Monday, September 26, 2011

A Tabled Affair part three

Happy Story Orgy Monday! Are you ready for part three of A Tabled Affair? Last week, the end of Damian's visit with Mauricio (hmm…I mean massage) was interrupted a teeny bit by Danny the receptionist. Let's see what happens…c'mon…I'll go with you. We can hop over to the other Story Orgy writers' blogs together. Let's go.

A Tabled Affair part 3

Without so much as a flinch, Mauricio sighed and looked toward the door. "Danny, Mr. Sadan and I will be finished here soon. Close the door."

"Fine. You're ten minutes late for the next appointment and your food got cold." Danny left the room, shutting the door with a loud click.

"Don't worry about him. He's always uptight." Mauricio's fingers combed through Damian's hair.
"Maybe you should give him a massage then. He looks like he needs it." Damian's chuckle was cut short by another tap at the door.

Mauricio tamped down his impatience, reached into the steamer and tossed Damian a hot steam towel followed by a dry cloth. "Yeah, Danny. What now?"

"Your appointment left. She had another place to be in an hour." Danny's agitated voice drowned out the tranquility sounds still filtering through the air.

"Send her an apologetic email for my tardiness. You can go home once you're done."

"You got it, Boss. Grab your food off the desk. I don't want to smell come Monday morning." Danny retorted.

Turning off the music, Mauricio cocked his head to the side. He winked at Damian, keeping his voice buttery soft, pulling out all the stops to be seductive and smooth. "Can you spend the weekend with me?"

"Hell yeah! You bet I can." Damian jumped up, wiping himself down with the moist towel.

"Great. You still remember where I live? Take care of your business and swing by my place tonight." Mauricio planted a big wet kiss on Damian, catching him off guard.

He's so sweet.

Mauricio watched Damian dress with swift, practiced motions. By the time Damian's eyes refocused, they were both fully dressed and Mauricio stood before him smiling. "Welcome back."

Damian grinned. "Now that I'm back, I must be going."

"I'll see you in a while. Grab a business card off the front desk if you need my new number." Mauricio shouted as Damian sprinted down the hall away from him.


A day and a half had passed and no sign of Damian. Not even a phone call or a text. Mauricio was furious. He spent the entire weekend worried. He was either propped up in his bay window or pacing the floors of his uptown home.

"What the fuck!" Mauricio roared, filling the house with his anguish.


"Aww. I'm sorry, Sugar." Mauricio scooped up his white fluffy feline friend and shared some loving. 
He gently rubbed under her chin and scratched behind her ears until the sound of tires squalling out front interrupted the peaceful moment. 

Sugar leapt from Mauricio's arms, leaving claw marks on the tender sides of his forearms. 

"Son of a bitch! What the fuck was that all about?" Mauricio stalked to the living room bay window, Sugar meowed and followed in his wake. He swiped the curtains aside, letting in the bright afternoon sun. Huh. The mailbox is open. I wonder what that's about.

Damian jammed his feet into his shoes and stalked out onto the front porch. He waved to his neighbor across the way, the neighborly thing to do he supposed. "Do you have any idea what all that commotion was about?" Mauricio did his best to disguise the built up irritation from a weekend of disappointment.    

The blue-haired old lady kindly waved back then used her hand as a visor to block the sun as she used her free hand to simply point at Mauricio's mailbox. He walked down his drive and up the sidewalk, careful not to step on the luscious St. Augustine grass that spread across his lawn like carpet. Another glance across the street then back and he was next to his mailbox. He bent over to peer inside.

What the hell is this? 

It was Sunday, and there shouldn't have been a letter in the mailbox, but there it was. No postage. Just three words graced the front of the envelope.

 My dearest Mauricio.

Mauricio carried the letter back inside. He laid it on the table where he sat and stared for what felt like an hour. Finally, he decided to open it. The contents read:


I'm sorry I let you down, but I had some things come up.
Please forgive me.

Shine on,


The longer Mauricio stared at the scrawled writing the blurrier they became. He swiped at his eyes with the heel of his hand, not the least bit surprised when it came away damp. His hands began to tremble and he dropped the note to the table. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to ignore the hurt of his heart breaking.

Mauricio took a deep breath, then stood. Tea. Tea would be good. He moved through the motions, his body on autopilot as his mind skipped amongst all the suggestions for why Damian didn’t show. When none of them seemed good enough, Mauricio dumped his drink down the sink. “Screw him.”


What the hell? Damian better get his act together if he plans on getting another one of them fantastic Maurisages *giggles*. I wonder what happened to him? We'll find out next week I guess. Let's go see what's going on in the other blogs. I'm a wee bit curious. Well, okay, a whole lot curious *ahem*. C'mon…


  1. Uh Oh! What happened to him? Sneaky little devil leaving us hanging like that! Cant wait till next Monday now.

  2. The mystery begins! Love the cat's name, btw.