Monday, November 7, 2011

Southern Heat_Part Two - Brush Strokes

Oh wow. What a freaking busy week this has been. My head is spinning *takes a deep breath and smiles*.

Hello everybody. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I'm just going to drop a few tidbits of information and we'll just move right on along to my resurrected story from weeks gone by. 

Tidbit #1 – Lee Brazil has a new release over at Breathless Press. Hell, I know it! I was thinking the same thing. He's pounding them stories out faster than I can rub out a load. Ooops. Maybe that was too much information *blushes*. Anyway, hurry by and snatch up a copy of your own. Click Here

Tidbit #2 – Goodreads has released Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Two from Hot Summer Days. You don't want to miss out on these free reads. In fact, you'll find several of your favorite authors have shared some goodies there *ahem*. Click Here

Tidbit #3 – Remember that interview thingamuhjiggy? Ummm...the 5-part Interview Questions Story Orgy is doing? Well, this is the third week! This week's topic is SMEX and Lee is hosting. So, don't forget to drop by his place on Friday and check out the tasty goodness we all have to dish out. Click Here
Now, on with the show. Several months ago, I shared a short story titled Southern Heat. Well, Brent and Kemp are making a new appearance thanks to the delicious inspiration provided by Jade Basier *eyes glaze over at the picture below*. C'mon, don't be shy. Follow me and well find out what Brent and Kemp are up to. 

Southern Heat
Part Two – Brush Strokes

Rocco, a boisterous Golden Retriever, paced excitedly in front of the door. Even when the car alarm hadn’t sounded yet, he was always the first one to know when one of the daddies arrived home.

"That's right, boy. You get your lovin' now. Because when you're done, he's mine. I have plans for your daddy tonight." Kemp stood buck naked at the kitchen sink, overlooking the bar and making sure everything was just right. The wine was breathing, body paints warmed, and fresh fruits washed and ready for play.

With the press of a button, Kemp set the evening in motion. Electric blue LED lights lit the perimeter of the living room, enhancing the colors of the aquarium clock tower in the corner and giving life to the soft music floating on the air.  

When Rocco released a sharp yap and sat directly in front of the door, Kemp knew Brent was just on the other side. Kemp couldn't help but chuckle when he realized how much he had in common with Rocco. If I was a dog, I would be doing the same thing. And, in a way he was. With mounting anticipation of his own, Kemp pressed his aching cock against the cabinet door and sank his teeth into an apple.

Brent opened the door and immediately stooped down to give Rocco some loving, rubbing behind his ears and smooching on his face. "Hey there, Rocco boy. Are you taking good care of your Daddy today?" Like most dogs of his breed, Rocco was a very loyal and caring member of the family. He didn't know he was really a dog. 

Brent straightened back up, running his fingers through his hair, combing the long blond tresses from his eyes. After closing the door behind him with his foot, Brent's shoulder dropped, letting the strap of his duffle bag slide down his arm to the floor at the end of the sofa. 

"Hello there, handsome. Welcome home." Kemp walked around the counter with two glasses of wine.
"Whoa. Hey there, cowboy. Is that for me?" Brent's smile was illuminated by the glow of the running lights. 

"Sure is. I thought you might want a little something special after a long night at work." Kemp offered up the glass of wine. 

Brent accepted the glass and took a quick sip as he bent to place it on the coffee table. "I wasn't talking about the wine. You know me. Dancing all night at the club makes me horny as hell." 

Kemp admired Brent's talents. Every single one of them. And when Brent didn't stand back up, Kemp was certain his plans were on the brink of being changed. "Wait. I have a treat for you." 

"Damn right you do. We're not in your office anymore. I think it's time my cowboy goes for a ride." Brent slithered up Kemp's body, rippling his body in rhythm with the music filtering from the speakers, flicking his tongue across Kemp's most delicate areas.


"Not this time, cowboy. You had your go at the office. I taste your plan." Brent's tongue worked its way back down and lapped the paint on Kemp's belly where he used it for testing on himself earlier in the evening.

Brent's hand landed heavy across Kemp's ass cheek. "Now, go get that paint." 

Kemp turned to the kitchen, the heat of Brent's slap teased his senses. "You be careful what you ask for. I'm still bigger than you, my horny little stud muffin." 

Brent chuckled. "Are you challenging me?" 

Kemp returned with a bowl of fruit and the paints. After setting the items on the coffee table, he selected a peeled grape and rubbed it on Brent's lips. "No challenges, love. But, just remember. Whatever you do, I always get my turn too." 

Brent sucked in the grape and pulled Kemp to the floor. Leaning against the base of the couch, Brent unbuttoned his pants and lifted his hips. "Give 'em a tug, would ya?" 

Kemp slipped Brent's jeans and boxers off and then his shirt. With a strawberry in his lips, he rocked up to his knees and leaned forward, meeting Brent's parted lips. Biting into the strawberry, Kemp left half for Brent's delight as sweet nectar trickled down the finely sculpted muscles of Brent’s chest. 

Placing one palm at the small of Brent's back and one cradling his head, Kemp guided his lover farther from the sofa and eased him to his back. Kemp licked at the juice trailing down Brent's neck and chest, stopping at his nipple to flick in time with the music, taking great pleasure in feeling the bump stiffen under his tongue. 

Kemp gave up his prize only to turn and straddled Brent's cock, letting the firm flesh rest between the globes of his ass cheeks. Slowly writhing to the music, he flexed his ass muscles around Brent's dick while dipping the paintbrush into the warm paint. 

But one stroke of the brush on Brent's chest was all he got before the chime of the doorbell jarred the air.

Rocco's bark reinforced the obvious as he stared at the door.

Knock knock knock.

Kemp sighed heavily and flicked the paintbrush onto the table. "Who the fuck could that be at the door? At this hour of the night?"  


Well damn. That beats all I ever seen. Somebody has very poor timing. I'm with Kemp on this one. "Who the fuck could that be at the door? At this hour of the night?" Somebody has some splainin' to do. 
Okay. My curiosity is soaring now. I have got to know what the others are up to. You just never know with Story Orgy. Pssst...c'mon and follow me. We'll find out together. 

Jade Basier (SO Photographer) -


  1. Whew! Got us all teased up and then ... DING DONG! Hope it's someone who wants to join their party. :)

  2. oooh- yeah- I'm with Hank... someone who likes to play would be nice... Well? Go on! Open the door!

  3. Whoever is at the door should have a very good reason to trigger a "interruptus coïtus"!! I was sooo ready for it!
    I guess I'll have to wait for it next week... *sighs*

  4. Oh my *fans self* that was HOT!! Man that person at the better be good ;) Great installment!